Saturday, July 14, 2018

Shiny Thing

Among my quilting friends we have a saying when we get distracted from our goals.  You know, when you start new projects despite having many UFO's (UnFinished Objects) - PIG's (Projects In Grocery bags) or PIN's (Projects I Never Started). We call this a "Shiny Thing"  
I've been so good at staying focused this year, I guess that in the 7th month I can have a shiny thing.  My Shiny Thing is "Psalm 23 and the Church Ladies". 
The top is done, it is pin basted and I am half way done securing it by stitching in the ditch. Who is this for and why did I have a shiny thing this month? 
Well the "Who" is Chantaya (Taya) our youngest daughter. 
She and her two kids are coming on the 31st of this month to visit for a week.  I've never made her a quilt mainly because she doesn't know what kind she wants.  Well she has not asked for this but I feel pretty certain she will like.  She is and has been pretty active at church, the one we went to before we retired and moved here.  She works in the coffee bar, helps out with young group, sings in the choir once a month and has a prayer group for recovering addicts called Celebrate Recovery.  
"How" did the shiny thing happen.  Well a friend of mine gave me a couple of pieces of fabric with scripture on them.  The Serenity Prayer and then these two pieces. This was a couple of weeks ago.
At the time I had no plan for them just said ya I'll take them and put them in my bag.  Well... a few days later I was looking for a piece of fabric that I thought I had (I don't even know what now) and came across this partial panel of the Church ladies.  
I am not sure why, but I hadn't looked at this panel real well and thought it was the Quilt Diva Ladies.  When I found out it was church ladies of course the thought about pairing it up with the scripture blocks came - and then I thought of Taya. And then because she's coming at the end of the month.... Well Shiny thing is in full motion. 

 After I started putting the blocks together the friend gave me the rest of the panel for Psalm 23. 
So I took out the Serenity Prayer and put the rest of the Psalm in. 
Can you tell he guest bed is my design wall.  :)
I think I will take the Serenity Prayer block and make it into a pillow. 
So I have a couple of weeks to finish it up before she gets here and as for the rest of this months original goals.....hmmm ummm - Well I guess I'll wait and see. 
I finished the Christmas Quilt, I just need to hand stitch the binding.  So that's good.  I'll post the picture when done - hopefully this month.  
And I am still working on the Bag Ladies... I finished one of the 3 that I have for a goal for this month.  Again pictures later on that too. 
So I'm busy and I'm doing stuff - and I'm still having fun even if I deviated from the original plan for this month.  
Have a Blessed day!

Monday, July 2, 2018

More for July

In my last post I listed my One Monthly Goal.  The one I'm really going to push to complete.  But I also have some other items I want to work on. 
I am almost done with this Christmas Quilt. 

 I just need to quilt the borders and bind.  It's getting better but I'm still having trouble with my holly leaves.  When I can finally decide on them or something else, and feel comfortable with it - I will quilt borders, bind it and be done.  Another UFO done Yay!  I do want to finish that this month.  
* I also want to do a few scrap blocks like this -
in this months colors. "Red and Maroon".  I am kinda following Soscrappy and the monthly color choice. 
I haven't decided if I'm going to do a rainbow type quilt with all my blocks .....

or pair them up and do a few quilts.  I guess I'll figure it out. 
* Next on the list - I want to continue on with completing the Bear quilt top. For this month top stitching the bears and getting the pieced border on. 
I wanted to have this much done by the end of June but with my machine done and needing repairs it delayed a few things.  
This will be the pieced border.  
* Then because I don't want to wait until the last minute, I need to think about getting this quilt quilted. 

My Sister made the top when she came to the retreat with me last February.  She made it for her Mother in law and wants to give it to her in December.  Since she is not a quilter and is just starting, I told her I would quilt it for her.  I want to get it pinned and figure out a design to quilt on it.  And it I can start quilting it. 
Other than that I also have some "Works in Progress" include the 12 Days of Christmas BOM from Rivers Edge Antiques and Quilt Loft 
Here are the blocks so far - 

and I'm doing and the One Ornament a Month.  It's a Facebook group called "Christmas Present"
As always I've lined myself up with 3 months worth of projects for one month.  That's okay - isn't doing what we want to what retirement is for. 
Have a great day Stitching!
Blessings - 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

July 18 OMG

It is really hard to believe half of the year has already past.  Even more reason to get these monthly goals done.  Last year I started these embroidery blocks called the Bag Ladies of the Fat Quarter Club.  It was a BOM however I purchased the whole kit and was working at doing one a month.  Well don't ya know, I got behind.  I have done 1-6 and #8.   Numbers 7, 9 and 10 have some stitching on them and then 11 and 12 aren't started.  I kept starting the next month thinking I would finish the previous one and get the current one done.  Hahahaha.  
Okay well here it is - a big OMG... I want to finish the ones I've started.  
If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I am giving them different names to match some friends I sew with.  I got hung up on on the stinking dots.  Finally as you can see on this one, I am just doing french knots in each dot instead of trying to stitch around each one.  This will be Rosemary.
This next one will be Donna - 
And this next one is still undetermined.  
This is a lot of hand stitching for one month, especially considering that I know I will be working on my wool ornaments and BOM's too but I'm going to give it a try.  If I can get back on track with it I may be able to finish it by year end. 
Now I am going to link up to One Monthly Goal over at Elm Street Quilts and get going. Make sure and go look at everyone else's projects.

Have a Blessed Day - Lynn 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Wrapping up June

I had a few more finishes that I accomplished for June.  Remember the Rubber Ducky quilt that I did the top when I went to Williams. Well my friend Cheryl wanted to quilt it for me so she could use her phonograph of ducks.  Well I'm not going to argue if someone wants to quilt my quilt.   Here it is finished binding and all.  
Here is the back.
And a close up of the ducky quilting. 
I even made a pillow case.  
No I don't know who it is for, but it will go to someone special someday. 
Next I finished my wool needle book with the crazy stitches and applique.  Here's the front.
 The Back - 
 Both sides - 
 And the inside - 
I haven't started using it regularly but want to. 
Then I finished putting a back on my Wool Crazy Quilt Block that I started approx 2011. 

And last but least - I finished the June "One Ornament a Month"
It was a productive month.  
Happy Stitching and Blessings,

Thursday, June 28, 2018

June OMG

This UFO  does not want to loose it's UFO status.  However I feel it's going to have to give it up soon. I started this quilt in January of 2011 - I think.  Fortunately for me, my One Monthly Goal was to finish the top and "start" quilting it.  So yes I completed my One Monthly Goal.  At one point I thought I was going to complete the whole quilt but I'm having a quilters block.  The free motion design I want to do for the borders is not coming out right. And instead of rushing through halfheartedly just to get it done and not be happy with it, I am practicing and then will finish. I Still need to quilt the bottom row except the wreath heart block, and then do the  borders. This is more than I thought I would get done when I set the goal so I am happy about that. Here is my finished Quilt Top!

Here is some of the quilting I've gotten done.  I am using a cream/tan variegated thread on the front in most blocks, so some of the quilting doesn't stand out a lot. I didn't want to take away from the applique, so I echoed them or echoed and then meandered around them.
I echoed around the crow and then meandered. I did a little bit of stitching in the trees and trunks.

In the next one I meandered but added the curl of smoke out of the chimney's. 

I want to do a holy and berry vine on the borders, however as I stated I need to practice more to make it look right.  Funny some people struggle with feathers - I can do that just fine - but give me a holly leaf... :). 
This UFO is real close to being called finished and I am happy.  I am also happy that I completed my goal and am able to link up to One Monthly Goal 
over at Elm Street Quilts.  So head over there and check out some other completed goals. 
Thanks for stopping by.  
Blessings - Lynn 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Retreat Recap

The 2nd Annual Colorado River Quilt retreat was a success.  This year I was part of the retreat committee,  even though I didn't have to do much. 

Here's the room before everyone arrived...

We tried a new set up this time.  We had 3 of these horseshoes.  Each one held 30 people and I have to say it worked really well and gave us a lot more room.  Here are some of the quilters setting up.  
Here they are in full swing -
My seat was by the turquoise lamp at the end of the blue arrow. 
Here are a few of the projects my friends and I completed. Here is Desiree.  
Below is Annette, the owner of the Cottage that we sew at on Friday's and have our SNR guild meetings at. And we also get together once a month on Saturdays to sew.  This is her quilt "Corn n Beans"  she has been working at getting this done for quite a while and was very happy to have the top done.
 On the left is my friend Gloria.  This is one of the 4 patch Posie patterns that a bunch of us have been doing lately including one I did at the retreat too. Middle is Susie H.  She is a delight and so so sweet. This was her quilt top she finished. Annette is helping her hold. 
My Friend Cheryl 
She did this one (and 3 more but didn't get pictures of them).  
She finished a large baby quilt that she started when her and I went to Williams. 
The finished blocks are the ones on the left it was using all kinds of barn yard animals. 

In the center of the picture below facing me is my friend Rosemary. My station was just behind her in this picture. 
She did the one below, she also did some strawberry place mats and a table runner. 
And last but not least - what did I do and accomplish.  A Churn Dash animal quilt 
 Here is a close up of one of them. 
And a 4 patch Posie out of peacock fabric. 
 And a close of of a couple of the blocks. 

That was about it - we had a great time lots of laughs, visiting, eating and of course sewing.  
Until next time - Blessings,