Saturday, November 10, 2018

OMG Plus

The retreat ended Wednesday, Thursday we worked to finish stuff up for garage sale. Then Hubby and I did shopping and ran errands.  So yesterday after I got home from the garage Sale I worked on my OMG ornaments. 

There are 4 of each since there are 4 of us.  Two are from me, Two will be from my Sis. 
Next - Barbara's Garage Sale.....Day one of four.
Yesterday was opening day. I didn't work it yesterday, but went down with a friend to see if there was anything she wanted.  She got a few things, and it seemed pretty busy.  
As close as I can figure, we have been working on this since early September.  It could have been the week of labor day. Here are a couple of pictures I took back then. 

Five of us in separate cars spent two days packing it up and hauling it to the garage where we were having the sale.  I think these pictures are from day one.  I also know there were more trips made by Jean afterwards to pick up a few extra boxes several times.  All of the boxes, bins, baskets and bags had to be sorted, measured.  UFO's and Kits had to be checked to make sure all pieces where there and that they had a pattern. It's been a lot of work every Friday and several Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for a couple of months. 
Here's a picture from about a week ago when we were almost done. The far table under the pictures on the wall, are the kits and ufo's. The table in the front of this picture has scrap and strip bundles on the left of the table and then next to Karen is Christmas fabric. 
 This front table has yardage from 1 yard and up.  The table in the middle, in front of Cheryl and Jean, contains Rulers, pre-cuts, Fat Quarters, and half yards. The table in the background up against wall has misc tools plus Minky and Upholstery fabric. 
And of course there are patterns, pattern books and quilt magazines.
We are doing all of this for her, and she said she would make a donation back to the guild. She is selling everything at about 20-40% of what she paid for it and there are some wonderful deals. She is almost 90 and relocated to an assisted living home. 
Well I need to get some stuff done around the house and then Hubby and I are going to spend the day together.  We may do a movie or go for a drive, we haven't decided.
Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Retreat Recap

I am pleased to announce - I am not wiped out, or cranky and I got lots done.  However it's always sad to see the retreats come to an end.  And it will be almost 4 months before we have another one.  Oh sad, cue the violins.  haha. 
Okay so what all did I get done.  Well here is the bonus quilt that I threw in thinking I was over packing but just in case. 
 Good thing I did, because I even called my husband and warned him I was probably going to need to have him bring me something else. But I finished this right before we went to bed last night so this morning I worked on my Santa gifts.  I started tracing on the fusible. 
 Here is one fused.
But what else did we do????  Two More Table Toppers.

I got my Brother in laws zipper bag for his Birthday done.  (Minus the hand stitching of binding) 
I finished the flannel Christmas Quilt - 
and the back using up the left over pieces from the front.
Then some of the others stuff: Here is one of Vicki's Quilts
and even though she hid, she is here standing up. 
And Pam's Quilt
Cheryl's Bag 
and One of the quilts she got done. 
Gloria's Baby Quilt
This lady's name was Debbie - she said she had another border to go. 
Here are some random pictures of the layout this time.
They always go so fast, but I had a great time and will be looking forward to the next one.  
Have a Blessed Day - Lynn

Sunday, November 4, 2018

November Goals and a Retreat

In a few short hours I'll be heading out for my next retreat.  Yay!! So I wanted to put a couple things in writing as far as what I want and need to accomplish for November.  November yikes.  I don't like how fast time is going.  Anyway I have a lot of little odds and ends that I want to finish up this month, aside from my One Monthly Goal that I posted about in my last post.
1. I have a ton of hand stitching to do of bindings.  I have my "Quilt As You Go" that is finally done ... but I need to do quite a bit of hand stitching on the back where you join the blocks and then the binding.  

Then I also have the pinwheel baby quilt that will be for charity.  It is done and quilted - I'll show pictures after binding is done.  

And the Java Runner
With those three done - that will add 3 more to my UFO done list.  And I think brings it to 13 this year. 
Okay next on the bindings, the Christmas Table toppers I have two and after this retreat there will be four.  
Oh and I still need to finish (almost done) the binding on my Turkey Table Runner.  

I'd say that's a lot of hand stitching on bindings.

2.  Next on the goal list - I am taking it to the retreat, but I need to make a zipper bag for my Brother in law for his Kindle. I already packed it but I'm using some golf fabric.
3.  If I can get to it - It's a busy month and my Sister will be back in town, hey I should have her help me with bindings.  :)  Anyway I would like to finish my Jelly Roll Jiggle (I posted about it here) AND that will make yet another binding to hand stitch.  ha ha.  
Here's how far I am right now. 

I am sure that is quite enough for the month.  There are also guild projects and charity projects that will need to get done as well.  Lots of work but can't complain - I'm sewing and that is all good.
The retreat goes until Wednesday afternoon, so I'll post all my goodies I get done the end of the week. Until then have a Blessed day and have fun sewing. Lynn 

Saturday, November 3, 2018

November 2018 OMG

One of our guilds is doing a secret Santa exchange.  We were told to give or send little things that don't cost a lot.  A card, a poem, a little gift that we can make.  So a couple of us are going in together to make gifts.  Cheryl made coasters for all of us to give. I think Gloria is making Santa Pajama's and I am going to make wool ornaments for all of us to give.  So here is my OMG.  "One Monthly Goal" Hosted by Elm Street Quilts. I need to get these done this month so they are ready for December. I am going to use some of the templates in this book for my ornaments.
 I am going to use wool instead of felt.
 Here are a few of the designs I want to use.
 I'm not planning to make the stockings, but this shows a picture of how the little ornaments will somewhat look.  
Now I'm going to link up to One Monthly Goal over at Elm Street Quilts
 OMG November Link-Up is OPEN!
Please go over and look at the goals of others. 
Now to figure out the rest of this months goals.
Have a Blessed Day!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

October OMG Finish

It's been a very very busy month - but I am very pleased to announce I did finish my One Monthly Goal.  The Cat wall hanging.  
It is a gift for a friend that I will be seeing on November 4th so it needed to be. 
Head over to Elm Street Quilts and look at some of the other finishes.
Now to decide what I will do for November.
Have a Blessed Day!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Guild Activities

Right after the retreat ended on Sunday we had a guild workshop on Tuesday! We were making a Turkey table runner.  
Here is the Project sample. 
Here is mine: 

The center is a disappearing Nine Patch and then the appliqued turkey on the ends. 
I got the top stitching done - now it just needs to be sandwiched and quilted.
Then on Friday we had charity day where we made the Christmas Stockings that we do every year for the hospital, and children's services.  
I was able to finish these 7.  
I left my machine there because we were getting together on Saturday also.  We normally do that on the 3rd Saturday but we had the retreat.  And bonus for me it was my Birthday! 
Happy Birthday to me - an extra sew day!
Our friend Jean said she'd teach Cheryl and I how to make Jelly Roll Jiggle.
Here's the fabrics I chose.
I only got about half way done - it's not hard but does take a lot of prep work.  I'll post progress pictures later.
And of course we have a potluck. This month's theme was soup and salad.

It was a wonderful day!
Hope your day is going well too.  Blessings, Lynn 

OMG Plus

The retreat ended Wednesday, Thursday we worked to finish stuff up for garage sale. Then Hubby and I did shopping and ran errands.  So yeste...