Monday, May 21, 2018

May One Monthly Goal

The goal that I wanted to accomplish this month was 5 blocks.  And I have to say I've been very focused this month.  I stuck to these 5 blocks and then some other things I personally wanted to work on. 
I was pleasantly surprised last night when I laid this out and found out that because of my adjustments I really only need maybe one or two blocks at the bottom and the top will be ready for borders.  

Here are the 5 blocks that were my "One Monthly Goal" Goal. 

I will be linking this up to OMG over at Elm Street Quilts, when it's time to link up finishes.
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Now I am packing up and getting ready to go to Williams for a few days to sew and hang out with a couple of my friends.  Then when I come home I'll have a day to organize and clean and then our oldest daughter will be coming for a visit.  Good thing I got things done early this month. 
Have a Blessed day and week - Lynn 

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Sewing Crazy

The last couple of days I have been sewing with some friends. I finished the top of my wool crazy quilt that I started back in 2012 (I think).  This and the Wool Ark Crazy are my "Cottage Quilts" until they are finished. So when I'm at the cottage sewing that's what I work on.  Well I've been at the cottage the last couple of days and here's what I got done.  
I need to quilt it - then I am going to try to face it instead of traditional binding. It's a technique used with art quilts.  I need to watch the video a couple more times and then do it on something practice then I'll do on the real thing.    
Then since I was done with that I was going to start on some more Christmas ornaments I had - however ran across this needle book I started in April of 2017.  
This is where it was when I picked it back up yesterday.  It also had these little wool appliques to go on it. 

So I started putting all the crazy stitches on .
This is the front with it folded before I started stitching the applique. 
 This is what it looked like when  I stopped today. 

I'm going to put some appliques on the back too. Just didn't get that far.  
Fun day with friends.  We talked and ate and stitched. It doesn't get much better than that. 
Hope you had a blessed day too.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Scrappy Pink

This month's color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is Pink and Rose.  
So continuing with my lattice friendship blocks here is my contribution to Pink.  At least for now.  I don't have a lot of pink scraps so not sure I'll make more. 
I will add these to what I already have done. 
And I'll be linking up to RSC18.
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Have a blessed great Day!

Thursday, May 10, 2018

OMG Progress

So happy that I'm getting things done.  Our oldest daughter and Husband are coming at the end of the month so I want to get things done in the next couple of weeks or it's not going to happen.  :)  
My one monthly goal was to get 5 more blocks done for my Christmas Quilt.  See my post about it here.  
I have 3 of the 5 blocks done and am close to having the 4th done. 

I still have the Holly Berries block (almost done) and the House block.  Then I'm on to top stitching the bears.  If I have more time left - I'll figure out what other blocks I want to put in the bottom row so I can finish the this top.  
It will go where the funny angel head is above heart wreath, (I don't like it) and then to the right of cabin where the Santa and snowman are.  I may still use them.  The Pear block is already done.
As always I'll keep you posted.
Have a blessed day!  Lynn 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

One Day One Check Mark

It's a wonderful feeling when you have one of those days that you are just casually sewing no pressure no strict agenda and you accomplish a lot.  I love it.  That is how it was yesterday and for once I actually took pictures along the way.  I started out just wanting to clean and straighten up my sewing room a little.  Then I thought I would get my stuff lined up for what I wanted to do for the month.  After that, I decided to start sewing some of the blocks blocks I want to get done for the pieced border for the Bear Quilt.  They are made with 4 half square triangles.  Next to it I will be putting tan sash along with green and tan border so it will look kinda like this. 
However - for one of my goals I wanted to make a minimum of 12 of the blocks, I made 14 so check mark.  One goal done. 
Here was my work in action. :)

And then since I was on a roll I wanted to prep a block for my Christmas Quilt.  so I got this ready to do the top stitching on. 
Surprisingly I took a break in there and we ran errands, got the oil changed in the car, paid some bills and did some banking. All in all a very productive day.  
Today we're taking the doggies for their baths since they couldn't go yesterday.  The groomer was having trouble with another dog and asked if we could wait until today.  No problem for us. So after that, I'm having lunch with a couple of friends.  That's it for me.  Somewhere in there I'll see if I can get more done.  
Have a Blessed day - Lynn 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May Day and some Goals

My list of "Want to's" and or goals is always 10 times bigger than what I can reasonably get done in any given period of time.  But at least I aim high. I think that's a good thing. *smile* 
I have been loosely following APQ and the UFO Challenge.  Loosely in the fact that I'm numbering the UFO I want to work on this month to match the number they picked.  (#6)  I am almost done with the top of the Christmas Quilt I was working on last month so I don't want to put it away.  I want to keep going and hopefully get it done sometime soon.  I got the top half of the top done last month. 
So for the next part - and what I want to be my "One Monthly Goal"  Below is the picture from the pattern cover - I have circled the blocks I want to do. 
I want to do the Holly block with holly lettering in it that is on the top of green section.  Then the Wreath and Heart on the left side, the Cabin just to the right of it, the Tree Block just to the right of the cabin, (partially covered with the green line).  Then I want to do the House block on the far right with little tree.  Holly Block, Wreath, Cabin and House will be my One Monthly Goal.
As for my other wishes for the month - I want to do the top stitching on my infamous never ending Bear Quilt.  
And I want to complete 12 more of the pieced border blocks that will go around the bears.
I also want to continue with my scraps and link up to the RSC18, over at SoScrappy. The Scrappy color of the month is Pink so I want to make some of these blocks with pink.
I also will be continuing with my Wool Crazy quilt on Fridays. 
And for my slow stitching in the evenings while I watch TV - I'll continue working on the "12 days of Christmas" and the "One Ornament of the Month". 
I actually have these two blocks mostly done - but couldn't find that picture.  I'll show update on these blocks later in month. 
I'm sure that's enough planned for the month.  because I know myself and some shiny thing of some sort will get my attention and I will do or start it also.   

Monday, April 30, 2018

Goal Met just under the wire or thread

If you read my last post you'll see that I all the sudden realize my goal was bigger than I thought it was for this month.  I thought I only needed to finish 5 blocks, and "hoped" I could sew the top half together. But the way I worded it it made it sound like that was part of my goal.  Since I am linking this up to One Monthly Goal and prizes are on the line, I  want to be legit and finish it up.  Plus as I stated in last post, I need to do it some time anyway.  So I got busy and here you go - just under the wire or thread...
Here are a couple close ups of the blocks I worked on this month. 
Well even if this wasn't my full original intent or goal, I am happy to have this much done. 
I am going to link this up to One Monthly Goal over at Elm Street Quilts.
Have a Blessed Day!