Monday, May 11, 2015

Goal and UFO Busting

Seems like the first part of the month is always more productive than the later part so I am trying to take advantage of all I can get done towards goals and UFO's while I can.  

Goal # 3 Vintage Kitchen # 5  I got this done at the end of last week just haven't posted about it yet.  

Goal #7.  is the All People Quilts Random UFO Buster.  Well last month I was unable to make any progress at all but this month I am kicking bootie.  :)  
The random number this month was #12 which happens to be my wool project called My Favorite Things by Primitive Gatherings.  I started with 3 blocks that were fused and one block had some of the top stitching done.  I still have more time in the month but I've already done the top stitching on those 3 blocks.  (Didn't get a picture before I did the top stitching) but here is what I started with. 

Then I fused two more blocks and I'm getting them whip stitched and the top stitching done.

Then this afternoon I had a little time so I got these additional 5 blocks fused and ready to be stitched and the detail put on.  So we'll see where I get by the end of the month. 

Then the Big One  -   Goal # 8

 The woodsy quilt top stitching of the two blocks I have ready.  I have gone as far as I can go on these two blocks.  This is my ALYOF for the month but I can't find my link up and think I missed it somehow.  Anyway I got done what I wanted for this month but I still want to do one more block if I can.  I left the rest of the stitching to be done when I do the quilting.  But put in some of the feathers on the breast. 

The bears have some the stitching on them and again I will do more when I quilt.  I am still not convinced I am totally thrilled with the way the bears have turned out - but I am going to go with it for now because they have held me up for way way too long and go to the next animal.  I may redo them but that will be later. :0)

My next animal will be this squirrel.  

Well that's what I've gotten done the last few days.  Tomorrow I have open sew at the quilt shop - I haven't figured out what I am taking to work on - but hopefully it will get me closer to getting these goals getting done.  

Have a Blessed Day! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pretty in Pink - and is that me?

A few years ago my Sister and Brother in law took a really cool trip to Alaska - and I got a lousy T-Shirt.... NO just kidding.  But my Sis did bring me a really pretty fat quarter.  And I have hung on to it for all this time, because - you know it was special and because what can I make with a fat quarter?  So it was time again for Mystery Monday and it called for 1 Fat Quarter of a Focus fabric.   Yay!!  Okay time to pull out the special Fat quarter.   

Well as mysteries go you don't know what you are doing until you are almost done and so it was a very pleasant surprise that the project for this month is something I want to keep (I would have anyway cause it has the special FQ in it).  :)  But I also get to use it - alot.   Have I drug it out long enough?  Have you scrolled ahead and looked at the picture ahead of time anyway? 
Okay here goes. 


It's a sewing mat to go under my sewing machine that has pockets for all the little tools you are using while you are sewing. You know, the ones that get spread all over the table and under stuff.  The pretty Fat Quarter is the black with pink flowers.  
One of my friends wasn't able to come to Mystery Monday this month so on Tuesday I made her one too. 
Here's hers.  She likes purple. 

The other thing that I have been working  on is a self portrait.  A week ago I took a class for Art quilts and we did self portraits.  It was supposed to be whimsical and not realistic but.... I'm a little uptight that way sometimes.  :)   We weren't supposed to trace a picture of our selves so I had to free hand - I'm not a natural artist, Okay Okay  - Here's how it looked the night of class.  
And here's how it looked after I put some top stitching on it. 

I'm not sure it looks like me but it was fun trying.  :)  
Have a Blessed Day!  

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pretty lillte Dresses

One of the charity projects that we've been doing for the SNR guild are little pillowcase dresses for girls in Africa.  I have already made 3 but had fabric and some lace to make 2 more.   So I used the stuff I had gotten and pulled some from my stash and this is what I came up with.   I seriously could spend a whole month making these but I do have other things to get done.  :) 

Those are the two I finished over the weekend.  I put little yo you flowers on them.  :)  
Then I also completed what is called a "10 Minute Runner"  It did take me a pinch longer but it was my 1st one so maybe the next one will be quicker.  

It doesn't require batting or quilting so it really does go quick.  

So it was a great weekend and I'm also able to cross two things off my goal list already so I'm a happy quilter.  

Hope you have a Blessed day, 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bears be done - ALYOF May

Okay here's my goal for this months A Lovely year of finishes

image005.jpg (612×612)

The Woodsy Quilt has been a WIP - UFO... on the mind but not progressed on for way too long.  So maybe if I put it here for a finish I'll actually make the progress I need to.  This is a quilt for my Sister that she thought up the idea 2+ years ago.  We have shopped for material - looked at pictures and discussed it way to much and I only have 1 and 1/2 blocks started not even done.  I have struggled with the center block which has bears in it and it stalemates me for the rest of the quilt.  

So here is what I have.  I need do some additional applique on the bears and then top stitch the bears and  do thread play on them.   

Then I also need to do the top stitching on the quail.  

Getting both of these blocks finished will be a huge finish for me.
And I hoping that it will be the fuel to get me going on the rest of the quilt.  I want to do so much more towards the quilt but considering that I  haven't been able to do this in the last year this will be great. 

Have a Blessed Day!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Wrap up and May Goals

Well if you read my last post you will already know that my month derailed and I got off track.  As hard as I try to be realistic about how much I can accomplish and factor in things like spending time with Hubby and other things that might come up, I think I'm always hopeful I can accomplish so much more. However it doesn't always go as planned.  So I decided to give myself permission to go totally off course and enjoy the ride.  :)  
Okay what did I really get done? 

1.  Project quilting - Random # UFO - WIP  to be announced the number will be picked on Monday.
Well the number they picked ended up being my "Folk Ark Gathering by Cheri Saffiote Payne"  but sorry....  No Progress

2. Vintage Kitchen Block #4 -- Done  

3. SNR - Charity Quilt.  Quilt the kit I made up and brought home to completion.

I got the borders on and  the back made and got it sandwiched ready to quilt but didn't get it quilted. So there is progress - just not done so I get a 1/2 on that one. 

4.  Mystery Monday - Don't know what it is but complete it!  Done.

We made rotary cutter cases.  And I made extras.  We are using them for eye glass cases too.  :)

5.  CRQ - charity Quilt top.  Make one,  if time allows, make a back and quilt it myself, instead of just the top. 

 Done Top made, back made, sandwiched, quilted and linking this to ALYOF.  Yahoo!

6. SNR guild workshop  the frog pincushion that I didn't get from last month.  Make it.  

No Progress.  I didn't get to go to the instructional workshop and then when I was asking how it went everyone was dismayed and confused on how to put it together and only 1 or 2 finished so due to all the other stuff that was doing I gave myself permission to leave that for later.  
It sounded like a good excuse to me.  ha ha

7.  SNR guild workshop - this month we are making a travel bag.  I'll say start it.  
Started and Finished  Done (Zipper and all)  

Extras that I want to do and need to be done.
* Work more on the Gray Heron
- No Progress
* Work on the Woodsy quilt - No Progress
* Make a spring or summer table runner to change out for decoration.  Complete

And then there are all the extras that I did that wasn't part of the plan.  
First there is the SNR Charity Project.  This month we made Pillowcase dresses for little girls in Africa.  I have made 3 and have at least 2 more to make.  

Next I made Pincushions for our Quilt Show Boutique that will happen in Feb of 2016. 

No Picture at this time but I'm hoping to make more so maybe then. 

And when the month went sideways - and I wasn't able to do all I wanted to   I decided to just go with it.  Then we also had a wonderful surprise visit from some of our children and that was great.  So with all the distractions, I decided to stitch on Daisy Days which I haven't touched in several months.  It was a free BOM from Jenny of Elefantz.  I was doing really good at keeping up each month until about the 5th month  - but once I got behind I really got behind. 
 I got just a bit more done than in this picture but it's close. 

Then on Wednesday night - I went to what is called "Art Quilt Sew-cial"  at the local Quilt store Fabrics Unlimited.  
We were supposed to do "Whimsical"  self portraits - but I was being a little to serious about making it realistic and so this is what I came up with.  I still need to do a little detail work but here it is. 

There were a few other items that I also did - I made some pillow covers, made another set of curtains and who knows what but the month is ending and now I'm thinking of what all I think I want to accomplish in May.  LOL


So for May - Like I told my friends, May is Animal month.  But I still have all this stuff that is due for the guild and charity that needs to be finished. And it seems that each month there is some class or project I want to do that despite my resistance to new stuff, I cave to the pressure.  :) 

So what do I mean by Animal Month.  Well I have the Woodsy Quilt that I have been meaning to do for almost 2+ years for my Sister that will include bears, and other woodsy animals.  Then I have the Sea Turtles that I took the class last September (I think) then a month ago I took another class by the same designer as the Sea Turtles which was a Grey Heron.  I need to make some serious progress on each of these projects. And I still have other stuff that needs to be taken care of.   Soooo here we go  :)

1.  May Mystery Monday - she claims we should be able to finish, so I'll say I will complete it. 

2. SNR Guild - I had one quilt that needed to be quilted and since I won't be there on Charity day because I'm taking a different class, I was given another quilt to quilt so now I have 2.  So I will quilt the one that is already sandwiched (See Picture #3 above)  that I didn't get quilted in April. And I will sandwich the other one it's a baby quilt and if  time allows I will quilt it too. 

3.  Vintage Kitchen by Jenny of Elefantz Block #5   I will stitch it. 

4.  SNR Workshop is a "Mondo Bag"  - I will at least start it. 

5.  SNR - African Dresses - I have a minimum of 2 more to make. 

6.  Make a Ten Minute Table runner.  More if I can - they are for presents. 

7.  All People quilts UFO Buster - After the random # is picked I will try to make progress.  They pick the random number on the 1st Monday of the month.  I will make another post showing where I'm at now so I can hopefully show progress at the end of the month. 

8.  ANIMALS - Woodsy Quilt.  Finish Bear block applique and top stitch, make another block a (Fox or Rabbit)

9. Dragonflies and Cattails It's a class that will teach us how to use - Tsukineko Inks and Fabrico Markers.  this will be on May 15th.   So I will say it is started.  Here is a picture of what we'll be doing. 

9.  Art Quilt Sew-Cial  - I Don't know what the project is this month but at least start it.  


X1.  Fuse the rest of the Grey Heron on the back ground.  This is the photo from the designer Toni Whitney

X2.  Top Stitch the Sea Turtles - this is where I am so far.  

X3.   Top Stitch the Grey Heron- pictured above. 

I have other things in my mind that I want to do - and this list is already so long.  I have friends birthday's that are coming up and I had things in mind to make them - so we will see.  I'm sure I will keep you posted. 
I haven't decided which project will be my "A Lovely Year of finishes"  I guess I'll have to figure that out. 

Thanks for stopping by - If you have read this far - leave a comment and maybe you'll get a pincushion or mug rug.  :)  Good thing you read it all huh?  

Have a blessed day.  

Friday, April 24, 2015


NLIP = Not Like I Planned.  

I learned this term a few years ago while doing an online Bible Study and it just stuck with me.  If you have read a few of my posts over the years you have probably read or figured out - I'm a planner.  Well I love to make the plan - and sometimes it works and a lot of the time - it doesn't work, which at that point - it's a NLIP.  And at that point I can be frustrated, or I can try to force it, or I can like a GPS - recalculate (which is more planning which I like) and form a new plan.  * :) * 
And so I have gone sideways and am just going with it.  New plan - there's no plan for the rest of the month.  LOL

I did want to make a new spring summer table runner and I was able to finish that up yesterday. 

I made a couple of little throw pillows using the fabric that is on the end, so putting it on the ends ties the two of them together.   The pillows are one of my side ways distractions this month which I will explain more later.  
One of our biggest distractions, is our oldest daughter, son in law and grandson arrived yesterday evening for a surprise visit. We haven't seen them in 8 months, since we moved here.  And it was her Birthday so wonderful for her and us.  So the next few days will be spent with them, and not sewing.  :)  
Have  a Blessed day,  

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Liberty and Justice - ALYOF #4

Yay!!  I have completed #4 of my A Lovely Year of Finishes.  Yay again.  I really hope that I can keep this up all year, I now have #4 of 4 finishes. 
This month I chose a charity quilt that I am doing for one of my guilds.  And though I know I didn't have to put all the quilting into it that I did, it was a great way for me to practice my free motion quilting. I tried something a little different, I quilted words, as I stated in my last post, it just seemed like it was asking for it.  
So here's how it came out.  I tried to take a couple of close ups to show the words and stars, and if you look close, there is something else I put into the quilting.

Can you see what it is?  I quilted Liberty Bells into it.   See if you can find them and if you do let me know. 
I will be linking this up to ALYOF 2015.   
Have a Blessed Day!