Monday, June 1, 2020

Hello June

I'm hoping since I will be on a more regular schedule this month, that it will allow me to get more stuff done.  I hadn't sewn on my sewing machine since March and finally got to last month.  I know I said I wanted to focus on getting a lot of my hand work done - but it's nice to sew on the machine too.  
Okay enough of that for now... I need to post my June One Monthly Goal.  
After just saying I like to sew on my machine, my OMG is again hand stitching.  :).  I started this little wall quilt quite some time ago. It's called Simple Joy. 

The 4 patches are already sewn together.  And I have started some of the applique blocks.  Here are the ones I've started and need to finish. My goal for the month is to finish all the topstitching on these three... 

And do the topstitching on these 8 squares. 

I have some other sewing that I'd like to do - but this is my One Monthly Goal. 
June OMG link-up is open!
Now I'm going to link up before I forget!
Have a Blessed Day!

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Over the River and to the Bridge

Hello,  I got a little more done in the sewing world this month than last month.  My One Monthly Goal - was to get to the middle of the bridge on my "Over the River" embroidery. Well I made it.  
I am linking this up for my finish for One Monthly Goal at Elm Street Quilts. 
May OMG FINISH link-up is open!
Also I put borders on a little panel and started quilting it for my Nephew's new baby. As of today I finished it.

For the rest of my world - I'm sure I have so much I could write about. However since I haven't written much this month, I would probably go on forever. Work is going good but it is super - super busy.   I am a flooring associate, however there hasn't been coverage in appliances in the evenings so I've been selling appliances almost more than flooring.  I get to work have 3 or 4 messages from people wanting calls back and 2-3 sets of people lined up wanting help.  I just do what I can.  My days off have been scattered and my schedule has changed several times.... In June, I will be covering for my coworker that is out on medical leave. I will be on a steady schedule with 2 days off together and the same ones.  That hopefully will help me get in a routine.  
On the home front,  I have been working at doing what cleaning and meal prep I can do with the time off I have.  As you can guess it hasn't left me with a lot of sewing time.  So on that note, I better finish this up and get linked upt to One Monthly Goal.  
Have a Blessed Day!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

On the Machine

Time is a unit of measure just as much as an inch, a yard a cup or a tablespoon. However as I measure my fabric before cutting, or my sugar before baking, a cup is a cup and an inch is an inch. But time is different - it is always changing. A minute can last forever, while an day can go by in a flash.  
I have been back to work for 3 months. In some ways it has flown by, yet it seems like a foggy whirlwind. During my 3 months of working, we have had family staying here for over 2 months of that time.  So now that it is just hubby and I again (and the fur babies) we are trying to figure out what our (me working) routines are.  I am in retail - my schedule is ever changing.  Different days off, different shifts.  One week early - one week late shift. 
All of this to say - I have not done a lot of sewing.  Let me clarify this.  I have done some (very little) embroidery and hand stitching, but I have not sewn on my machine since March.   Yep you read that right.  March! First my sewing room had become a guest room and then my days off I either got called in, had to drive family around for travel arrangements to get home, had to go to the dentist, (couple of crowns) needed to food prep or clean. Then on Mothers day which I miraculously got off - our power was out for a few hours.  by the time it was fixed and back on I was deep into the embroidery again I just stuck with it. So - no I have not sewn on my machine, until this past couple of days.  :)  I put a border on a panel for a baby quilt and got it pinned ready to quilt - and I made two pillowcases. Not a huge thing, but it made my heart sing to hear my machine hum again.  Here are my little accomplishments for my days off.  These are all going to Great Nieces.  The pillowcases are going to my Sister's Grand Daughters. 

And this Baby Quilt will go to my Nephew on my huband's side new baby.  

They had the baby about a month ago - hoping I get it done before she starts Kindergarten.  lol.. 
Off to work again today so better shut up for now.
Have a Blessed day!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Hello May

Hello - I hope this finds all of you healthy and happy. 
In April I severely over estimated what I could accomplish.  I was going to finish one embroidery piece and get "X" amount done on another.  Whoa was I wrong or what. All that to say - I'm not sure how to gauge what is reasonable for May.  
I have been mega busy with family and work, and not with sewing.  However, I think I am finally at a point with my work schedule that I can get in some kind of a routine.  I will have different days off but will have the same shift daily.  That should really help. 
Okay now back to the sewing part... 
I will try again to get to the bridge on my "Over the River and through the Woods".  Here is where I am at as I start this month. 
That's it for the goal.  It doesn't seem like much but with only 5  or 6  day's off  until end of month it's enough.  The fold in the center of the next picture is where I want to get to. 

As you can see, it took me all month to get the rest of the tree branches done, the one house and some fence posts.  
This is my One Monthly Goal and I will be linking up over at Elm Street Quilts.   
                           *  *  *  *  *  *   *  *  *  *  
If for some reason I do get that far and want extra credit... ha ha ha....I will work more on my Halloween wall hanging.
Again, I hope you are healthy and happy and I hope you all are sewing up a storm.  
Blessings to all,

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Slooow Stitching

I saw a post on social media the other day that said is this "Is tomorrow Monday or June?".... Well I think I can safely say that I am not the only one that is feeling that way.  I know a lot of people are having difficultly due to the Covid-19 situation in one way or another.  Whether it be the actual virus or a lay-off at work, or the isolation from others.  God Bless you and help you all.  
Well I'm not sure I can blame the craziness of the virus for me having a lack of time - not entirely anyhow.  I am working full time, and my extra time has been mainly consummed with cooking for my husband and brother in law whom is with us right now. He came for a visit but has had to stay longer do to the "Shelter in Place" orders.  
I get up, make breakfasts, then shower and go to work. Then I come home and we eat if I've grabbed something on the way home or I cook something and then we eat.  By the time I do that and make lunches for the next day - I'm pretty well done for the day.  
I'll get in a groove again and be more productive - but for now... I'm severely lacking in progress.  And I seriously doubt I will make my stitching goals for April.  I'm going to work on them a little today and tomorrow but still have other things to do too. 
Here's where I started this month... 

Here's where I am this morning. 
 Have I mentioned how long those branches take?  :)

Lets see how much I can get done today.  :)
Other things on the home front.... I went back to work to get some home projects done.  One of them was to cut down the dead tree so it doesn't fall on the house.

Next up will be garage roof and new doors.  I'll keep you posted. 
Have a nice day - God Bless,

Friday, April 3, 2020

OMG Wake Up

This morning I had that nice feeling of gently tossing and turning because I knew I had the day off and I actually got a full nights rest. So as I was slowly waking up - all the sudden I had a jolt of electricity go through me .... I forgot to link up my finish for the March OMG.  Dang!!  I finished it on March 10th.  Dang. It's one thing to not finsh something and not be able to link up, but to finish and then forget.  Did I happen to say Dang!?.   It has bugged me off and on all all day.  (Dang!)  
Okay - I'll let it go.  April is a new month and with all that is going on in my little world, let alone the whole world right now, a missed link up is really nothing.  
So I'll post about April and the One Monthly Goal I want to accomplish.  

April OMG link-up is open!
For April I want to get the rest of this embroidered.
And get at least 1/2 of this panel embroidered. It would be around the brick bridge. 
(You may have to click on it to zoom)
The pattern is "Over the River and Through the Woods" 
This is my year for "Hand Work".  I have _?_# of WIP and UFO's that need a lot of hand work before they can be completed.  Also I've gone back to work and 6 weeks into it, I was offered full time -I guess hardly unheard of.  So with the limited time I have to sew, the hand work will work well.  (And I may get some UFO's knocked out) 
Okay time for me to finish up and get this linked up. Then go check out some of the rest of the links. 
Have a Blessed day - Stay Safe.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Month of Birthdays

I'm sure every family has a month or two that has the majority of their birthdays... Well March is a big one for us.  
Caleb - Grandson, Ciara - Granddaughter, Jerry - Hubby, Stella - Hubby's Mom, Bev - Friend, Randi - my Sister, My Mom (in Heaven) Patty - friend, Carter - Great Grandson, Tim - friend, Jason - friend and Linda - friend.  Whew.... 
Well I'm working on my Sister's Birthday so on the 9th we went out to lunch and got a pedicure.  

It looked more like a periwinkle but now it's almost blue. 
On my Honey's birthday we went and picked up one of his brothers in Vegas - he will be staying with us for 3 weeks.  Actually a lot of the family is coming into town for Mom in laws Birthday - she turned 90. 
So here are a few highlights from her party.  
Right after we all yelled surprise ....
Here is Mom and her 4 boys... from left to right Ron, Frank, My hubby Jerry and Anthony on far right. 
 Anthony with Ron's Daughter Brandi
 Son Ron and family, wife Casey, Ron, Mom's Sister Celia, Son Adam, Daughters Jessica and Brandi. 

 Mom with Sister Auntie Celia
 Ron and Casey's Grand nephew and Two Granddaughters.
There was a mariachi band and Mom cried more, and Brandi's boyfriend Andy supported her so she could do a dance.  He's such a sweet guy. 
It was a super nice night and Mom was so happy. 
Have a Blessed Day!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

A Finish x 2

A finish - Yahoo!   With my new job and sporadic hours, and company for the month of March, I don't have high expectations of getting too many things done.  So the fact that I was able to finish the Spring Wool Crazy Table Mat for my friend is really a Whoot Whoot!  

Here is the back.  I have some really nice flannel that I've been using for the backs.  
Here are the rest of the seasons.

All four seasons are done now, I just need to do the extra one called simply Crazy.  :) Posts about that will follow soon.  
Okay a few other little things I have done.... 
I finished the baby quilt.  
I just did a loopy pattern over most of it - above is a close up. 
Happy to get some stuff done.  Hope you're having fun too. 
Blessings, Lynn 

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Spring in Spring

I am what we call Judy's retreat, she calls it camp.  Any way I'm happy to be able to join in with my friends and sew again.  This time I brought only hand stitching.  I have so much of it and so many UFO's that need hand work, that I could do 2-3 years of retreats and only do hand work and I might be caught up.  Excuse me while I have a laughing fit. :).  Uh hmm.. Okay back to my post.  I'm working on the wool "Spring" table mat that I'm doing for my friend Cheryl. It is also my OMG for the month so I wanted to stay focused on it even though I brought 4 other UFO's to work on.  Here's how it looked before I started which is the same as it did in the last post. 
And here's what I'm getting done. I needed to finish 6 of the yellow flower tops on this one.
Then I did this - 

Next was this one - I really like it a lot.
That's what I was able to get done by Friday night before we all left for dinner. 

Yesterday didn't go as quick, but I had a lot of interruptions.  Phone calls, lots of texts, chatting a tutorial of a dragon fly... I'll show that later.  

 After completing the last three seams of crazy stitches I did some bees in the center. 
And here is the completed top.  Later in the month I'll be linking this up to OMG over at Elm Street Quilts.  I stayed focused on it because it was my 

One Monthly Goal.  This morning as we finish out the rest of the retreat I'll be working on my February Stitch a long hosted by Crabapple Hill Designs.  I let you know later How I do on that.
Have a great day, Blessings - Lynn 

Thursday, March 5, 2020

March OMG

Hello March... I am continuing on with my Spring Wool Mat and since I will be taking only hand work to a retreat I'm making it my One Monthly Goal.  My goal is to complete all the rest of the crazy stitches.  

I have 7 1/2 seams left to complete.  Then I will be able to back and put the binding on.  Yay! 
Now to link up to One Monthly Goal over at Elm Street Quilts
March OMG link-up is open!
Blessings - Lynn 

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Quilting Queens Retreat

Since getting my new part time job, I wasn't sure how many if any retreats I would be able to go to.  So far it has lined up just right for me to go to all of them.  I cancelled one - and then I ended up getting the days off so called and she had an opening - wow.  Anyway - this last one I had Friday off and then had to go to work Saturday afternoon and Sunday at 11:30 but everyone leaves early on Sunday anyway :). My Sister joined me on this one this year since we cancelled the other one. It was her first time in the big room.  Here is my friend Gloria..
Bottom left in yellow - Cheryl, top is Jean, in pink is Susie H. and Sis is bent down in the bottom right.  

Above is Jeans back and my Sis - Randi sewing. 

That's our friend Liz from California standing. 
First I worked on this charm square quilt.  But I didn't have border fabric so stopped... I auditioned these after I got home. 
Then I made this reusable shopping bag for my daughter in law. 
After that I made a couple of pillow cases.  
On one of my trips to the ladies room I noticed how hard it was raining...

As you can see - no one was interested in swimming right then.  :)
I had to work that afternoon, luckily it stopped so I could walk into work and then let loose again.  I could hear the thunder inside the store and heard it even hailed.  
Anyway it was a fun retreat - happy I got to go and I have another the beginning of March. 
Have a blessed day!  Lynn 

Hello June

I'm hoping since I will be on a more regular schedule this month, that it will allow me to get more stuff done.  I hadn't sewn on my...