Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ribbons and Bows

Actually it is flowers of Ribbon.  Today was my ribbon embroidery class.  How fun!  And I can have all sorts of fun with this.  Now I can think of all sorts of new stuff to create.   Here are some close up pictures of a quilt that Rhonda (the teacher) embellished with ribbons and beads.

Click into the images to see the detail.

And here is a picture of the sampler that our instructor made for the class. These are the flowers we learned how to make.

Easy Peasy right?  Actually it's not as hard as you would think.   If you know how to hand embroider then you can do this..  Here is a picture of my Iris's.

Not wonderful but not horrible for my first try either.

Here are my Forget - me - nots.  They need a yellow center added.
Here are my Foxglove and my Black-eyed Susan's.  The Black-eyed Susan's should be yellow, but we didn't have very much of that and they still need their black centers.  

I will be going to the cottage tomorrow and will of course be working on this a little bit more.  I was going to work on my UFO, however I want to keep going on this to cement it in or it too will be another UFO.  :)   

I will of course post updated photo's of my progress.    
Have a Blessed evening - Lynn 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Mission - Great Auntie

Monday was the first Monday of the month and that means "Mystery Monday" - and this will be the last Mystery Monday at this shop.  As I posted in my last post, we were helping some friends relocate their quilt shop.  So let me back up just a hair - On Sunday my husband and I spent the day loading and unloading a 25' U-Haul.  They will be relocating about an hour away from here.  Sad - But they are friends so I will still see them and this move will be so much better for them.  Okay so back to Mystery Monday.  I forgot to include it in my monthly goals so no check marks - but here it is.

It's a travel pillow - or neck pillow.  It was pretty easy to make and was fun.  

Then on Tuesday I had intended to work on the charity quilts that I have going on.  However I got sidetracked on a special "Auntie" mission.  Last year I made two little dresses for my Great Nieces.  They are twins but not identical so I made non-matching sundresses.  

I don't seem to have a finished picture of it. 

Well this spring as their Mom was getting out their summer clothes, the girls started fighting over the blue dress.  It's mine, no it's mine.   Uh Oh!  
Well what is a great Aunt to do - Make another blue dress.  So that is what I did on Tuesday! 

I have it all packaged and ready to go with some stickers and a felt picture with markers.  It is addressed to their Mom and I sent her a card that she could dole out as she saw fit and yes I was passing the buck.  :) 

So Today - Wednesday - I worked on Charity quilts.  I have a bunch of orphan blocks that were given to me to do something with.  Today I put the borders around each block and around the whole thing. 
I will probably put one more border around but didn't have one that looked good.  I'll have to pick up some matching fabric while I'm at the cottage on Friday.   

Then I tried working with these blocks.  They are sewn together crooked, some have 1/8" seams and others 3/4" seams all in one big block.  So I squared up as much as I could and now I'm putting a border around them.  I am not sure what I'll do next with them but one step at a time.  

There are more than enough of these to do at least 2 quilt tops so I may make the two tops and then add an easy applique to the second one and make it into a baby quilt and back it with flannel.  

Well that's it for now.  Tomorrow I am taking a class to learn how to embroider and embellish with ribbon.  I think this will really be a neat thing and could be something I can use with my art quilts. I'll let you know how it goes. 
For now - have a Blessed Day - Lynn 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Day and Goals Met and Set

As I think I posted in my last post - April has been a blur.
First - I went on "Kation" with my Sister

and got to see my Dad
Love him so so much!

Then I got to go and see my kids and grand kids. 
And got to spend an extra couple of days with my youngest daughter and her two kids. 
We had a slumber party in the motel room.
Then I spent the rest of the time with my Sister.  
Then when I came home I just haven't gotten back in the groove yet.  But lets see how I did on my goals for the month.  

1. My Scavenger Hunt Block - Tree, Purple and Frog.  Complete, here is my Purple Tree Frog.

2.  Buttermilk Basin "T" Block Stitched and "I" Block prepped.   1/2 Completed.  I did not get very far on the stitching of the T block, but I did get the I block prepped.  


3. SNR Paint box workshop.  Get 1/2 done.  Complete.

I posted about it a couple of times Here and Here.  But here is the finished top. (Unless I add to it) I'm thinking of adding a black border and then adding another set of boxes.  Hmmm I'll get back to you on that.

4.  Gifts - Continue on with the gift making.  I worked on the sewing mat for my friend Ronni and almost got it done.  I finished the binding and then added a wool applique.    Seems like a cheat but I am continuing so I'll say Goal Met.    :) 

5.  UFO - Buster - This month was Porch Time.  I posted about it here and showed my beginning progress.  Well I only got to work on it one day but I did make progress I got the hand sewn on - so Goal Met

6.  Quilt Something -  Wha Wha Wha... No go it didn't happen.  :(

7.  Primitive Garden BOM - Well that went sideways.  My friend and I were all geared up talking about working on this together on Fridays which I thought would help me get going on it. But (get the cheese - the whining is starting) that is my only day to do my other UFO's - so I would not be doing them. And then she got pulled off that due to a relative needing a quilt for a wedding or something SOOOO.... we have put this on hold for now and nothing got done on it at all.  :(.  

8. Blog 4-8 times -  Ya got that one this time.  Goal Met.

9.  Trip Project - Just for fun do something.  I prepped so much stuff, I even knew I wouldn't get to hardly any of it - but hey better safe than sorry.  AND - I was delayed in the airport for 4 or 5 hours so I got to work on the one stitchery.  And I've worked on it this month and almost have it done.  

10.   NLIP -  (Not Like I Planned)  An Unplanned want to.  Well I completed this and Goal Met in two ways on this one.  One I did part of the Ducks because I wanted to. 

And Unplanned - I worked on Charity Quilts. I got 2 and 1/2 tops made for the CRQ guild. 

And the half one: Just need to sew rows together and put on the borders.

So for the month of  April - 7 goals met,1 half met and 2 not even.  So 75%..... hmm C maybe C+.  
Okay Lets see what we can do in May. 

 May Goals

1. Scavenger Block - Sunbonnet Sue - Queen of Hearts and Embroidered Block.  Not totally sure how I'm going to do this but I may paint part of it like I did the frog. 

2. Buttermilk Basin  Finish "T" Block  and "I"  Block  (pictured above) and prep the next "T" Block.

3. Work on gifts!  Towels, Scissor Fobs - need to make progress on gifts to give. Finish Ronni's Mat by Retreat time. Then I  want to also paint another block and make it into a wall hanging for a friend.  So this may be my gift goal for this month.  

4. Quilt something.  Not sure what just get some quilting done. I keep saying Bee Hive Baby, but maybe I need to pick something else to get me going. :)  Here are a few that already pin basted - so I just need to get going on them.  

5.  UFO's  APQ random ufo buster # 7  Which is too funny.  Because I am doing 6 UFO's for 2 month's each #7 is the same as #1.  Which is the same as last month.  :)   Porch Time.  As always the goal is to make progress.  Beginning status pictured above. 
 Here's what was done in April and where I will start for May.

6.  Retreat Projects - Make Progress - Yep got another retreat going on.  May 19 - 21. Back in February when the power went out on us - well they offered us free rooms because of that - So what do you do with a free room?  Well we book a new retreat.  :)   I reserve the right to change my mind but as it stands now I am planning on taking my very old "Quilt as you go" Quilt to finish up.  

 Next I am planning to continue on with the "Snowman Collector" that I took to the retreat in February.     I have one more block to applique and top stitch and then I can start making the sashing and borders.

 Then my friend Ronni and I wanted to work on the Row by Row kit from our local quilt shop.

I'm sure I'll bring more stuff to work on and not sure what that will be - but I'll let you know.

7.  Charity!
7a. I want to finish up the 1/2 quilt (pictured above) that I've got going on for the CRQ guild.
7b. Along with that I need to work on some charity stuff for the SNR guild.  Here are some orphan blocks I'm going to sew together to make a couple of tops.

7c. Bonus Points -  If I get the quilt made for SNR  then quilt it.

8.  Blog 7-10 times.

I also have company coming for a weekend and we are helping our friends relocate the local quilt shop - so I have other things going on in the background, that are going to use up some of my days and weekends.  I think this is enough for now and not sure I'll get to all of this. But I can try. :)

I'll keep you posted - Have a Blessed day

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Back in the saddle

Seems like this whole month has been a little off track.  I got home from Oregon on the 11th, and have been going from one thing to another to another, but haven't felt like I've gotten much of anything accomplished.  I have it's just been scattered. :)  So finally finally I feel like I have had some time to sew this week.  So to re-cap from where I left off.  I took the class on the 16th called Paint box with Bettye Shepperd.  When I left the class I had the box parts sewn but not sewn together.
Last weekend I worked on sewing the rows together and got a couple going.
Here it is finished, however I may be adding to it and making it into a lap sized quilt or baby size quilt.   I want to add a solid black border around the whole thing then build another layer of the blocks around that.  I'll keep you posted on that.  

So that felt good to get that far on that - sorta finished.

I was also able to prep my next block for the the "Let it Snow"  BOM from Buttermilk Basin.  

Here is the next block - "I" 

Then I have also been working on some charity quilts.  I've gotten two tops made.

So I now feel like I'm getting back into the swing of sewing.  I'm working on a third charity quilt top. This one was very nicely put together with coordinating fabric and instructions.  Sweet! 
I've got 1/2 of the blocks made they just need to be trimmed. 

Below is the second color sewn on the focus fabric ready to be cut into blocks. 

We need to run some errands and take the dogs for their shots.  So after I get back home I plan on working to finish this top up too.  
Hope you have a blessed day.