Thursday, April 3, 2014

March NewFO

Well March was a little of a whirlwind for me.  I always go to southern Oregon on the train,   to visit my Sister for her Birthday. So the month was filled with making gifts and planning on top of my normal projects I try to get done.  Notice I said  TRY - :)

Okay so my first New FO are these little Mug Rugs that I made for my Sister.  I was very happy with how they turned out.

Next I made Pot holders for my Pincushion group.  (we're branching out).  I made a purple one and an Orange one too but forgot to take pictures.  urrrhhh. 

Next is my monthly Doll Quilt for: 
I was very Pleased to get it done and in the mail by mid month however it was going to Canada and due to bad weather she didn't receive it until the end of the month anyway.  My partner said she liked scrappy and our theme had to do with green so this is what I made. The flowers are done in wool. 

And of course a matching pincushion. 
I got the pattern for this out of one of my Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine from 2011 that I bought 

and therefore I will also be linking this up to Let's Book it.  
And lastly for new items I made some other mug rugs for a different swap hosted by Michele over at the Quilting Gallery. 

Here are the two I made on top - and below the two I received in return! 

Well that's about it.  I didn't get a lot done on any of my regular monthly projects and even though I usually spend a lot of time stitching on my train ride - this year I had some nice ladies that I visited with all the way down - so not much sewing there.  

Have a Blessed Day - Lynn 

Monday, March 3, 2014

February Recap Cause it's March already

Well January felt like it lasted forever and I felt like I got so much done.  Then February came and went and I'm left here going - What - Where.... But in recapping I did get a few things done and So I guess not too bad.  I want to link up my New FO's for the month of February - Hosted by Barb at Cat Patches

The above could be a Let's Book it from this book 

but it is my Monthly Doll Quilt for 

also hosted By Barb at Cat Patches. However since I haven't heard that my partner in UK has received it yet I will not spoil the surprise. So I have another "Let's Book It" below. 

Next are a couple of mug Rugs that went to Canada for a swap that was hosted by Michele from the Quilting Gallery

Below is my February Block For 

Rainbow Scrap 2014

The Color was Pink and I'm doing Purses for part of my challenge.This was a free pattern from Fat Cat Patterns. 

Next I made some Needle Books These have a duel purpose. First they are for my Pin Cushion Group that is venturing out this year and making small projects not just pin cushions. And secondly they are part of my Let's Book it

These actually came from a book called Some Kind of Wonderful 

I didn't get the embroidery done for the front so I left it off and instead of just one piece of wool for the inside I used two.  I'm a rebel I guess - can't follow it to the tee, have to make changes. :) I want to link this up to - Let's Book it

Then I tried out a pattern for a 
Pot Holder it worked pretty good, however I didn't cut my binding on the bias so had a little trouble with the back laying down.  

I did do some other things, one of which was an old quilt for a friend you can read about that here. 
but that's about it.  Now I'm on to conquer some, new some old and some UFO"s for March.  Thanks for stopping by. 
Blessings, Lynn 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cabin Fever Party

So what do you do when winter has been too long and cold - You have a Cabin Fever Party with Link ups and gifts.  I'm not actually having the party but Lily Pad Quilting is, and you can read about it here and link up too.

First of all I kept looking out the window wondering if they were going to let us go home early from work.  When that didn't work and I finally got to go home - I took pictures along the way to show what it was like out there.

So then what did I do - Well I stood in awe of the fact that we really were getting snow and that much snow.

 And of course I did a lot of sewing - because here in northern Oregon these snow storms only happen every few years sew I needed to sew sew sew while I could.  And I had a great project that I was working on.  A friend of ours found a quilt top that his Grandma and Mother had worked on in 1968.  Part of it had been stitched by hand and part by machine. It had been in the bottom of a closet somewhere and his Sister was just going to toss it. But our friend wanted to keep it as a memento of his Grandma and Mom.  He asked if I could just spend a couple of hours putting it together.  :)  Well - I fixed some of the blocks and left some of them unsquare - (is that a word). I put a border on to hold it together and used his backing which was flannel.  It needed to be washed but was in such a fragile state I was afraid to.  And the flannel backing was bleeding color on my quilting gloves. But it came together really nice, he loved it, his wife (who hated it at first) loved it when I was done, and one of his sons said his Grandma would have been very pleased.  Awwwww  that was so special.   With what repairs I did do, sandwiching, quilting and binding - it took over 20 hours - I've never kept track of my time before, so that was interesting.  but well worth it for the cause.  Here is the quilt -

When my sweet hubby finally had enough of been cooped up we walked to the grocery store, it's very close to our house.

 I had some other things I worked on too, when I needed a break from the quilt.  but I'll save those for a little later. All the snow is gone and life is back to normal.  So head back over to Lilly Pad Quilts and check out what others did for their cabin fever.
Blessings,   Lynn

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Plotting Planning and some sewing..

I'm not sure if I spend more time planning or sewing.  Probably pretty equal.  I'm getting involved in a few link ups this year in hopes to get a few more things accomplished than I have in the last couple years.

So one of those for this year is Rainbow Scrap 2014 

I am going to do a pattern that I got from Fat Cat Patterns with purses. I  may also include a pattern from  AJ Padilla that is a BOM that has phones, that one I have not started yet but want to, do it in the rainbow scraps. Here are the January and February Purses.  I had hoped to get the other blocks done to add to this before the end of the month but since this is the last Saturday I don't think it will happen.  

Have a great  day.   Lynn

Monday, February 3, 2014

NewFO 2014

Yahoo First NewFO of 2014

For some reason January seemed like a long month. And I felt like a did a lot however when I sat down to think about what all I had done my mind went blank.  (I know I left myself open on that one) So I'll just start and maybe more will come.  

1. I did a tutorial for a couple different needle keeps for my pin cushion group. One was pretty basic and one had pocket and places to put some added tools. 

2. Next - Was my Doll Quilt for the Monthly Doll Quilt Swap - 

This months theme was try something new - so I used all Batiks, used one big quilt square, and no applique. I also made her a matching mug rug to go with it. 

3. I started the first of "Berties Year" block.  They are designed to be individual mats. Or can be put together as a quilt.  They are designed by Bonnie Sullivan, a local Oregon designer from "All through the Night" in Salem.

All the blocks mats put together: 
Here is what the first block / mat should look like when it's done: 

And here is my start to it: 
The pattern calls to make it in flannel, however the last time I tried to do applique with wool on flannel I had a hard time needling it.  So I went with cotton background and the wool applique.  If I can keep up I could have the quilt top together at the end of the year.  So guess we'll see if this New FO, becomes a UFO. :) 

4. And of course I made pincushions for my monthly swap. I didn't take a picture of the two I sent off, but here is the one I kept: 

5. And this year I decided I wanted to try doing the RSC14 Rainbow Scrap Challenge  

each month she give you color and you make something you want to out of scraps. I decided to do a pattern that I got from Fat Cat Patterns  for free that is all different style of purses. This month's color was blue and here is my 1st block: 

It still needs the top stitching done! 

I did start another BOM that uses scraps of Batik's, And I have more stuff planned for February so we'll see what NewFO's I can come up with for it. 

Have a Blessed Day! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Needle Keep Turtorial

Okay I just want to start out letting you know that I have written this for a Pincushion group that I lead. We are venturing out to try other small things.  So if you are one of my other sewing buddies that's what I'm up to. And if you'd like to join our group let me know.

Okay Pin Pal's here we go.  I want to let you know up front I tried to cover every part of how to do both of these needle keeps - it may be too much info - but if there is any part you don't understand please email me and let me know.  I will explain any part that isn't clear.

Here are the two that I made...

This one is a little more detailed but I'll show you how to do it also.

Okay I will start with the easy one 1st.  For supplies you will need two pieces of coordinating fabric, two pieces of wool or felt and a piece of batting.
Now to cut you will need 1 of each of your two piece of fabric and of your batting 5" x 9".  You will also need a additional piece of your inside fabric 3/4" x 3", set that aside for now.

 Now cut  your 2 pieces of  wool or felt to 3 1/2" x 7".   These can be set aside for now also.
Next fold your inside fabric in half and mark it with a pencil or chalk.  Cut a 2" slit on that line in the middle of the fabric.

Next lay this fabric on the bottom right side up, then your outside fabric with right side down, now lay the batting on top of that see below.  Now pin together if you pin - if not - now it is time to sew.  Sew through all layers all the way around the whole thing using 1/4" seam allowance.

When you are done sewing around the whole thing.  Trim your edges down to approximately 1/8th inch and clip your corners.  

Now turn it over and you will see the slit that you cut in the middle of your inside fabric.  You will use this hole to turn your needle keep right side out.

Once you have it turned right side out push your corners out with a pencil, or turning tool, then press it.  Now get the piece of your inside fabric that was 3/4 x 2" - If you have some "Steam a Seam" or other iron on fusible, cut a piece or pieces to go on the back side of your small piece. Iron it on the wrong side of the little strip now pull the paper off and put it over the slit on the inside of the needle keep. Iron it on so the strip fuses in place. 

Now get your wool that you set aside. Fold it in half and find the middle.  Draw a line with a pencil or chalk pencil. Pin your wool in place centering it on the inside of your needle keep.  You will sew a scant 1/4" on each side of the  line you drew.   

Sew a scant 1/4" on each side of the drawn line.
Okay the inside should look similar to the picture above once you have sewn the wool in, and you are done.

You can decorate if you want, the fabric I choose on this one was pretty busy so I didn't do anything else. However you can put an applique or embroider on the front.  you can put a ribbon down the middle.  It's yours be creative. 
Okay for the next one.  It looks more complicated but it's not that bad.
Supplies you will need 
2 pieces of fabric 8x10"  
one piece of fabric for pocket on inside 5 1/2"  x  4 1/2"  
2 pieces of wool or felt 8" x 4"
Approx 46" of binding material I made mine - 2 1/4" strip, ironed in half lengthwise wrong sides together. 
Ribbon - Optional 

Okay lets get started.  :)  Once you have your fabric and wool cut - Now draw a line down the middle of the inside fabric. -now take your pocket fabric and turn the top edge down and press.  Sew a seam a scant 1/4 " to hold the top edge in place.  Now turn the right side edge of your pocket under 1/4" and press. Line the pocket up with the bottom left side of inside fabric. Sew this down the right side. If you want to make sections in the pocket like I did you can sew another seam about 1 1/2" from right side from top of pocket to bottom. 

Next draw a line 1/2" from the center and 1" from the bottom as a guide for the placement of your wool. Draw a line down the center of  the wool, and pin the center of the wool on the line that is 1/2" from the center and 1" from bottom.  Tip - if you are having trouble seeing the line on the wool, use painters masking tape on the line, then sew right next to the tape. 

Sew the wool from top to bottom down the center. 
Next I put a little loop to hold a small pair of scissors.

 Now sandwich your outside fabric right side down, batting,  and inside fabric right side up, like a little quilt.

Sew a couple of lines down the center to give it a little fold area.

Now you are going to add the optional ribbons and bind it all in one step. Pin the ribbon to each side of your Needle Keep in the center.  The long part of the ribbon goes to the inside.  

Now bind the Needle Keep like you would a quilt.  Start sewing on the binding raw edge of binding to raw edge of needle keep. 
To miter your corners stop about 1/4 ' from the end and pivot your needle keep slightly so you can sew diagonally to the corner. See how I am headed towards the corner.
Next fold binding up aligning it with the next side and then fold down on the side you are going to sew on. See pictures. The seam you sewed to the corner help you fold this angle up. 

Now as you fold this back down make sure the fold is even with the upper edge. This will give the right amount of fabric int the corner to make a nice miter on both sides. 
Now when you are getting close to the place where you started take your needle keep out of the machine and mark a line 1/2' past the starting piece of binding.  

If you look on the top edge the starting piece is underneath. draw the line and cut the top piece of binding so it overlaps by the 1/2".  See below.

now take those two ends and sew them together with a 1/4" seam. 
Now you should have a connected binding. 

Sew the rest of the binding in place. See how the ribbon got sewn in with the binding. trim your edges iron the binding over to the inside and hand stitch the binding using an invisible hemstitch. 

Viola you now have a beautiful needle keep with pockets for your other sewing notions. 

Have fun be creative - this is yours to decorate adjust to your liking!  
Blessings, Lynn