Saturday, September 23, 2017

Swirly Sheep and Goblins

One of my September goals was to start quilting my newest great granddaughter, Adrianna's quilt.  
Here is a little close up on my swirly flowers.  
Before I worked on this I played around with a new little design - a cat. 

And then I practiced my swirly flowers on the cat wall hanging. 
Remember the Halloween wall hanging that my friend dropped off for me to take to the retreat? Well I got it finished Wednesday and then got the binding on Wednesday night. 
I went ahead and used the patterns suggestions on how to quilt it - and I like how it came out. 
On Thursday I went to my guild meeting and was able to give it to my friend so she be able to give to her granddaughter.
(I have blocked her name tag since it has both her first and last name
It was fun to do and even more fun to know that I was able to give it back to her. 
Not sure what today holds but if I get sewing time I will be making more swirls on my sheep.
Have a Blessed Day!

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Weekend Wrap

Weekend Retreat was very nice and fairly productive. 
Thursday, the day before the retreat began, hubby and I were running last minute errands and then were going to take my stuff to the retreat room to set up.  As we came home to pick up my stuff to take we had a sweet little surprise waiting for me.  This kit. A friend dropped it off with a note that said have fun at the retreat.
So I grabbed it and took it along with the rest of the stuff I had planned to do at the retreat. 
Now the story is when I called to thank her, that she thought it was a panel and wanted it for her granddaughter.  Well what she doesn't know yet, I put it at the top of the list and started it first so that I can finish it and give it back to her so she can still have it for her granddaughter. 
So plans change as they do quite often,  but it's okay by be - this was a fun project to work on.
Here's what I got done at the retreat. 
I  need to add the spider and web and then quilt and bind.  I'm hoping to have it done by end of the week. Next I pulled out and worked on "Pepper Puss" and I was able to complete the top. 
Once that was done.  I top stitched the dish towels I had prepped. 

The next two are done - I think.  I haven't decided if the bee hive needs rings or not...  maybe
This one is done. 

The lady bugs need eyes and antenna's.
  After those were done - I got to work on putting the green sashing strips on my 4 patch poesy.  
I got all of blocks sewn into rows, and all but three of the rows sewn together.  Here's a picture of it right before I packed up and headed home from the retreat. 
It was a very nice retreat and I met some fun new people.  Since I was a fill in alternate to this retreat, I am not sure when I will get to go with them again, but told them I'd love to be on the list of alternates for future retreats.  

I've got 5 weeks until my next retreat in October, and still have projects that I didn't get to this time - so I guess I'm ready to go when it gets here.  
Have a blessed day.  

Friday, September 15, 2017

Paying it Forward

Some call it Karma, some say what goes around comes around. I call it reaping and sowing - because that's what the Bible calls it. 
Our Pastor always said, if you want people to be friendly to you, you need to be friendly.  And if you want people to be good to your kids - be good to others children.  
Well - it's a little of a long story - but if you know me long stories are my specialty.  lol
I was in the local quilt store a few weeks ago doing some stitching with some of my friends, when this lady whom I've seen a few times before came in and wanted to know who wanted to buy some Tamales.  Well 3 of us went ahead a each bought a half dozen and so she went out to get them.  
After she brought them back in.  She started and telling us about her car breaking down and how this mechanic had tried to cheat them.  Then she said "But the Lord was watching and he protected us."  So she finishes her story and walks off. 
Well a couple of us decided that we would go ahead and eat one of the tamales right then since it was close to lunch time and then went back to sewing.
Pretty soon she comes back and asked who is Lynn.  Rut Row, I'm like what's up, lol then I said I was.  She said she had seen the doll in the quilt shop owners office and her granddaughter had a doll but the dog ate the dress and could I make a dress for her granddaughter's doll?   
Call me a softy - I said yes, but told her I would need the doll to figure out what size.  Well we worked out the details over the next few days, and I went to her house to pick up the doll.  While I was there I gave her one of the dolls in a bag that I already had made up that way she had something to play with while I had her doll.  The grandma was so happy.  
Due to me being out of town and her not feeling good, I was unable to give her the baby doll back until right before my retreat.  Even then we still had trouble hooking up and I left it at the quilt shop and talked to her on the phone to tell her so. 
Here is what I came up with.  A Dress, a night gown, a pair of pajama's and a quilt. 

It would have been nice to give to her personally - I never did meet the granddaughter, but I was happy to know that I was able to do something nice for her. Hope you have a blessed day - 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Does a Moose Moo?

Over the last couple of days I have quilted the moose that I started while I was in Williams.  
I echoed around him and meandered, then in the borders I did leaves. Now I just need to hand stitch the binding down and it will be done.  
Tomorrow I have a couple of errands to run and then I can go set up for this weekends retreat.  We can't stay and sew like some of the retreats but I'll be already to go come Friday morning.  :)
I have several projects that I am taking to work on - I don't want to run out.  
Here's what I have in my bag for this weekend. 
Four Patch Poesy - Add the sashing using this green.
Cathedral Pattern - Using this fabric. 

Scrappy 4 patch - Add the sashing
Charming Fractions

Pepper Cat that I took to Williams

I am also taking some dish towels that I have fused and just need to top stitch. 

And if I don't have enough with all this - ha ha ha I'm taking this Row by Row kit from last year.  I have the background done and most of the pieces fused just need to assemble.
Don't know what I'll work on first,  but as you can see I have lots of options. 
After this weekend I need to get back to some of my other projects like top stitching the bears - which I worked on today. This is just a small section. I have about 1/2 of one of the bears done.  

Next up will be to quilt the sheep quilt for Adrianna. 
I will be with a new group of ladies, some I will know and many I will not.  I am just a fill in for an opening they had and will not have my normal core of friends with me.  I'm excited for the possibilities. As always I will let you know how the retreat goes, and what all I accomplish.  
Blessings - Lynn 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Williams 2 - Bearizona

Day 2 of our Williams retreat was even better than the first. We said we were never leaving.  This day we not only get to sew, but we got to visit Bearizona. 

We took the bus so that we could get a little of the info on the animals as we went along.  I found out a few interesting facts I didn't know.  
As we were leaving to go there - we caught a glimpse of a deer next to her house.  Can you see it.
Now on to the bears
These were a couple of the junior bears - still very big to me.  They were the ones I could get the best picture of. Here are some of them sleeping.

This picture was cute the guide called out the bears name and he lifted his head. 
And here are some of the other animals I was able to get a decent picture of. 

Do you know why the have the hump on their back. It's an extra vertebrae and muscle to hold their heads up.  I could have swore that the guide said a full grown bison can have a head that weighs 400-600 pounds. But in trying to research that to verify I can not get an answer except that grown males can weight 2000#. The one and only reference I could find said 50-75#, big difference there. So I'll let you play with that and let me know if you find the answer. 

Now other than the bears which were plentiful and awesome -there was this Black Jaguar.  I learned a lot about it also. Did you know they have spots called Rosettes?  Look at this beauty. 
They said he was about 155 pounds.  
We had a nice lunch at the park before returning home to do more sewing.  
I finished my 4 Patch Poesy blocks and then started on my UFO Grandma's Attic.  
And yes I finished it.  Hard to get the colors right. 
We were full from lunch so waited a while for dinner, but when we did eat we had meatballs and Rotini with marinara. Have I told you we ate well.  :) I actually didn't finish the above until Thursday mid day.  We heading out in the morning to town.  We got to go to town 3 miles away in he "Mule". 
 We went to the hardware store, quilt store and a gift store, then picked up a couple groceries and came back home.  And yes we ate. We had some wonderful Chicken Salad in Lettuce boats. After I finished Grandma's Attic I started on this Moose Wall Hanging. 
My final project that I worked on was one of the Garden Patch Cats, called "Pod Cats".
Here is a peek at where I slept and a look down from my loft to where we were sewing.  Patty's machine is on far right Cheryl's is on the top of table and mine is at the bottom of picture.

Can you tell we totally took over her house. :)
Here are some pictures of the deer we could see from the dining room window. 

And one of the hummingbirds that came for a drink.
We had a wonderful time - and didn't want to leave. As we turned the corner onto the road away from our friends house - these two little ones were on the side of the road.  

Hope you all are having a nice day. 
Blessings - Lynn