Thursday, July 3, 2014

June 2014 New FO

It's time for another month of NewFO's - and I'm thankful about that because it makes me do at least one post a month so that I can see what all I've been up to.  The fact that you all get to see it and comment and there's a chance for a prize is just a bonus.  (But don't stop commenting I like them. ) And although life isn't slowing down, I may be able to post more than once a month for the NewFO's.

Big news -   I have retired, yes early and my husband and I are relocating from Oregon USA to Arizona. 

So once we get settled in a little - I'm hoping that I will have more time to journal my plans, goals and accomplishments.  I have good intentions of that now - but life got in the way.  So enough of that for now.  

My NewFO's:  

First up I was in the Doll Quilt Swap again this month -

My Partner was Mary Chow from Canada - the optional theme was "In my Garden" and so this is what I made for her. 

My next NewFO was for my granddaughter.  She requested a few months ago that I make a pillow for her that had "Whosville" stuff on it.  She knew exactly how she wanted it and so after getting just the right fabric and pictures this is her pillow. 

For the last few months I have been in a round robin that is a "Row by Row"  and since we are on a two week turn around, I had two more quilts come to me in June that needed a new row.  Since some of these ladies are connected to me on Facebook and such, and since we are only giving peeks in the round robin, I can only give you peeks of what I did.  But when this is all over I hope to have full pictures of all the quilts and then I can share them with all of you.  
Here is the first one that I added to - and the sneak peeks she got. 

And here is the 2nd one that I added to and the peek she got. 

If you could see the whole thing - it would probably make more sense, but that's all I can give you for now. 

The other thing I worked on is a present for a dear friends birthday - so I can't show that either - so I guess that's all I have for June that I can share or talk about for now.  

In July I am still doing a Doll Quilt Swap, and I will have two more rounds of the Round Robin and then it's done. :)  :(  It's been a lot of fun, and I'm sorry to see it be over.  So with packing and getting ready to move, that is probably all I will have time to do.   We will be in Arizona the first part of August - but with trying to settle in and get things organized, not sure how much sewing will happen.  
My Father-in-law is 88 and my Mother-in-law is 84,  and although my husband and I always knew we would someday move to AZ, we are moving in to help my aging In-laws.  We will each have our own living areas however there will still be some adjustments and arranging to do. Mom (in-law)  is looking forward to having me there to help with doctor appointments, medications and cooking and over all organization.  Although I know it will be work at times, I feel blessed that she has that much trust and faith in me to take over, and I hope I can bless her as well. 

Thanks all for stopping by - Leave a comment if you have time I'd love to hear from you. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

May NewFO

It's time for the May NewFO....  

I find it quite odd that some months drag on - but others seem to end and you're really not sure they were ever here.  You know that feeling of "Where did May go?" - "Did I do anything in May?"  Well I'm not sure if you do that, but I do.  And as always each month I tell myself that I am going to do more blogging, because really, it's been a whole month since I wrote a post. :)  But I have a solution to that and some exciting news.......... I am retiring and moving from Oregon to Arizona - so I should have more time to blog. The jury is still out on that, because who knows what I'll be doing with all that time, maybe some of my many UFO's.  (No promises) 
So with out further delay - here are my NewFO's for May, that is why you came here right? 

#1.  My Monthly Doll Quilt for the Doll Quilt Swap 

My Partner Aileen and I decided to go with the theme of "Go Modern" But she then was having quilters block so I said I was fine with anything.  Here is the quilt I made her. 

And here is what she made me. Very Bright and Pretty. 

#2.  I did some more Mug Rugs for a swap hosted by Michele at Quilting Gallery

#3. I did two more additions to the Round Robin row by row quilts that I'm involved in. I'm not sure if they read my blog or not so I should probably only show the sneak peeks. Each person had their own fabric and that fabric is sent along with their quilt. The first one is for Patrice, she was going a little with Amish themed blocks so I did some log cabins.  I have to say I'm not sure they are my favorite.  I'll give them another try some day but for now - not the fav. I also did a couple Jacob Ladders.  Here is her peek. 

The next was for Betty my sweet friend from Mississippi, whom even though I've never met has become like a 2nd Sister to me and a very dear friend. She loves Butterflies, Ladybugs and Angels. Others have concentrated on the Butterflies so I did something a little different. Here is a peek of hers. 

#4. On Memorial Day I went over to my quilt teacher and friends house/studio and she showed a couple of us how to me make cloth chalk boards. I haven't finished the hand stitching of the binding, but here are the ones I made.  I want to make one for each of the grand kids, and I thought a smaller one would be great for the fridge. Here they are. 

#5. And the only other thing worked on that warrants any mentioning is I made a block for the months Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  I am using a free pattern that is from "Fat Cat patterns". May's color was Green so here is my green purse. I've been adding a pocket on each one and this time I made it a real pocket. And then each one has buttons on the handle. 

Well that's it for me for May. I am not sure what all June - August will hold. I am working until June 19th. Then packing in the month of July and on July 30th we will be moving.  August will be a time of settling in and getting into new routines. We will be helping out my aging in-laws and so I'm sure there will be new things to fill my day - but I'm sure I'll find a little time to sew somewhere in the day. 

Hope you all have a great month, thanks for stopping by. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

April NewFO

Well as normal the month end has snuck up on me.  At the first of the month I got a bunch of stuff done that I wanted to do and then thought okay it's only the first part of April with all of this done, I will be able to get a lot done this month.  Hmmm that must have been my burst and burn out.  ha ha  So yes the month was productive but it's still amazing that it's May. 

Okay this is a big one and I have been procrastinating, I mean contemplating my designs. I've talked about it before, but my Sister wants a "Woodsy" quilt for their 5th wheel and wants two bears in the center.  Well the bears aren't coming out the way I want them to, so finally I'm like, Hey move on - do one of the other animals and come back to the bears.  SO I did, and here the first block of many I'm sure.  It still needs the top stitching but being done is not required for the NewFo right?  

Okay next in line is my Monthly Doll Quilt - Hosted by Barbra from Cat Patches  - This month's theme was "Diamonds are Forever" and my partner Karen, from Germany said she likes brights.  

So her is what I made for her. 

Then for my pincushion group that is making small projects I made a couple of mug rugs

Then The big thing that was a NewFO is that I am in a Round Robin that is a Row by Row. There are 8 women all around the US that are in this circle.  Each lady picked out fabric then constructed a row approx 9 x 52.  Then you send your row and your fabric to the next person.  Then they use your fabric to add to what will be your quilt.  Then they send it on to the next.  And we are only giving peeks of what we are adding to each persons quilt so it will be a surprise when we get it back.  We're on a two week schedule so it keeps us hopping. 
So here is the row I started and sent off. 

So the row I got that I needed to add to was this. 

And this is what I added to it  - I can't show the whole thing - only the sneak peek. 

I did this needle turn applique and she had the most beautiful batiks to work with - but I had to send on with her quilt.  :) 

Next I did the next purse for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  April was purple so this is what I did. 

And lastly I did have a start for the "Let's Book It"  I am doing this pattern that was in my  Simply Vintage Magazine that I purchased,  but I bought the pattern so I could do this in my wool class.  The pattern is called "My Favorite Things"  from "Primitive Gatherings"

Here is my 1st Block.

I did a few other things on my on going WIP's but nothing to write home about.  

Hope you all have had a great month and Here's to NewFO's for May.  :)  

Thursday, April 3, 2014

March NewFO

Well March was a little of a whirlwind for me.  I always go to southern Oregon on the train,   to visit my Sister for her Birthday. So the month was filled with making gifts and planning on top of my normal projects I try to get done.  Notice I said  TRY - :)

Okay so my first New FO are these little Mug Rugs that I made for my Sister.  I was very happy with how they turned out.

Next I made Pot holders for my Pincushion group.  (we're branching out).  I made a purple one and an Orange one too but forgot to take pictures.  urrrhhh. 

Next is my monthly Doll Quilt for: 
I was very Pleased to get it done and in the mail by mid month however it was going to Canada and due to bad weather she didn't receive it until the end of the month anyway.  My partner said she liked scrappy and our theme had to do with green so this is what I made. The flowers are done in wool. 

And of course a matching pincushion. 
I got the pattern for this out of one of my Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine from 2011 that I bought 

and therefore I will also be linking this up to Let's Book it.  
And lastly for new items I made some other mug rugs for a different swap hosted by Michele over at the Quilting Gallery. 

Here are the two I made on top - and below the two I received in return! 

Well that's about it.  I didn't get a lot done on any of my regular monthly projects and even though I usually spend a lot of time stitching on my train ride - this year I had some nice ladies that I visited with all the way down - so not much sewing there.  

Have a Blessed Day - Lynn 

Monday, March 3, 2014

February Recap Cause it's March already

Well January felt like it lasted forever and I felt like I got so much done.  Then February came and went and I'm left here going - What - Where.... But in recapping I did get a few things done and So I guess not too bad.  I want to link up my New FO's for the month of February - Hosted by Barb at Cat Patches

The above could be a Let's Book it from this book 

but it is my Monthly Doll Quilt for 

also hosted By Barb at Cat Patches. However since I haven't heard that my partner in UK has received it yet I will not spoil the surprise. So I have another "Let's Book It" below. 

Next are a couple of mug Rugs that went to Canada for a swap that was hosted by Michele from the Quilting Gallery

Below is my February Block For 

Rainbow Scrap 2014

The Color was Pink and I'm doing Purses for part of my challenge.This was a free pattern from Fat Cat Patterns. 

Next I made some Needle Books These have a duel purpose. First they are for my Pin Cushion Group that is venturing out this year and making small projects not just pin cushions. And secondly they are part of my Let's Book it

These actually came from a book called Some Kind of Wonderful 

I didn't get the embroidery done for the front so I left it off and instead of just one piece of wool for the inside I used two.  I'm a rebel I guess - can't follow it to the tee, have to make changes. :) I want to link this up to - Let's Book it

Then I tried out a pattern for a 
Pot Holder it worked pretty good, however I didn't cut my binding on the bias so had a little trouble with the back laying down.  

I did do some other things, one of which was an old quilt for a friend you can read about that here. 
but that's about it.  Now I'm on to conquer some, new some old and some UFO"s for March.  Thanks for stopping by. 
Blessings, Lynn