Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February OMG Finish

This is my flimsy I got done at the retreat.  And I already have the backing fabric so hopefully I get on it and not take too long quilting it.  

And since I was working on it - my friend Cheryl brought me all of these blocks that she had that she made about 3 years ago that she didn't like anymore that are from the same fabric line

I am not sure how I want to put them together - I could continue with a cream sashing to float the blocks.  Or I could sew them together then put borders on the outside. 

Anyway ....  Back to my Flimsy pictured above. 

This particular goal was my link up for "One Monthly Goal" hosted by Elm Street Quilts.

Elm Street Quilts

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February Progress - March Goals

February 2017

1.  Bag Lady #2.  This is Charlotte - Gloria - Complete 

2.  Church Raffle Block -  The church where we have our monthly meetings for the CRQ guild is raising money for their building fund.  A few of us have volunteered to make a quilt that can be raffled off to help them.  I am making one of the 20" appliqued blocks.  
Here is the picture of the quilt:  ..... No Progress

This is my block.  -It's in the center 3rd block from the top. 
A little hard to see the picture on the pattern was not wonderful.   This is not due until May - So Goal is to start.  

3.  Monthly UFO # 8   Ruby Red Dot - Make the 2 remaining blocks and redo the missing block  #8. Bonus if more.      Goal Met!    

                                               Block 11. 
Block 12
 And I did find the #8 Block after I started redoing it. Figures huh.   And I ended up getting  more done at the retreat. Here are the sashing sections. 31 total. 

and started the star blocks 80 HST.

So Next time this UFO comes up I will be that much closer to getting it done. 

4.  CRQ Block - Goal:  Get block almost completely done!    Goal Met! 
Needs more stitching but more than half done.

5. On going UFO - Bear Quilt - No Progress. 

6.  Retreat time.  - Goal - Make into a flimsy.   Goal Met!

The top is  Ta-Done!

  I changed my mind on what I wanted to do at the retreat - and I reserved the right to do so.  I didn't take the Quilt as you go UFO  :)  I took this months UFO Ruby Red Dot to do the sashing and friendship stars for the cornerstones.  Pictures posted above in #3. 


Not that I really get bonus points - however it seems like I did more in the bonus category  than my regular goal section.  

So I did mention that I wanted to try a challenge from Project Quilting - and guess what?  

The theme was "Brighter is Better"  and this is what I came up with. 

Then I worked on Charity items for each of the guilds.  
Mug Rugs for CRQ.

Fidget Mats for Alzheimer Patients for the SNR guild.

Workshop projects for SNR.   Gloria Bags.  These are the squares I'm using for one of them.

New workshop items for SNR Guild - Easter Runner.  

March  Items

1. Bag Lady #3 - Millicent / Cheryl. 

2.  CRQ Block - (Pictured above)  Must be finished by the 15th.  I am teaching at the end of April, however they want to be able show for a couple of months to get sign ups.

3.  Church Raffle Block - (Pictured above)  Need to get a bunch done by 15th.  It's not due until end of May however the Lady in charge wants us to show our progress at Meeting.  When she said that I hadn't even started. Rut Row. (reference from Scooby Doo) I'd love to say I'll get it done - but we'll see. 

4.  APQ  UFO # ______  I will post pictures of beginning status and what needs to be done in a separate post. 

5. Retreat Items -  I have another retreat.  Yay!!!  So what do I want to work on at this one?  It's shorter one so I can't go overboard. I will anyway you know that.   
Okay Possibilities:
     A. Work more Ruby Red Dot that I worked on at this retreat.  (Pictured Above
    B.  Work on some blocks I was given at the retreat that matched the flimsy I made. 
C.  A UFO that I have is from a Summer Block Party from Stitch N Heaven.  

D.  Depending on what UFO comes up at APQ I may take that to work on.  


* I want to do another Project Quilting. There is one that is due on the 5th.  And I also another one on the 19th - I'd like to do one of them if not both.  
* I want to quilt something - not sure what but if I can get something quilted it will be a bonus.

There is a lot of hand stitching for this month so I'm trying to keep the list shorter.  So wish me luck. 
Have a Blessed Day - 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Charlotte Gloria and more

Sometimes I don't get a post done because I don't feel I have finished anything to share, and sometimes I don't get a blog post done because I am so busy.  Well I have been busy and I do have a few things to share. Okay so first up I have finished my second "Bag Lady of the Fat Quarter Club"  Charlotte Gloria. 

I got her done about a week ago but then I was trying to work on a few other things and hadn't pressed her to take a picture.  

I also got these little mug rugs done -  they look to me more like coasters but that was the size the guild wanted.  They gave us a pattern for a mushroom - but it had itty bitty teeny weenie little half square triangles.  So I fell back on my trusty applique.  

They are asking that we each make a few more by the next meeting.  This time we can use what ever design, picture, or pattern we want.  These are going to be given to the senior centers, and care facilities in the area.  This is also the guild that we made the Valentine place mats to give to one of our local Senior Living Facilities called Joshua Springs.  

The lady on the far left and the one on the far  right are from our guild and the three in the center are from the care facility.  Funny with all the ones that were made (75 I think) I see both of mine in this picture.  The second held one from the right and the pink and lavender one on the top of the stack on the table.  
Okay enough about that - 
Next  up the charity project for the other guild - Fidget Mats for Alzheimer patients (also at Joshua Springs).  The idea is to put things on them for the patients to touch and feel and - fidget - with.  The 3rd Friday of the month is our charity work day and with any group not everyone participates so on the 2nd Friday the Cottage owner and I put some kits together so it was easy to grab one and make one.  Well it went well a few people took kits home and will return one and those of us that each did at least a couple - so we got our 14 that were needed done.  Shhh don't tell the others so they'll still finish theirs and we'll have a couple extra.  :)  

The top one is made with fleece and the bottom one is made with flannel.  They both have pockets and zippers - but the bottom has a zipper that opens to another pocket.  

Along with this I have been working on my UFO for the month "Ruby Red Dot"  getting my 3 blocks done - still haven't found the lost one so going to redo.  Here is where I am at with it.  Block 11 done:

Block 12 - 1/2 done:

And the missing block prepped ready to re-do!- :)

And the biggest news of all is that I got 2 new  (to me) sewing machines.  I got a Janome 3160 to be my travel machine - and a Janome 7700 to be my home machine.  
I will show pictures of those later.  I haven't had a chance to try out my big machine - so that is on my agenda for today.  

I'll let you know how I do figuring it out. 
Have a Blessed Day

Friday, February 17, 2017

Fly Away With Me

I have been wanting to do one of these challenges for quite some time and finally I did it.  Yay!   Project Quilting theme for Challenge 8.4  is "The Brighter the Better".   So I did what I do - I looked all around for ideas for bright things and I even revisited some of my ideas from the last one I tried to do.  Well here is what I came up with. 

So once I made up my mind to do this, I picked out my colors. 

I traced out my pattern (which I got from a coloring page) on to fusible.  I first labeled each square with a number and color so I knew where I wanted to place it. I then cut out by color.

Using the picture under my background fabric I put the pieces together.

I changed a few of the blocks around after this picture to make it look the way I wanted it to look.  After everything was placed I did a tight Zig Zag around each block. Yes I changed colors a few times. 

 Then I worked on the reflection.  I first colored the reflection with some colored pencils.  Then used my free motion foot to do thread play.  And some ripples for water.  I did do some more coloring with the pencils to make the water a little darker and a little accent around the cloud above.  

Then to choose a border -  But as you can see from the finished picture above I did a scrappy border.  

I really had a fun time with this am am very thankful for the opportunity to challenge myself.  with it.  I am linking up to Project Quilting. 



Tuesday, February 7, 2017

One Monthly Goal

I want to link up to February's  One Monthly Goal at  Elm Street Quilts  so I am re-posting one of my goals to make it clear which of my goals I am doing for it.  

I am taking this kit to my retreat this month and my goal is to finish the top.  The fabrics for this are beautiful and the pattern picture above does not do it justice.  Here's a peak of the fabrics. 
 I spent a little time the other day getting it cut out so it is ready to go. 
So that's my February project for - 

Thanks for the chance to link up.  
Have a Blessed Day!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Hexie Eggs

Not a lot to show for the day - however yesterday I did get the top of this little Easter Runner done.  The binding will be the same blue as the inner border.  This will be used for a workshop in March for the SNR guild.  

Today I want to work on getting it quilted and then start my Sweet Tweet bird block if I have time.  We'll see.
Have a Blessed Day!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

No Texture

Persimon Dreams hosts a challenge every few weeks called Project Quilting.  You get a theme and have a week to create a quilt. Then you blog about it and show your creative process of getting to the finished quilt. I was looking so forward to doing one of the challenges. So on January 29th the time came for project #3, I was all set and ready to go.   The theme was  "Texture", not just from quilts, look around and what do you see.  Well I immediately got an idea of doing something with the cactus we have in our front yard.  I have always loved the pods and fuzzy stuff that grows on it. 

 Then on that day we took a little drive to a neighboring town and so I was keeping my mind open and snapped a couple more photo's of stuff.  This brick wall sparked an idea of doing a Koi pond. 
And So I was looking for pictures of Koi. 

Then since I was having trouble getting that to work the way I wanted I teetered back and forth and thought maybe I should do the cactus again - but found out another lady I know that does these challenges was doing a cactus - so that was out.

Next I looked into this book my friend gave me - some day I definitely want to do some of her work.... 

These pictures don't really show how wonderful her work is, but it is very 3 dimensional.   But that didn't seem to work in my brain either 

Then I thought about Star Fish and Coral Reef, that has texture.  So I started looking for pictures of that and wondered how I could make that work. I had some good ideas of how to do it - but as time was dwindling for the week - I again tried to be realistic and just say no. 

Then ...today - Deadline in 3 hours - my brain still wanting to participate - Honey Comb.  Again I go on a search for pictures.  

And through this whole process each item that came to mind, there were also corresponding thoughts of items in my sewing stash that I could use to make these items come to life.

But no - I just have to say No.  I can not create and complete a whole little quilt including binding in less than 3 hours. So NO Texture, however if nothing else this week, I've taken notice.  I've become more aware of things being 3 dimensional not just there.  Project Quilting is supposed to spark creativity in us, and though I don't have anything to enter in the contest, it accomplished what it was meant to.  
Now I'm going to go sew something - and wait for the theme of the next challenge.
Have a Blessed Day!   Lynn