Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Progress - March Goals

February 2017

1.  Bag Lady #2.  This is Charlotte - Gloria - Complete 

2.  Church Raffle Block -  The church where we have our monthly meetings for the CRQ guild is raising money for their building fund.  A few of us have volunteered to make a quilt that can be raffled off to help them.  I am making one of the 20" appliqued blocks.  
Here is the picture of the quilt:  ..... No Progress

This is my block.  -It's in the center 3rd block from the top. 
A little hard to see the picture on the pattern was not wonderful.   This is not due until May - So Goal is to start.  

3.  Monthly UFO # 8   Ruby Red Dot - Make the 2 remaining blocks and redo the missing block  #8. Bonus if more.      Goal Met!    

                                               Block 11. 
Block 12
 And I did find the #8 Block after I started redoing it. Figures huh.   And I ended up getting  more done at the retreat. Here are the sashing sections. 31 total. 

and started the star blocks 80 HST.

So Next time this UFO comes up I will be that much closer to getting it done. 

4.  CRQ Block - Goal:  Get block almost completely done!    Goal Met! 
Needs more stitching but more than half done.

5. On going UFO - Bear Quilt - No Progress. 

6.  Retreat time.  - Goal - Make into a flimsy.   Goal Met!

The top is  Ta-Done!

  I changed my mind on what I wanted to do at the retreat - and I reserved the right to do so.  I didn't take the Quilt as you go UFO  :)  I took this months UFO Ruby Red Dot to do the sashing and friendship stars for the cornerstones.  Pictures posted above in #3. 


Not that I really get bonus points - however it seems like I did more in the bonus category  than my regular goal section.  

So I did mention that I wanted to try a challenge from Project Quilting - and guess what?  

The theme was "Brighter is Better"  and this is what I came up with. 

Then I worked on Charity items for each of the guilds.  
Mug Rugs for CRQ.

Fidget Mats for Alzheimer Patients for the SNR guild.

Workshop projects for SNR.   Gloria Bags.  These are the squares I'm using for one of them.

New workshop items for SNR Guild - Easter Runner.  

March  Items

1. Bag Lady #3 - Millicent / Cheryl. 

2.  CRQ Block - (Pictured above)  Must be finished by the 15th.  I am teaching at the end of April, however they want to be able show for a couple of months to get sign ups.

3.  Church Raffle Block - (Pictured above)  Need to get a bunch done by 15th.  It's not due until end of May however the Lady in charge wants us to show our progress at Meeting.  When she said that I hadn't even started. Rut Row. (reference from Scooby Doo) I'd love to say I'll get it done - but we'll see. 

4.  APQ  UFO # ______  I will post pictures of beginning status and what needs to be done in a separate post. 

5. Retreat Items -  I have another retreat.  Yay!!!  So what do I want to work on at this one?  It's shorter one so I can't go overboard. I will anyway you know that.   
Okay Possibilities:
     A. Work more Ruby Red Dot that I worked on at this retreat.  (Pictured Above
    B.  Work on some blocks I was given at the retreat that matched the flimsy I made. 
C.  A UFO that I have is from a Summer Block Party from Stitch N Heaven.  

D.  Depending on what UFO comes up at APQ I may take that to work on.  


* I want to do another Project Quilting. There is one that is due on the 5th.  And I also another one on the 19th - I'd like to do one of them if not both.  
* I want to quilt something - not sure what but if I can get something quilted it will be a bonus.

There is a lot of hand stitching for this month so I'm trying to keep the list shorter.  So wish me luck. 
Have a Blessed Day - 

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