Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spring Blooms Mini Quilt Swap

Well it is almost done. I just need to finish the binding and ship it off. I had a little hold up with a cut finger but I'm not letting that hold me back for long. My days over are done and am returning to work, but am looking forward to a long weekend again.

Blessings everyone,


  1. How very cute! I like the fabrics you choose. Hope your finger gets better soon.

  2. Lynn, I love your bright colors. The quilt looks like a box of crayons 8>) so sweet.

  3. How sweet Lynn. Does swap mean you're giving it away? Ouch... that's gotta hurt (and your finger too). It's so pretty.

  4. Hello Lynn,

    Beautiful quilts!
    I'm still alive and kickin'. I will try to post soon. Things are busy around here. I'm missing all my bloggy friends. Hope to catch up later.

    Plant Lady

  5. Just wanted to say 'Hi' and hope everything is good your way. Take care, Me

  6. Hey Lynn!

    I tried to email you but my entourage on my computer that immediately connects when you hit the "email" button on our blogs, is not working so you haven't posted lately except this is the newest. I posted a quilt and since you are a great quilter I thought you'd like it. Not going to TX and I will write about that too. I have listed more photo's from there also. I will post all my other blogs also. I miss all of you guys. I have written to a lot of the old friends but haven't heard from them. Talk to ya later.

  7. Lynn,

    This is a great site! Your quilts are lovely! I have another site for you to visit (since we know we have no shortage of projects, so what is one more!) http://www.patternsoffaith.com/index.php

    I bought some of the patterns, particularly the pattern based on Anne "Spangler's Praying the Names of God" and "Quilting the Psalms". I hope you like the site!