Tuesday, November 4, 2014

October 2014 New FO

Well it has been literally forever since I posted -  okay just since June but there has been so much going on in my life - I feel like a lifetime has passed.  I'll give you a quick 10,000 foot view and then get on with the New FO's and leave the rest for a different post.  
We retired in June and July (me then hubby) by August 2nd we moved from Oregon and relocated to Arizona.  We've had cousins, brothers and my sister already visit.  I've joined a guild and a sewing group at the local quilt shop.... and we are living in OUR house, but with my in-laws helping them.  As I posted in June, we both have our own living areas which is nice - but it is still together so we can help them out.  

Okay enough of that for now... What all have I sewn?   Well not as much as I've wanted since we are still getting settled, but still quite a bit.  :) And now that I'm retired and haven't posted in so long I have to make sure it's not all running together and I post only October's New FO's.  

#1.  Turkey Wall hanging.  

We did this as a workshop in our guild.  This is the first time I've belonged to a guild and so far I'm really enjoying it.  

#2.   Christmas Stockings.  

Another Project for the guild.  We make and donate as many as we want.  In the November business meeting we will take quarters and put a quarter in the ones we like as a way of voting for the best one.  The one with the most quarters wins something.  But more importantly, the quarters are used to buy items to stuff them with and we donate them to persons in need. 

#3.  My October Doll Quilt Swap

My partner has not received this yet so can't show the whole thing, but here is a sneak peek.  

#4.  Lil Monsters.  This pattern is a BOM from AJ Padilla.  We are expecting our 2nd Great Grandson "Benji"  in February and so I am using this pattern to create a "Lil Monster"  Baby quilt.  I have only just fused these on  - but no finishes are required int the New FO's so I'm okay.  :)   

#5  Monday Mystery -  

At the local Quilt Shop they have a monthly class called "Mystery Monday" and you make and finish a project that is a mystery.   This Month we made these cute little Pumpkins.  

So Even though with everything going on I felt like I wasn't sewing much - I guess I was.  

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I'll update you all on the "Rest of the Story"  hopefully really soon.