Sunday, December 3, 2017

Hello December

Hello everyone - Wow another year almost over.  I always get amazed at this time of year how quickly time goes by.  
So starting off the month some of my sewing friends and my Sister and I were getting together for lunch because our/my friend Gloria has a birthday on 12/3. Now I have made some gifts for my friends for Christmas but the night before the lunch I get this text telling me that they all want to cancel gift giving on Birthdays and Christmas we'll do lunches.  That way there is no pressure for gift giving.  It's a good thing.... But... So we all agree that we can give gifts off an on as we come across things we see or have that we know the other would like.  And in honor of the fact that my Sister and I give each other "Pillow Gifts" we now call these sporadic gifts - "Pillow Presents" - we're funny aren't we? 
I originally made this for Vickie.  She was President and I was Vice  President for the last 2 years at the SNR guild. This was a combo thank you for help with our 2 year run, and a Christmas present for her. 

It's wool  on wooly flannel.  
Next is the squirrel bag I made for Cheryl.  
Then for the Birthday girl Gloria - She loves 30's fabric.  I'm not really that big on it.  Well years ago I bought this pattern and started collecting material to make this little quilt because I liked the pattern - But I've never made it because I don't really like the fabric.    SO....  I gave it to the Birthday girl - with the offer to help since she doesn't know how to do fusible applique.  

There was a couple 1/2 yds, 3 - 1/4 yrds, and at least 1/8 yrd cuts  so with that and her stash of 30's it should come out cute. 
They all seemed to like their "Pillow Presents"
So what's up for December? 
That is a good question. 
My Goals - work on some guild projects and since my Sister is in town  work on her bear quilt.   For now that is it.  

 My goals lately have been a little vague and will probably continue to be so for a while. 
Below is a rant and an update why I've been a little out of the loop.  It is a long rant - feel free to skip to the bottom. 
** I've been dealing with some health issues and as much as I don't want it to - it becomes a big focus in my life.  I have what is called a 2nd Branchial Cleft Cyst.  Which means I have a lump on the side of my neck, that is pressing on things in my throat and resting against my jugular.  It is over 5x4x3 cm which is a little over 2"x2"x1". What it also means is that I am going to have surgery on the 15th.  What has also been going on is that I have had a horrible time dealing with my primary Dr. office staff forwarding paperwork to get my referrals in. So to back up a little: I originally noticed this sometime between April - June and thought it was a swollen gland since I was dealing with allergies. I brought it to the Dr. attention the middle of August when I had my physical.  At the end of August I had an ultra sound in the doctors office and got results first week of Sept. It took them until 10/17 to get me in for the CT Scan that the Dr. directed them to set me up with. On 10/24 I went in for the results and she said I needed to see the ENT specialist. She put in the reports that I was to be referred STAT.  - and I waited 5 weeks for them to get it done - even to the point that I had to go pick up the paperwork the night before my appointment with the specialist (that had already been canceled once due to lack of referral)  to take with me to the appointment.  
Next up my surgery is pending on them faxing the referral to the cardiologist so I can get cleared for surgery on the 15th.  
I found out on the the ENT couldn't refer me to the Cardio Dr. - I had to have my PCP do it.  And they couldn't just take that at face value I had to go in for another visit (I'm sure so they can collect another 100 bucks for an office visit) 
We went in on Thursday the 30th and talked to the primary Dr.  She wanted to do the clearance for the surgery, but said to call the ENT and ask if that was okay.  She said if it wasn't to call back the next morning and she would have them put the referral in right away.  
So I called the ENT and they explained why I needed to go to their cardio Dr.  So I then called the primary Dr.  They wouldn't let me talk to the referral personnel.  They said they'd have them call me.  Then when they didn't call me I called back. The receptionist wanted to know what it was concerning I reminded her I was there the night before and what it was about and said she'd give them the message.  
In the mean time - I pray they get the paperwork in so the surgery can go as scheduled.  
So .. as much I don't like to be obsessed with my health, it is a little overwhelming and consuming.  Because not only am I dealing with all of the paperwork stuff - I am also dealing with how it feels. Not only does it look bad - I do have a lot of pain associated with it.  
** Thanks for listening to my rant - Blessings to you all.  Lynn 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Wrapping up the gifts

Wrapping as in finishing and wrapping as in the presents are wrapped and boxed and ready to ship.  
I'm a little ahead of myself this year and it feels so good.  Usually we just do gift cards for the kids and grand kids but this year I made them the little gifts to go with their gift cards.  And not wanting to wait until the last minute - I am done.  
Here are a couple more little gifts I made to put with their stockings, and pillow cases.  Since I made a wallet for my daughter and a pillow for her daughter 
I wanted to include something for my grand son.  He LOVES cars so I made this notebook cover. 

And then I didn't want to wrap the quilt for Adrianna my new Great Granddaughter so I made a pillow case that matched it and did a fancy stitch to hold down the flange. 

One last thing - I added some words to this little quilt I made a few months ago.  It was designed from a picture that our grand daughter sent of our great grandson getting into the cookie jar when he wasn't supposed to. Mother May I was the title of the quilt I just hadn't put it on the quilt. 
Well now it's there.
That finishes up my November. 
Blessings,  Lynn 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

May you all have a very blessed time with friends and family.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Welcome and Rodeo

Welcome to my Sis and Bro in law they are back in town as snowbirds for the next 3 month.  They got in on Wednesday night. Now for Friday night we are going to the rodeo.  I wasn't able to get real good pictures but here's what I did get.  We had a fun night of watching and eating caramel corn. It started off with some fireworks and introductions.

We had tickets to go the next day just hubby and I so we went to Sis's place for dinner since it was my BIL Birthday and then headed over for the next rodeo.  Well OOPS!  The rodeo was at 2pm not 7pm like the night before.  Well we got there and the parking lot was empty.  Shoot.  
Anyway we had a lovely dinner and so all was not lost.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Bag it

The timing on this couldn't have been better.  I made a bag for a friend that loves little bags. 
I made this the other day but the squirrel idea started a while back when she wanted a squirrel for a wall hanging she was doing.  I kept offering her patterns, but she would joke and say she wanted me to make it.  So for the last few months we joke back and forth, and I would say someday I would make her a squirrel.
Here's the inside lining. 
And since Elm Streets Quilts is having a "Bag it" link up.  It worked out really nice.  It was pretty easy to put together.  I did the applique first, then used fusible batting and quilted the outside front and back.  Then I layered with the lining and attached to the zipper and sewed around all pieces leaving a little opening in the lining.  I pulled it right sides out and hand sewed up the little opening in the lining and voila... A Squirrel Bag.  
Thanks for the link up and have a blessed day!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

More little gifts

More little gifts for the kids and Grand kids.  These will be part of their Christmas Gifts.  
I made them each a little Christmas stocking and I will put their cards and gift card inside along with a candy cane.  A little more exciting than just a card.  I know once they get a little older - money and or gift cards are what they want - but I think they still like unwrapping something too. 
Here are the front and backs of the ones I made for our 3 kids and spouces plus one for our adult grandson who is 19. 

Here is the front and back of the set I made for our youngest daughters two.  Jorden and Zach. They are the ones that came to visit.  

And here is for our other grandson Caleb, one of his favorite colors is Blue - so made the cuff blue. 

The next ones are for our great grandson Ben  and his Mom and Dad. They live in Texas.    
Here is the one for our other great grandson Carter. 

Carter and Caleb are both 7.  Young enough to have cute but not too cute.  :)   
Along with the Christmas Stockings the younger Grands and Great Grands are getting a pillow case. This one is for Zach. He played football this year.  
 This is for his Sister Jorden - 
Along with a pillow case I am making her a new pillow. I made her one with "The Grinch who Stole Christmas" before we moved here. Hence the other pillow case, but when they were here for a visit she let me know she also liked "Nightmare Before Christmas"  - So here is Jack and Sally.  
And here's what's on the back. 
Next is the pillowcase for Caleb, he's our Son's and Daughter in law's son.  He played football this year also and his other favorite color is orange so here it is. 
These two are for Carter and Ben our two great grandsons.  They both love dogs and soccer - but I thought the dogs were cute. 
Well that's about it for now.  Of course I always want to do more - but this will probably be it for this years Christmas.  I need to get the gift cards then get it all wrapped and ready to mail.  
Blessings to all - 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Welcome Adrianna

Welcome Adrianna Harper!
Here's to my newest great grand child.  Born November 13, 2017.
Most of my pictures that come from my Granddaughter of her children come from snap chat - so you get the captions too.  Here is one of Adrianna's older brothers - Ben, he's 2 1/2.

Here is her oldest brother, Carter.  
He's been there for another baby (Ben) so the new one is not as big of a deal for him - hence the now new pictures of him and new Sister.  LOL

Look at these long fingers - future piano player possibly? 
 And now that that she is born and I know for sure they didn't change her name.  Here is her quilt - With Label.  
Have a Blessed day! 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Little Gifts

With the kids coming to visit, I was able to show them some stuff I had been doing.  And it was so cute when my daughter found a little wall hanging and asked if she could have.  
I'm having trouble finding a close up of it finished but here is what I have. 
The one she got was actually the one on the right but don't have a close up picture of it finished.
It also opened the door for them to make requests.  I love it!  This daughter, and her two children haven't gotten quilts from me yet - they're not sure what they want, so I've waited.  
So when my daughter wanted a wallet - like mine - but slightly different - of course I'm going to go to work figuring it out.  
I have a small wallet that folds and she wants it to bee like that but able to put paper money in flat. 
She said my granddaughter Jorden could pick out the colors, so her and I had fun going through my fabric to match combos of two.  You really get to see how different peoples tastes can be - and that's fine. 
Then during the process - my husband thought he would like one too.  

And it even has a little coin pouch on outside.
Although I like most of what my grand daughter chose, this would be a color choice of mine. 

Here is the one for that I made for my hubby - 

He loves it - He only takes what he needs for that day in it and says it's not as bulky and thick.  
Glad to have talents that can make my family happy.