Sunday, August 20, 2017

Adrianna's Sheep

Update:  I had the wrong picture up.  I had already fixed the bottom row, just used the wrong picture.  LOL.  
Well I mentioned that one of the things I wanted to do this month was to get a start on my newest great granddaughters baby quilt.  Well I am happy to say I did get a really good start.  The top is done.
I was also happy that I was able to get the backing made and get it sandwiched, ready quilting. 
But I want to back up a little .  My opinion of panels has definitely evolved over time. I used to look at them as cheater quilts.  Then when I started trying to get better at free motion quilting, I thought okay I can use them for practice. That's what I did with my zebra baby quilt. 
Here is a close up of some of the quilting I did.  
And here is the quilt that I did for our grandson Caleb and some of the quilting I did in it.  

Now the next hurdle I have to over come - is to think outside the box and figure out other things to do than to just leave it as a panel.  
Here is how the panel for the sheep quilt started. 
I looked up some ideas for panels and sent a few pictures to my friend Betty and she liked one of the lay outs.  Next I drew out a grid and colored it in with colored pencils.  I usually never do this step but it was so worth it.  

Then looked at the fabrics I had, and  went to work.  
Stage one.
Stage two. 
 And the finished top. 

Next up the backing fabric.  It's Flannel.  And so cute.
And as I stated above I have it sandwiched, pinned and ready for quilting. Yay!  
As I am writing this, our Granddaughter calls and now they are not completely sure on the name  (Adreanna)  Good thing I didn't put her name on the quilt like I thought about doing it.  
Well I'll keep you posted on that too. 
I have left over fabric,  pieces from the panel and another sheep panel called a play mat. 

I also have a more of the flannel I used on the back. So I see more sheep in my future. 
Blessings,    Lynn 

Family Friends and Frogs

I must been very intuitive this month - knowing not to plan too many goals and want to's.  My want to's always out weigh my time anyway.  I went to the retreat  and had a really nice time.  I've only done this particular retreat one other time. It's really pretty much the same as the other retreats except that is has 4 times as big.  We normally have 25 - this one had 101.  
Here is the view as we walked in to start setting up.  
My friend Gloria
From the front looking back.
Our table and machines would be off to the left of this Picture. 
Looking to the left from my seat. 

Looking to the right -  Gloria and Cheryl. 

I started out working on my Frog Works Quilt.  Unfortunately, I didn't get as much done at this retreat,partly because I was working with little pieces and also because I spent  a fair share of my time ripping.  You know stitch one rip two.  Which brings me to one of the other things that this retreat has to offer.  They do door prizes and and they also have the "Rip it Jar"  On the honor system you add a quarter for every time you have to rip something.  Then at the end of the retreat everyone tries to guess how much money is in the jar. The one closest to the total wins the money.  My friend Cheryl won.  Yay!
Okay back to my progress - I was able to get all of the setting blocks sewn for the Frog Works Quilt. 

Here are the blocks in no specific order. There are two of each block, a 6" and then a 9".   

On this one I noticed that one part was wrong and will need to be redone. However after looking I  need to fix 3 parts.  
On the last day of the retreat we only had a couple of hours before needing to start packing things up.  But in an effort to do more than one thing I started sewing my rainbow strips togeher for the stack and flip quilt. I did get them together. 
Due to the fact that they all different size strips and are not all 2 1/2" strips it came out a little smaller than I was intending.  I haven't decided if I want to add more strips or if I am going to leave it small and add an applique to make it a baby quilt.  I will let you know what I decide.  
That pretty much summed up the retreat. It was super fun, we all seemed to enjoy it and have signed up for the next "Big" retreat which will be in February.  That of course will make 2 in February so that will be a busy month. 
Only one bad thing happened at the retreat - I stubbed my toe.  And not only did I stub it - I stubbed it so bad that I had trouble getting it to stop bleeding and since I was staying at the hotel I had to call one of my friends and ask for her to bring me band aids.  Uggh!! I didn't know it at the time, but I pulled the nail away from the nail bed - Yes I am probably going to loose the nail.  On a daily basis it is okay - it really only hurts when I put shoes on, thank God for flip flops.  And since it is polished oh so nice - no one really knows.  I'd love to post several pictures to show you but that would gross you out. Yes you can thank me now.  ha ha.  Okay enough of that. 
My one brother in law Frank stayed with us for another week after the retreat ended so we spent some time with him swimming and sight seeing before he went home. We drove up to Kingman AZ and had some lunch, then took him on the Route 66 road from there to Oatman AZ.  On our way we spotted some big horn sheep - thank God we were driving slow.  It's a very windy road and we could have easily ran into them. Some went down the mountain side this one headed up.  
It was funny that I got a picture of him looking back at us.  
Then as we went thru Oatman AZ we got to see the many burro's that roam  the streets freely. 
They sell carrots and cakes of alfalfa that you can feed them.  However as you can see - there is a sticker on this baby's head.  It tells you not to feed the babies.  They're not ready for food yet. 

And here is a lone little guy on the way out of town. 
 I was happy to to do that for Frank - he's a great Brother and BIL and loves animals. 
Well I'm going  to end this one here. I'll do another post to let you  know what I've done since then. It's still busy here in our Desert home.  
Blessings,  Lynn 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Tote n Retreat

The last couple of days have been busy - actually I have been on the go for a week.  It's all good though.  We had family coming in last Friday so of course that's always a good motivator to get those declutter and cleaning duties kicked into gear.  *Smile* 
I unfortunately did not get pictures of the brothers on my camera and so I need to wait for my brother in law to forward them to me.  The couple of pictures i got of them and the cousins did not come out very good so I will wait. 
So in the last couple of days in between getting ready for the retreat I was able to get my Tote done.  
I had to quilt each side of lining and outside. (4 panels)  I'm not sure why but meandering has always been a challenge for me.  So I practiced on that for my quilting on this.  
Here's one of the outside panels while putting the pocket on. 
here is the inside with it's pockets. I didn't get a picture of it before I sewed them together. 

After I got that done I was doing a little cleaning up in my sewing room - thank God it wasn't that messy. Anyway I ran across this bag of scraps that had some end pieces from bolts. And I decided I'd trim them up and get whatever size strip I could get from each color. 

Sew... I am going to use these for the stack and flip quilt at the retreat. 

And the other strips I am going to use for something else. 
Anyway - got to go - Have a great day!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Hello August


I am not going to try for another 4 tops (even though I'd like to) - but I do have some desires/goals for this month.
I have another retreat this month so I have more retreat projects - I had two of these ready at the last retreat knowing I would have left overs for this one. Retreat projects even if they are a goal are just want to's and don't carry the weight of I have to get this done.
Retreat Project #1- Frog Works  I keep taking this to this retreats I want to get it going at some point.  
Retreat Project #2 - Stack and Flip, using this fabric.

Retreat Project #3- Grandma's House 
I have all the blocks done - I need to add sashing and borders. 
Retreat Project#4 - Tumbler Tote.  
Well I've had this one in the Que for a while.  I thought maybe I would take it to the last retreat and didn't.  So it may or may not be going.  I'll keep you posted.

August - beyond the retreat.
Project #1.  I need to start on my new great grand daughter's quilt using this panel.  My goal for this is to get started completing the top would be a bonus.
Project #2 (WIP )  Bag Lady's.  I need to finish up July's and then start on August.  July:  

Now for August and the rest of the months of this year, I really need to focus on free motion quilting.  I have Uh hmm  several tops and after this retreat, I may have more that need to be quilted.  I also have charity  quilts that need to be quilted and finished. AND  I have top stitching galore that needs to be done on the bear quilt that will be done free motion.  So the next few projects will have to do with free motion quilting in one way or another. 

Project #3  (WIP) Bears, Quail and Blue Jay.   

Project #4  (WIP) Charity Quilt - Need to at least start it.  Would be wonderful if I could get it far enough along so I can finish it to turn in at the September meeting. 
As always there are lots more fun things in my bag of tricks that I want to work on and that will come up over the month.  But as far as goals - this is plenty.  I will keep you posted on how I do.  
Blessings, Lynn