Friday, October 13, 2017

Bee's, Cats and Dogs and Pumpkins

I don't know how long I can keep up this momentum but I'm rolling with it.  
Okay you need to sit down for this one.  If you have been reading my blog posts for a while - you will be shocked with this - Hang on to something.  Yep I quilted the Bee Hive Baby Quilt.
Oh yes I did.  Here is a couple of close ups.
Can you see the Bee in the right corner. I got that design from Lori Kennedy at the Inbox Jaunt.

And here is the backing.

As you know I belong to two guilds.  One of them has a quilt show every other year with the next show being March of 2018.  So we spend part of 2017 getting ready for it.  Part of our quilt show is our boutique where we sell stuff to raise money for the guild. At our last business meeting they had a few items laid out on a table asking to have them taken home and brought back at the next meeting.  
There was a little zip lock bag with a piece of muslin with the words embroidered - and this:    Here is what I did with it.
I think it turned out really cute. 

Then Wednesday I was not feeling 100% but wanted to play so I found this pumpkin thing that a friend had started and  ...... Here's what I did to finish it. 

 After all of that I really needed to get some of the hand stitching of the bindings done so I worked on that for the rest of the day.  
I finished the dog and cat and after yesterday I have  the Fall Wall Hanging done.  
Today I am heading out to the Cottage and going to work on my Bag Ladies.  They have been very neglected lately.  

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Good Start and High Hopes

My goals this month are a little on the light side.  I think I really just have maybe one goal and a lot of want to work on projects, or WIP's.  I've been really happy with my free motion quilting practice lately, (even though I still have a ways to go). So I want to keep going with it. I recently finished quilting the sheep quilt for my great granddaughter and then went to sew with my friends at the cottage on Friday.  There was another small charity Christmas quilt someone had pieced - that Annette and I had kited with backing, batting and binding in hopes someone would take and finish.  Well I volunteered to take it and got it pinned while I was there. Then I was on such a roll, I came home and pinned two more tops to have ready to go.  A Fall Wall hanging and a Java table runner.  First up - Fall. I started quilting the tree and was doing good when I realized the corner of the backing had flipped under and I had quilted it to the back.  GRRRR  :)  Sew after Un- sewing that.... here it is.   
I've had this top done for probably 5 years.  Here's how it looks from the back. 
Next up - the charity Christmas quilt I pinned at the cottage.  I am working on my meandering.  Strangely it does not come natural to me.  Also, my friend Patty freed me, she said what is the quilt going to be used for.  So even though it's a charity quilt I could practice fancy quilting on - it's also one that may be washed a lot and just needs to be quilted. So meandering should be just fine. 
I forgot to take a picture of the back it was the same fabric as the binding.  I took it to the cottage on Friday and got the binding done so left it there. That's pretty good for me.  I have tops that are years old and to think I pinned, quilted and bound a quilt in a week is a good sign. I'm encouraged to think I might be able to get that quilt top pile down to a manageable level.  
I have the java one and the bee hive one left that are pinned and ready go. I'm hoping to get both of them quilted this month also.  That may be high hopes.  I don't have a lot of goals, however I do have a couple of guild projects, a workshop and a retreat, so we'll see.
Yesterday we visited some friends and then took a drive to Las Vegas, so there wasn't any sewing or quilting. (#Vegas Strong - So sad about the massacre, and still praying for all it affected personally)   Today however - I think hubby will be golfing so I will see if I have some time to do something in the sewing room. 
Have a Blessed day!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Last of September - Starting October

September was so filled with activities and little trips I've been sitting here trying to figure out what did I do and what did I get done.  The big accomplishment for the month was the baby quilt for my new great granddaughter.  We've been calling her Adrianna all this time but was informed the other day that may not be her name.  They are still thinking about it. So I will either need to wait until she is born to attach a personal label or make it with out her name.  So here is the quilt just needing the binding hand stitched. 
Here's a close up of my quilting, I am happy on how it turned out.  Practice is making it better. 

My other goals for the month were to start top stitching the bears - which I did.  
And to catch up on my Bag Ladies - Not really.  I made progress on them but did not get them completed.  
Those were my only goals, the rest of the month and it's projects where just me playing because I had some retreats I was going to.  
Here's what I got accomplished from them.
Top to Grandma's Attic - Old Glory.
Pod Cat's Top and starting to quilt it.
Pepper Puss Top.
Prismatic Vines.  The top is almost done. I still need to finish the borders - I was stalled on that for a little trying to figure out what I really wanted to do with them.
Mr. Moose
Kitchen towels: Just realized I still need to put the antenna on the lady bugs - :)

Halloween Wall Hanging - Spook Out

So I've really had a busy month and gotten quite a few things started and done.  Now I need to look ahead and figure out what I want to focus on for October. 
Goal(s) for the month.
1. Finish top stitching the the Bears quilt center. 
2. Finish July and August Bag Ladies. 

1.  My first Work In Progress will be to continue on my Bag ladies each month. Here are September and October.

2. I also want to start working on my Berdies Through the year. 
I have the first block almost completely done, and I have the 2nd block started.  This will be my on going WIP. 
These two items will be my continuing projects to work on.  

I've been working at doing more and more quilting to keep the muscle memory going. So I'm lining up some projects that need to be quilted to just keep going.  These are not goals, but are pinned and ready to practice my quilting on.  
Here's a Fall wall hanging that would be fun to finish since it's fall.
 This next one is another one for Charity. It's small (approximately 45x60)so should be a  good one to practice on. I'm learning to meander so that might work well on this one.

Next - I have been posting about this one for years - lol - It's a larger Baby quilt that I've had pinned for over a year - maybe 2 years. I started then stalled out not knowing how I wanted to do it, but I  have a couple of ideas now.. so maybe I can get it done.  
This one is a panel that I cut up and sewed back together so it faces both directions.  

I don't know how many or much of these I'll get quilted but It will be fun to practice on them.  
I have yet another retreat and I already have some stuff prepped for it. I had about 12 things (and keep adding to it) prepped and ready knowing I had retreats every month for several months in a row. So I just keep grabbing from that pile as each retreat comes up. These items are usually just for fun and not always part of my goals.
Here again are things to choose from: 

On the one below along with doing it (the  fish), I have some Red, White, and Blue strips that I thought would be fun to alternate and put scottie dogs on it.  

I also have this scrappy one.
And this scrappy one using the pattern below. 

So as you can see I have plenty to keep me busy whether for fun or for goals.  Hope you have fun doing something that you want to do.  
Blessings,  Lynn 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Swirly Sheep and Goblins

One of my September goals was to start quilting my newest great granddaughter, Adrianna's quilt.  
Here is a little close up on my swirly flowers.  
Before I worked on this I played around with a new little design - a cat. 

And then I practiced my swirly flowers on the cat wall hanging. 
Remember the Halloween wall hanging that my friend dropped off for me to take to the retreat? Well I got it finished Wednesday and then got the binding on Wednesday night. 
I went ahead and used the patterns suggestions on how to quilt it - and I like how it came out. 
On Thursday I went to my guild meeting and was able to give it to my friend so she be able to give to her granddaughter.
(I have blocked her name tag since it has both her first and last name
It was fun to do and even more fun to know that I was able to give it back to her. 
Not sure what today holds but if I get sewing time I will be making more swirls on my sheep.
Have a Blessed Day!