Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finally the Top is Done

I have posted part of this quilt before but now the top is done - Yahoo. Had I known I could finish it that quick I wouldn't have hid it in the closet for all those months. :0)
This is a free prior year (2006 I think) block of the month from Block Central that I started a year or so ago and well you know how that goes. I originally started this for my husband and I. It is called "Nine Patch Nirvana" It caught my eye because when we were dating my husband used to like to listen to the band Nirvana, then the more I looked at the pattern the more I liked it. It was done in oranges and greens which seems to catch my eye too. The pattern was only 3 by 4 but I added a row to make it bigger. Then in the process of making it our oldest daughter fell in love with it. So when I told her that is was for Dad and I, my husband says what's the big deal you can make us another one. So..... This is now for our oldest daughter, as soon as I can get it quilted. I will be hand quilting it, and I don't know what design to use yet, but I guess I will figure it out.

Have a blessed day everyone.