Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ethan's Quilt

Along with 40 new projects I have started I actually am getting one finished. I only need to hand sew the back of the binding on this and put on my label. This is for a long time family friends first Grand Baby.
I got the pictures from a kids book and then made them into appliques.

Now off to do something on one of my other projects.
Thanks for looking.


  1. Those were good applique patterns to use, you did a great job. The quilt is very cute and I am sure that they will just love it.

  2. This is so sweet! I've done embroidery using kids colouring pages. I never thought of using them for applique... good thinking. I especially love the whales :0)

  3. Cute quilt! I love the coloring book appliques!

    Thanks for the visit. I'll send an email detailing some of my coupon hints.

  4. Just a quick note to thank you soooo much for the gift I received in the mail today. I made a post about it thanking you again. That yarn is going to be so nice for the little caps, it will be so soft on their heads. You really perked me up, thanks a bunch my friend