Friday, January 17, 2014

Finish Along 2014 Q1

Well if I hurry up and type this I may squeak into the 1st quarter of the finish along because it ends today.  Yikes - I was waiting for it and now it's almost gone.  Okay enough of that.  :) 

#1. Quilt as you go.  We won't talk about when I started this. :)   It just really needs to be finished! Especially since it is a Quilt as you go... It should be done. 

#2.  Modern Christmas (trees) - I'm going to keep putting this on here until it is done.  ha ha.  This was a quilt along hosted by Chirsta of Christa's Quilts and I was going along with the schedule until life happened. So I don't want it to get buried so here it is again.

#3.  This one is a repeat also.  My Fall Pumpkin and Crow Wall hanging by Buttermilk Basin.

#4  Another Repeat - I wasn't going to put this on again - but remembering that I made this in March of last year I felt like I needed to get it done. Sorry couldn't get it to turn right side up. :)

#5.  Okay another repeat - The binding on this quilt - For pete's sake I need to do this just because it's amazing how long it's taken me to do a binding.
#6. This is another one that needs a binding however I haven't started it yet and if I do it the way the pattern was written it is supposed to have prairie points on the ends and not sides.  But hey any binding at this point would be great.
And to give credit to the quilt designer on #1, #5 and this one were designed by Jolyn Buhl whom is an instructor, and inspiration to my quilting and embroidering endeavors.  She teaches classes at our local quilt shop Pioneer Quilt Shop, and out of a studio in her home.  These 3 quilts were ones that were a BOM at the quilt shop. Each month she would give the pattern and instruction on how to make that block. The shop would give us a piece of fabric for part of the block and we would add the sashing and rest of the block. So we were learning how to create our own color combos as we were learning how to make the blocks and quilts.

I have so many more UFO's it's not funny but if I truly finish all this it will be a great accomplishment.

Have a blessed day and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Whew, glad you found us in time! Good luck with your list :o)