Sunday, December 15, 2013

New FO's 2014

Well I've been so busy and lots going on - that I missed the December NewFO  but I'm sure you know I will be doing several New FO's in the new year and I'm sure even more than the ones I'm listing here. Because what good respectable quilter doesn't see new things through out the year and just have to start them?  (Wink)  

2014 NewFO Challenge

1. Well one of my very first starts for the new year will be a woodsy type of quilt that has been requested by my Sister for their 5th wheel camper.  And I don't have a good picture - because I don't have a pattern - just an idea she has in her head that she made a sketch of on a napkin of the center block.  Not sure that it shows up well - but this was the sketch. She wants the center block to be of two bears.... So I will have to keep you posted on that. 

The rest of my quilts are in no special order just when ever I can get to them and get them started.

2.  Frog Work - My Mom loved Frogs and collected them so whenever I see them I makes me think of her. And my daughter after Mom went to heaven got a frog tattooed n her ankle so it makes me think of her too.  So I saw this quilt kit several times and finally broke down and got it - I'm very eager to start it but have had too much going on, so it is perfect for the 2014 New FO.
3. Next one I bought this pattern over a year ago and I really like it so I need to put it up on the list or it's not going to get done. 
4.  I picked up two of these patterns at one time for reverse applique, one was dragonfly's which I did for myself, and the other was the Giraffes that I picked up for my Sister, because she collects Giraffes.  I've had the pattern and the material for probably 2 years - so I think it's time to get it going.  I have picked similar colors to do this in batiks.

5.  Next is a pattern that I picked up in Las Vegas while on vacation.  That was in September and I thought maybe I would be able to get it going and done for this Christmas.  ha ha ha..  Well hopefully if I start it soon enough in the year I can have it done by next Christmas.

6. Next is one that was done in a couple of classes at my local Quilt shop and I was unable to attend the series of classes - so got the pattern want to do for my Sewing Room.   :)

7. Next I have a monthly class that I go to and we work on wool projects.  For this next year we have decided as a class to do this quilt that was featured in the French magazine called "Simply Vintage"  It is a quarterly publication that is translated into English now.  The quilt is called "Welcome to Texas".

8.  This one is a new one put out by Bonnie Sullivan from "All Through the night" She is local here to Oregon just a few miles south in Salem Oregon.  This one is called "Berties though the year".  Me and the silly birds.  Birds and Lambs get me every time.  :)  A couple of my quilty friends and I are going to do this together. 
1320 Bert BOM
Along with all the ones I have listed - I have several other things that I have patterns for and want to do, and will also be doing the monthly Doll Quilt Swap with Barbara and monthly Pincushion Swap that I host. 
And of course there are many many projects I want to finish - but that is for another group.  This one is just about starting.  :) 
Have a blessed day everyone. 


  1. Cute, cute projects. I have seen the frog one made up, and it's very cute. It won a blue ribbon at the fair!

  2. Sweet project plans! I love the Little Town of Bethlehem project. Happy quilting.

  3. The birds are adorable. Looks like that could be done on wool felt. I'll have to check that one out. Have fun.

  4. Those bears are going to be neat! And Bertie thru the Year is wonderful - it will be fun watching you and Barbara work on it.

  5. Love the frogs and the wool projects particularly. Looks like a fun year ahead.