Friday, March 13, 2015

Bags, and Runners and Sewing oh my

I knew it had been a few days since I posted but didn't realized it had been that long  :)  Oh well - not sure where to start but - update coming.  

Last week on Tuesday I auditioned a new fabric for the border of my JS BOM... I didn't like what I had picked out. 

On Thursday I went to a workshop for the CRQ guild and we made blocks for  a quilt we are auctioning off at the 2016 quilt show.  

Mine are the 2nd row 2nd block and 4th row last on the right.  

Friday we played cards so no sewing there.   Not sure where the weekend went but spent some time with my DH.  We went to Vegas on Sunday after church and went to the Bass Pro Shop.  That was fun.  Kid in a candy store.  Whoa!!!

Monday was the once per month "Mystery Monday"  and for this month we made a Tote Bag.  I have to say it was a very fun easy project.   It was nice to be able to finish it there and it made for a nice picture and post on facebook for the shop. 

Yep that's me bottom left, pink top, yellow and red bag with turquoise straps. 

On Tuesday I finished up my St Patrick's Day table runner, at our weekly open sew day at the shop. 

I used a simple zig zag for the top stitching and let that work as my quilting as well.  

Wednesday was my DH Birthday so no sewing - we did a 6 mile walk (normally we only do 3 miles) then we relaxed for a few hours and then got ready and went to play bingo.  We hadn't done that in a long time and it was fun.  We had dinner, dropped a few coins in a slot machine and then came home.  Nice day. 

Yesterday I made a smaller version of the bag we made on Monday for my Mom in law.  Her birthday is Saturday and she loves bingo more than anything - so I made one for her to carry her daubers in. 

I also made her a set of pillowcases but she hasn't gotten those yet. 

Today I am heading to the Cottage for open sew.  I actually think I'll just take some hand work.  My machine's light bulb went out and I don't want to have to pack up my light and everything so I can see while I sew.   
And with that I need to get ready!  
Have a Blessed day everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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