Saturday, June 27, 2009

Shop Hop Results - Day One

I titled this day one because the hop lasts for two weeks, and I have some more stores to get to. I made it to 10 out of the 34 stores so I guess I will have to do more shopping. Oh do I have to? :)

To the left -hard to see but there is a Mini Quilt kit that I am really excited about. I might need a little help it uses English paper piecing and I understand most of the instructions except when I fold my 1/4" over baste around the paper do I sew through the paper to baste? If some one knows that would be great. Then next to it is a pattern for an embroidered snowman pillow and some tea towels, they are for my Sis, just cuz I love her. :)

This picture is the rest of my goodies, I am not goodies.
I am making a black and purple quilt for my DH and I and that roll of fabric is a 6yd cut at 50% off. Yahoo - how great is that. The package top left is a cute little runner, then a pattern that was adorable for whenever, to the right of that was another cute pattern. The fish pattern is for my Dad. It will be a wall hanging. I have been wanting to learn how to do landscapes and pictures so here goes. :) The navy material is for the nickel quilt that I am making with the blocks I exchanged with all my buddies at Quilt with us.

I drove 327 miles in about 11.5 hrs. I wanted to make it to 12 stores, and made it to 10. I went to an extra store I hadn't planned to, and ran out of time, but I got all the out of area ones on this day's list. The next on my list was closed. But it is in the area so I can still reach it.

Below are the blocks that we get for free from each shop. The green block on the far left bottom is the theme material and each shop designs a block using that material somewhere in their block. It is very interesting to see all the different ideas they come up with. Some have the pictures on the front and some don't.

Here a picture of one of the blocks that was displayed. I took my camera and was going to take pictures of all the blocks and stores... ya right that lasted about 2 seconds.

Well it was a very fun day, all in all and now I have even more goodies to play with. (Like I was running out)!
Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. With out seeing the directions for your paper piecing I would have to say yes, baste through the paper too. I am not sure where they want you to do that, is it after the quilt is finished or each block? Looks like you got some good stuff. I love those blocks the different shops made.

  2. Looks like you really got some neat projects, I agree with kwiltmakr the store blocks are good looking. But you didn't wait for us...well I guess we can go next time *LOL* Have fun again