Thursday, February 28, 2013

February's UFO - Finished

Well the title pretty well gives it away - But this is a huge accomplishment, on a not so huge quilt. I started this quilt about 3 or more years ago. I hadn't done a lot of needle turn applique and I had never done reverse applique. But hey why start out small.  So I got this pattern with a special purpose in mind. I would paint my down stairs bathroom and hang this on the wall as decoration. Little did I know that with other projects (way too many to confess) it would take me almost two years to complete this wall hanging.  But that's not whole story. After spending another year at a quilters (I don't need to go into details) I finally got it back still needing some - okay a lot of work.  A dear sweet friend who also quilts, picked all the previous quilting out, then re-quilted for me. Oh and did I mention for free. Did I mention she is so sweet.  I am friends with, work with and quilt with her sister and then got to know her. We call her wonder woman because she just whips things up in no time flat.  So with out too much more delay - here is my 3+ year wall hanging.

I'm very happy with how it turned out, (Now) My friend did such a wonderful job quilting it, here's a close up of what she did in the borders - Hopefully you can see it.

And now that I have the binding on, and I even put the little hanging tabs in the back - Yahoo it's done. 

I am trying to get some UFO's done, as many as possible but, my goal is a minimum of one per month.  I've gotten 4 done in the last 3 months so it's going good.

Thanks for reading and have a Blessed Day.


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