Sunday, March 3, 2013

Baby Nevaeh and Mom R

Well after 3 Boys who wouldn't be extremely excited to have a girl?  Our neice and her Husband were! The name Nevaeh is Heaven spelled backwards and how fitting.  So of course there had to be a baby quilt and of course it had to be "Beary Special"

Here is the Quilt that I made for Nevaeh and a close up of the bear.  We delivered while we were on vacation last September.

And every year we go to see my awesome Mother in Law and my husbands family. They are in parts of Arizona, California, New Mexicoand Utah and we all meet up at Mom's place. And after all these years of making quilts for others people I felt it was time to give Mom one.  This the quilt I gave Mom.

She of course loved it.

Thanks, for stopping by.

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