Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Three Twenty Eight

Since my only two other posts this month had numerical references I wanted to be funny and do it again.  
I've noticed a pattern with me.  When I don't feel that there is a lot going on - or if I don't get pictures taken, I don't post.  This is the case for the month of March.  This month has had a lot of cutting and prepping, for retreats and workshops.  I also have been working on paperwork,  templates and instructions for workshops that I'm teaching at both guilds.  And then other than that I have been working on 3 hand stitching projects. 

First up I needed to finish "Sweet Tweet"  that I will be teaching at the CRQ guild in April. I needed to have it for the guild members to see at the March meeting.  Then I needed to get the supply list ready and the templates. The theme for this years workshops is to stretch our skills and get us out of our comfort zone.  I will be teaching 3 types of applique and how to combine them in one piece.   Sorry for the shabby picture. 
When I got home from the retreat a couple of my friends wanted a bunny bag like I made for my nieces - so I made 3 of those and put buttons and wool noses - but of course I didn't get pictures of those.  :(  

Next I needed to gather and acquire supplies for this months workshop that I was taking at CRQ called Invisible Machine Applique.  She provided  5 different cactus pictures that we could use.  

This is the one that I did.  And yes I want to do more.
Next I've been working on the hand stitching (Needle Turn Applique) of the Church Raffle block.  I'm about 3/4 done with it.  Here are some pictures along the way.  
These two show the vase almost done and then with the overlay on where the birds and flowers will go. 

 Here it is with the birds partially done.
 And here it is as I left it last night.  Birds are done and working on flowers. 

And all month long little bits at a time - I have been working on my "Bag Lady"  hand embroidery.  
I started off this month getting a ton done on this one and then as I've been doing the other hand stitching projects this one has slowed to a crawl.  And as slow as it's going on this one - I hope I can finish before month end.  LOL

Today Hubby is not golfing and mentioned a movie.  Not sure if we will go or not, but will work on the church block while we are still at home.   
Until next time - Happy Stitching and have a Blessed Day!

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