Monday, May 11, 2015

Goal and UFO Busting

Seems like the first part of the month is always more productive than the later part so I am trying to take advantage of all I can get done towards goals and UFO's while I can.  

Goal # 3 Vintage Kitchen # 5  I got this done at the end of last week just haven't posted about it yet.  

Goal #7.  is the All People Quilts Random UFO Buster.  Well last month I was unable to make any progress at all but this month I am kicking bootie.  :)  
The random number this month was #12 which happens to be my wool project called My Favorite Things by Primitive Gatherings.  I started with 3 blocks that were fused and one block had some of the top stitching done.  I still have more time in the month but I've already done the top stitching on those 3 blocks.  (Didn't get a picture before I did the top stitching) but here is what I started with. 

Then I fused two more blocks and I'm getting them whip stitched and the top stitching done.

Then this afternoon I had a little time so I got these additional 5 blocks fused and ready to be stitched and the detail put on.  So we'll see where I get by the end of the month. 

Then the Big One  -   Goal # 8

 The woodsy quilt top stitching of the two blocks I have ready.  I have gone as far as I can go on these two blocks.  This is my ALYOF for the month but I can't find my link up and think I missed it somehow.  Anyway I got done what I wanted for this month but I still want to do one more block if I can.  I left the rest of the stitching to be done when I do the quilting.  But put in some of the feathers on the breast. 

The bears have some the stitching on them and again I will do more when I quilt.  I am still not convinced I am totally thrilled with the way the bears have turned out - but I am going to go with it for now because they have held me up for way way too long and go to the next animal.  I may redo them but that will be later. :0)

My next animal will be this squirrel.  

Well that's what I've gotten done the last few days.  Tomorrow I have open sew at the quilt shop - I haven't figured out what I am taking to work on - but hopefully it will get me closer to getting these goals getting done.  

Have a Blessed Day! 

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