Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Pretty in Pink - and is that me?

A few years ago my Sister and Brother in law took a really cool trip to Alaska - and I got a lousy T-Shirt.... NO just kidding.  But my Sis did bring me a really pretty fat quarter.  And I have hung on to it for all this time, because - you know it was special and because what can I make with a fat quarter?  So it was time again for Mystery Monday and it called for 1 Fat Quarter of a Focus fabric.   Yay!!  Okay time to pull out the special Fat quarter.   

Well as mysteries go you don't know what you are doing until you are almost done and so it was a very pleasant surprise that the project for this month is something I want to keep (I would have anyway cause it has the special FQ in it).  :)  But I also get to use it - alot.   Have I drug it out long enough?  Have you scrolled ahead and looked at the picture ahead of time anyway? 
Okay here goes. 


It's a sewing mat to go under my sewing machine that has pockets for all the little tools you are using while you are sewing. You know, the ones that get spread all over the table and under stuff.  The pretty Fat Quarter is the black with pink flowers.  
One of my friends wasn't able to come to Mystery Monday this month so on Tuesday I made her one too. 
Here's hers.  She likes purple. 

The other thing that I have been working  on is a self portrait.  A week ago I took a class for Art quilts and we did self portraits.  It was supposed to be whimsical and not realistic but.... I'm a little uptight that way sometimes.  :)   We weren't supposed to trace a picture of our selves so I had to free hand - I'm not a natural artist, Okay Okay  - Here's how it looked the night of class.  
And here's how it looked after I put some top stitching on it. 

I'm not sure it looks like me but it was fun trying.  :)  
Have a Blessed Day!  

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