Sunday, February 8, 2015

Retreat Wrap Up

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Well I had a wonderful weekend.  *smile - smile - smile*
Lot's of laughing, lots of talking and sharing of ideas and sewing tips.  And way, way, way, too much yummy food - and chocolate.  One of the ladies made peanut clusters and every day brought us some.  Very Very good!
Okay the leaf was done on Friday - Quilting and binding. I showed that in the previous post

This green table topper is what I got done on Saturday. 

It is only the top, I wanted to sandwich and quilt, but there were no empty places to sandwich, so I went on to the next project which was putting together the ABCD Quilt.   It may need a little more work before I can show it, so I'm not including the picture of it right now.  But I trimmed all the blocks arranged and then sewed together.

Then the big one here - I finished today, well almost. 
 I had to add one block and a little section - put the top together, put the grey border around it all and then not pictured here, I made about 55 of 96 - 3.5X6.5" blocks sewed them together to make a piano key border to go around the outside. It will be king size when done.  :)   
All in all, I got a lot done and so happy I went.  Some of the ladies that were staying at the Motel, would get up at 4:00 in the morning and start in again.  I might consider staying next year.  :)  
Well - I still have 3 full weeks to finish the rest of my goals for the month.  And since I got such a big jump on them, I might do pretty good this month.  
Have a great evening, 


  1. I love your colorful quilt, especially the way some of the traditional blocks are worked in around the others. Very cool!

  2. What a fun post and retreat experience to rejuvinate this week at Tuesday Archives! THANKS for sharing!! Big smiles for sure!!