Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sewing - What is Sewing?

 I have not been doing much of this thing you call sewing.  :)   Ha ha!

We are doing some updating and remodeling of our kitchen and main bathroom. So that has pretty much taken up all of my time.  We have painted the living room ceiling, as well as the bathroom and kitchen ceilings.We took off the wall paper in one of the bathrooms and the kitchen and painted those walls.  Then we painted all the cupboards and cabinets. Everything is looking so nice.   Pardon the ladder and other construction tools.  It's still a WIP.

Then remember my clean sewing area in the Arizona room -

Ya well that is not so much anymore. We are in Monsoon season here in Arizona - what does that mean.   It means that rain and wind blows from every direction and sometime it causes flooding... Yep we had an issue.  Our Arizona room has had leaking for a long time - we have been working to correct that for the year we have been here.  But after getting wet so many times, the indoor/outdoor  carpet that was in there needed to go bye bye.  So today we spent a few hours moving pushing and pulling things around ripping that carpet out.  No more pretty sewing area.  At least not right now.  But it will be better.  There is concrete in there that was under the carpet and I think - no I know - it will be better without that carpet.  It was already stained and we had area rugs over it to make it look better - so I'm happy it's gone.  I was really concerned with what kinds of molds and toxins that could be lurking in a 20 year old carpet that has repeatedly gotten wet.
Now days there are so many options available to paint and decorate concrete I think I want it to stay that way.  And if I really feel I need something else in there I can get another area rug.   But I can really move around with my sewing chair if I don't have carpet.  ha ha.

So now you know why there hasn't been much sewing going on. we are still getting a couple of bids on the counter tops - and that will finish up our kitchen update for now and hopefully I can re-organize the sewing/ Arizona room and get back to sewing.
Hope you are having a Blessed day -

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