Tuesday, July 7, 2015

UFO Buster

Now that we are home I'm already planning my attack on my monthly goals.  The first Monday of the month All People Quilts announces the random UFO buster number of the month.   This month is #1. that project is  "Henrietta Whiskers".  

I don't remember exactly when I started this project, but it was offered as a free block of the month from Bunny Hill Designs
Well I've always wanted to hand piece a quilt and I think I came across this about the time that we were selling our house.  So since I had most of my sewing stuff packed up in the garage, I thought this would be a great quilt to try and hand piece.  Hmmm.  :)  Anyway I will continue on by hand. 
 I am using a combo of wool and cotton and needle turn applique.  
Here is the beginning status of the quilt -  I have two blocks done. 

I will keep you posted and let you know how much progress I make.  It is #6 on my July goals.  I didn't list how much progress I need to make - but I would just say any progress because I know I will not finish it.  Just sayin'  and being real.  
The funny thing about these UFO's they get lost - and then when you pull them out you can get excited about them all over again.   I wish all these months that I've been doing this I was finishing each one - but it's not happening. 
Well anyway - we need to buy groceries - the cupboards aren't totally bare, but the fridge is, so I guess if we want breakfast tomorrow, I better go tonight.  
 Have blessed day - Lynn 

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