Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Many years ago my Sister and I started a quilt together. 

At that time she emboidered and I pieced quilts.  So when I came across this BOM "Raggedy and Friends" by Kaaren Johnson at The Painted Quilt that had both embroidery and quilting, I thought it would be fun to do together.   We had a lot of fun picking out fabric together and planning what colors we would use for this and that. 
But like with many quilt or craft items people do - when you don't have a specific person or purpose for something, it's easy to loose motivation on it. And we did.  We made it through block 6 and then it has sat.  
Well we now have motivation - A friend of the family has recently announced that they have done all the paperwork and legwork to adopt a child.  And since everything is a go,  they could be getting a baby anytime.  With that in mind, the 6 blocks that we have completed will be more than large enough for a baby quilt.  We just need to assemble what we have already, then quilt and bind.   

My Sister Randi got all the stitcheries done, and I got the piecing of the setting blocks ready to put the ebroidery blocks into.  Now to just join the two.... 

Very wrinkled - but shows how the two parts need to be joined together.  

Randi is taking some of the remaining fabric with her to cut squares for a pieced back.  I will be taking the blocks and parts we have ready to work on at the retreat.   Then we'll get the 2 together and I will quilt. 

For years we have been trying to think of what we wanted to do with this combined effort and I'm so glad she thought of giving it to our friend, something from both of us.  Now I'm all reved up to get working on it again.  

Have a Blessed day! 

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