Saturday, October 29, 2016

Happy Day - Birthday that is

Well I don't always announce my Birthday - But it's over now so I guess I can talk about it.  I had a very relaxing and nice day.  My Birthday Celebrations actually started when my Sister came to visit - but the actual day was Thursday.  We started out our day going to the river and doing a little fishing.  I don't have my license right now so I was just taking in the scenery, which included this beautiful sight.  He flew off and I tried to catch him/her in flight but wasn't quick enough.  

Then we came home and my Sweet Honey took me to breakfast at a restaurant that I've been wanting to try. *Bumbleberry Flats*  It is located in the Pioneer Casino in Laughlin.  

Here was our view - 

My Honey:  

Had this to eat - it was a ham and spinach omelette.  

Then he posted this picture of me on FB and said he was having breakfast with his beautiful bride the birthday girl.  :)  Sweetheart isn't he.  

And this is what I had -  Meat lovers omelette with "Cheese Grits" I love Cheese grits.  Yummy!  :) 
We both had enough to bring home and have for Breakfast the next day.  

 I want to go back there for lunch and or dinner to try some of their other entrees too.  They have a Jambalya I would like to try.  

Anyway it was such a nice day and I got a Kazillion Birthday wishes from friends and family which also made it so special.  

Thanks to all the well wishes and the yummy food. 

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