Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October Finishes and November Wishes

Let me state right out of the gate - I had a wonderful visit with my Sister.  We didn't do any extraordinary things, she helped me get ready for the craft fair and I helped her make a couple of gifts and we just spent time together enjoying each other - that was awesome.  

This was right before we went to an early dinner at Bubba Gumps.  
It was wonderful.  She and I had the Jambalaya and my hubby had the Fish N Chips.  

I definately need to go back there again.  But now it's time to see how I did on my goals - How did I do?   Well it's time check in and find out. 

October 2016 Goals 

1.  Craft Fair Items - Due by 14th.  Additional Dolls, Trick or Treat Bags and possibly pot holders.  Goal Met!

2. Bee-utiful BOW - Complete the remaining 3 blocks. 
Well - I only completed one!  Goal 1/3 Met.  :) 

Still need their stitches!  

3.  SNR Guild BOM  Work on making more of the samples.  
  Goal make 2 of the 4 remaining blocks. Goal Met

4.  CRQ Guild - Workshop - Flower Block (pictured above)  Finish the flowers. 
This got put on the back burner.... 

5.  Retreat - I change my mind on this alot and sometimes it doesn't go as planned.  Possibilities:  The Kimberbell Table Topper I've been wanting to make for the last 2 months.  LOL   

Here's what I got done on this:   

Here's a little close up.  

 And the eyes on the material are glow in the dark so my friend gave me some glow in the dark thread to quilt it with.  I was having a really hard time getting it to show up on the picture but here are the best shots.  

And as I said - plans change or my mind changes on what I end up taking and working on at the retreat -  Next will be Raggedy Ann and Andy.  You  can read more about my motivation and where this started by clicking    Raggedy Ann here.   

Here's how I did on it.  

6.  Sister's Visit Projects - She wants a box pouch for herself.  
Next - she wants to make a box pouch for a present.  So we'll work on that. 
And she wants to make a mixer cover like the one I made her for a present for another friend.  I'll be posting pictures of our progress on that. Goal will be to complete these so she can take home.  She will be bringing fabric for them. 
Goal Met!

Here are the Box Pouches we completed:  The red one is hers. 

We made an extra one of those and not the mixer cover. She doesn't need the mixer cover for a present for a few months so we decided to wait until she is back in Decmember to work on that.   

7.  APQ - UFO  # 8  This is "Folk Art Gathering". 
Beginning Status - 
With all this other I have no idea if I'll have time to work on a UFO - But lets give it a try.  Goal is to make progress.  The circled area above are the blocks I got sewn the last time I worked on it.  Here is a post of where I left off.
Goal Met - Progress Made!  

 I  appliqued 3 of the pennies that are in the bottom right of the picture above.  

Then I sewed them together: 

Then I worked on getting the top border together and prepped for the Angel that goes in the center:

Then I sewed little square in a squares together: 

They go on the left side of this row - which I got sewn together: 

Then I sewed the circle and star on the bucket in the middle of this next row and sewed them together: 

I sewed the 3 rows I assembled onto the quilt. 

 I also have a couple more blocks done: 

The Cat kinda looks like an owl - but it is primitive.  :)

Circled below are the area's worked on other than getting the rows of blocks I had done or mostly done sewn together.  The angel block is prepped and ready for me to applique.  The cat on the bottom left is done and the pumpkin block on the bottom right is done.  

8.  CRQ Guild Workshop - Lone Star Block - Goal Start.  
This goal is off the list.  AKA - Not done and won't be.  :)  
Some other stuff came up on the day of the workshop and I was out of town.

9.  Two of the 3 additional dolls are already spoken for.  One wants pink and one wants Red, White and Blue.  Goal: Get the extra doll done for the Craft Fair and start on the other 2.   Goal Met!

I had two Mickey / Minnie Mouse Dolls and they both sold.  I can't believe I didn't get pictures of them after they were all put together.  


B1  - Work more on the military charity top and try to finish.

B2  - Work more on the dish towels and pot holders.  I made pletny of Potholders!   

Recap:   How did I do?  6 Met,  1 Not,  1 took off list,  1 - 1/3 done.  Pretty good I guess.  :)  

November 2016 Goals

1.  SNR Guild Scavenger Hunt blocks:  I got them assembled into a flimsy yesterday so goal will be to sandwich it and start quilting.   

2.  SNR Guild Projects - Need to quilt the samples.  Minimum Goal - Quilt 2. 
Quilt the Flag

Quilt the Flower Pot Sample

Quilt the Snowflake Sample

3.  SNR - Make the Summer and Fall Project Samples. 

4.  Gifts   -  Little Wallets, Scissor Fobs, Ornaments, and Dish Towels.  

5.  SNR - Christmas Party Gift.  Make something - I'm thinking of one of the scrap bag pincushions - Goal Get Gift Done.    

6.  UFO  # _________    Make Progress.  ( Not sure why but they still have not posted the random number - will update when I get)

7.   Military Charity Quilt - Finish the backing and Sandwich. 

Here's the top.  

Here's part of the back. 

I'm sure I have plenty on the list - however there are a couple more things I want to accomplish this month if I can.  So call them Extras or Bonus.  

B1.  U of O Duck Throw Quilt for a family friend using fleece and cotton.  Waiting for material to arrive in the mail.  It will look similar to this:  

B2.  Work some on the Bear Quilt.  After having my Sister here we were able to come up with some ideas on were to go from here so now I can do a little more work on it.  So I'd like to make some progress of some sort on it.  

Extra 1.  Keep stitching on my Bee_utiful QAL  Blocks.  Still have 2 left. 
Extra 2.  Finish the Buttermilk Basin "W" Block and the Final Block. 
Extra 3.  Stitch more of the "Farmhouse Threads"  Blocks I fused over the Summer. 

Well I think that's good for now.  I better get at it.  

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