Saturday, November 12, 2016

Rolling Rolling Rolling

I feel like the little engine that could, chugging along being very focused on my tracks. 
I've been working on all the SNR Projects to have my samples done that I need to for next year. Continuing on with our seasonal "Block of 2 Months" Here is the summer project. 

I now need to sandwich it and quilt it and will hopefully be doing that this weekend.  
Next on the agenda will be the fall project - I already had the background together on this and finally got my other pieces fused on. 

Speaking of fusing - I've been using a different fusible and until this project, I have really liked it for cotton, batik and wool.  However for some reason it is not holding. I am planning on using the top stitching  as part of the quilting and as I stated above, I plan on doing that this weekend.  Good thing before the pieces fall off.
Then I already have this one pinned and ready to quilt.  

That will finish up the 5 projects for next years BO2M.  

I also got this pin cushion scrap bag made for the gift exchange at the Party.

And, I also got the scavenger quilt sanwiched and pinned - then realized that there were puckers in the back and had to un-pin and re-pin.    Rrrrrg.  

 But it is now done and ready again so that will be the next thing to get done.  Or actually maybe the first thing since it needs to be done by Dec 13th.  Hmm I may need to adjust my schedule.  :)

We have got a lot going on for the group, as President and Vice President we are also giving each member a little gift.  She has made Wool Ornaments for each member and I am giving pot holders and pin cushions.  So in between all the quilting I am working on the pincushions.  

Oh ya busy time of year for sure.    What do you have going on? 
Well I hope whatever you're doing you're enjoying it.  

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