Thursday, November 3, 2016

Quilting Along

The last couple of days have been very productive.  I have 3 small quilts that need to be Quilted for the SNR Guild Sample for next year.  I think I've already told you but hey I'll tell ya again -  next year instead of a Block of the Month to go along with the monthly workshops, we are having 5 - 2 month projects.  They are seasonal wall hangings, Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer and a Flag.  I wrote about it here also.  
Here's Spring just needs the hand sewing of the binding.  

I often use matching thread when I quilt - but I have to say the quilting looked really neat from the back.   Hopefully you can see it.  

Can you see it better here? 

And because I was on a roll I started on my next one.  

And before I started on these - I made this new travel bag for my Hubby.  

Today I want to start quilting this - 

Hopefully I can get most of it done too - then I need to get busy doing bindings.  
Have a Blessed Day - Lynn 

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