Thursday, August 3, 2017

Tote n Retreat

The last couple of days have been busy - actually I have been on the go for a week.  It's all good though.  We had family coming in last Friday so of course that's always a good motivator to get those declutter and cleaning duties kicked into gear.  *Smile* 
I unfortunately did not get pictures of the brothers on my camera and so I need to wait for my brother in law to forward them to me.  The couple of pictures i got of them and the cousins did not come out very good so I will wait. 
So in the last couple of days in between getting ready for the retreat I was able to get my Tote done.  
I had to quilt each side of lining and outside. (4 panels)  I'm not sure why but meandering has always been a challenge for me.  So I practiced on that for my quilting on this.  
Here's one of the outside panels while putting the pocket on. 
here is the inside with it's pockets. I didn't get a picture of it before I sewed them together. 

After I got that done I was doing a little cleaning up in my sewing room - thank God it wasn't that messy. Anyway I ran across this bag of scraps that had some end pieces from bolts. And I decided I'd trim them up and get whatever size strip I could get from each color. 

Sew... I am going to use these for the stack and flip quilt at the retreat. 

And the other strips I am going to use for something else. 
Anyway - got to go - Have a great day!

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