Monday, July 31, 2017

Hello August


I am not going to try for another 4 tops (even though I'd like to) - but I do have some desires/goals for this month.
I have another retreat this month so I have more retreat projects - I had two of these ready at the last retreat knowing I would have left overs for this one. Retreat projects even if they are a goal are just want to's and don't carry the weight of I have to get this done.
Retreat Project #1- Frog Works  I keep taking this to this retreats I want to get it going at some point.  
Retreat Project #2 - Stack and Flip, using this fabric.

Retreat Project #3- Grandma's House 
I have all the blocks done - I need to add sashing and borders. 
Retreat Project#4 - Tumbler Tote.  
Well I've had this one in the Que for a while.  I thought maybe I would take it to the last retreat and didn't.  So it may or may not be going.  I'll keep you posted.

August - beyond the retreat.
Project #1.  I need to start on my new great grand daughter's quilt using this panel.  My goal for this is to get started completing the top would be a bonus.
Project #2 (WIP )  Bag Lady's.  I need to finish up July's and then start on August.  July:  

Now for August and the rest of the months of this year, I really need to focus on free motion quilting.  I have Uh hmm  several tops and after this retreat, I may have more that need to be quilted.  I also have charity  quilts that need to be quilted and finished. AND  I have top stitching galore that needs to be done on the bear quilt that will be done free motion.  So the next few projects will have to do with free motion quilting in one way or another. 

Project #3  (WIP) Bears, Quail and Blue Jay.   

Project #4  (WIP) Charity Quilt - Need to at least start it.  Would be wonderful if I could get it far enough along so I can finish it to turn in at the September meeting. 
As always there are lots more fun things in my bag of tricks that I want to work on and that will come up over the month.  But as far as goals - this is plenty.  I will keep you posted on how I do.  
Blessings, Lynn 


  1. I like your projects and Mildred is coming along nicely. I have the frog works pattern but haven't identified time to start it yet.

  2. I've seen that frog works pattern made up. Very cute. Your Mildred is looking good.