Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pretty Little Things

The last couple of days have been especially fun.  We have had a guest teacher at the local quilt shop for the last couple of days.  Our shop owner used to have a shop in Lake Tahoe and this is her best friend from there.  Anyway she comes a few times a year to visit and always had new things to make.
On Friday we had 3 projects.  Microwave bowls, which I've been wanting to learn how to make forever!  
Next we made little business card holders.  With a decorative little button.

Then our last project for the day was a candle mat.  This was really fun for a couple of reasons.  I learned a new technique to overlap all the squares and we got to use some decorative stitches.

Then on Saturday - I had Free Motion Quilting class in the morning.  There were only 2 of us there so we got a little extra practice and instruction so that was good.  We practiced a feather design and a wacky triangle shape.  

Then after lunch we had another class from Bobbi.  This was a cut and fold project where we cut very carefully with an Exacto knife then folded part of the cut parts over.  Then we top stitched which serves at the quilting and then bound.  I am finishing the the last of the hand stitching of the binding.  

I want to make another -  but I would also like to think of a design of my own and try it.  Of course I will let you know if I do that.  

Today the guys are going golfing so I'll be working on something.  I'm not sure if I want to sandwich the baby quilt or if I want to start on my challenge quilt.  I'll figure it out I'm sure.  
Have a great day - Blessings, 

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