Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Trip

Well we left on Tuesday morning and headed East to Show Low, Pine Top, Lakeside, and McNary  AZ. We were going to see part of my husbands family.  His Aunt and the cousins from her and then another cousin that was from Yuma.
My husband and brother in law that was with us, had fun going down memory lane as one of the cousins drove us around and pointed out where all the old places they went to when they were kids.  Most of the buildings and houses are no longer there, however one of the local stores had some old photo's.  Here are some pictures I took of them.
McNary was a thriving Mill at one point - and that's how the guys remember it.  Here are photo's of the mill and log pond.  

Their Grandparents lived in McNary and that's where their parents and Aunts and Uncle were raised.  So of course they have memories of doing things with their grandparents and cousins.  Three of my husbands siblings were born there, including my Brother in law that was traveling with us.  The grandparents house was left of the top picture.

The building on the left is the general store - one of the buildings beyond was the hospital that they were born in.  

Above is the theater where my brother in law says they would go to the movies. They saw the movie,  and got a popcorn and a drink,  for 25 cents.  Yup he's showing his age. :)

On the left above is another shot of the General Store, without snow, 
On the right is the "Shell Station"  That was a real important landmark for them. That's where they made a turn and meant they were 3 miles from Grandma and  Grandpa's house. 

I had so much fun reliving memories from their childhood.  

The next day I was planning on going quilt shop hopping, however I got talked into staying with the guys and doing a ride along in the golf cart.  

The scenery was beautiful.  See how close my honey chipped the ball to the hole?  And it was fun because I ended up getting to drive the cart the rest of the day.  :)

Sadly we did not do pictures with the cousins - and I kept meaning to and then we drove away the last day with out any.  :(

It was a wonderful little trip - so many more great pictures of the beautiful weather and scenery but I'll leave you with just a couple more.

Look at those wonderful clouds. 

I love these rock formations - they had lots of them along the highway.  These were at a rest stop. 

Hope you have a great day -

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