Sunday, August 2, 2015

July finishes and August Goals.

1. Continue to blog more ... still doing better. So I'd say goal met.
2.  Mail the Not Forgotten Quilt. Complete.  The Auction was Friday night I'm still waiting to hear how it did.

#2.  Mystery Monday - Complete   It was a notebook cover. 

4. Top stitch the Woodsy Squirrel  - Complete.  There will probably be more stitching some thread play - but that will be done when I quilt it. 

5. Progress on SNR Guild Mystery Quilt - Goal met.  I completed the top.  I started the month with only a few 9 patches done.  I had already cut them and realized I forgot to take a picture so you'll have to trust me on that one. 
I finished sewing the rest together, then chopped them apart. 

Then sewed them back together. And now I have a new top.  

6. APQ random number UFO buster.  #1. 
Henrietta Whiskers - goal met. I wanted to make progress on this one and I did. Very little but progress.  It is a hand pieced, hand appliqued quilt, I started with only two blocks done.  
and I got this much of a block done.

7.   Not like I planned.   Well I put this one in because it seems like there is always some kind of project that comes up that takes me away from my goals.  Well I'm not sure if that was a good thing or not to put that in.  First off I did have a lot of Not like I planned things that came up.  Yikes.  
         A.  We were on vacation , came home and decided to paint living room, kitchen and bathroom. 
         B.  We were wrapping the painting up and our Arizona room flooded and we had to tear out all the carpet.  This is also my sewing room.  So I had it all cleaned and set up pretty like I wanted it and bam  total chaos.  So these were definitely "Not Planned" events. I was talking about Not Planned Sewing events but that still counts and not sure I want to put that on the list again - ha ha. Even though I know things come up I don't want them to be like that.  I have however rearranged all the bins of my stuff and my sewing tables AGAIN...  I decided to bring my sewing tables closer to this end of the room because it is closer to the air conditioning.  So here is the new arrangement.  Once Monsoon season is over and we are sure everything is sealed up right we will do something to the floors - but for now I'm liking the fact that I can wheel my sewing chair around on the concrete real speedy like.  

 8. Charity work -  Well there are a couple of things, part of which I don't have pictures of.  We made curtains for an old school house that is going to be part of a historic arena in the area and the old school house is going to be a museum.  Then we are sewing things that can be sold in our next quilt show boutique to help the guild - we are making little fabric boxes and coasters and  bottle covers.  This fabric box and set of coasters are ones I made for someone else but they are the same type we made for the guild.  

And here are some bottle covers that I made for the guild.  So I'd say this goal is met. 

9.  Start quilting one of my tops.  - Goal met.   
This is a goal and an extra credit.  For extra credit that I noted on my goal list but not on my blog cause I thought there was no way to get to my extra credit - I said I wanted to do the top stitching on my Sea Turtles from last September. Well, I got the top stitching done and have started quilting it, I'm actually pretty close to being done.  I'll finish up in August for sure.  Here's how it was when I started the top stitching. 

         Here's where I'm at now.  It has a fin that will hang loose on top of the quilt 3D.  That's why there is a little paper and pin there.   I've put it in for the picture but it needs to be quilted before the final attachment.  Please excuse the threads I have a lot of burying to do.  :) 

10.  Work on and make progress on the wool projects I prepped.   Well I didn't make much progress but I did make some - so - Goal met.  I've done a blanket stitch around the star, the staph, the grassy hill and part of the shepherd's clothing.  Still need to do the sheep, the buildings and the rest of the shepherd. 

11. Vintage Kitchen - I had a few to do on this.  I wanted to do the alternate block for #5.  Then I needed to do #6 for June and #7 for July.  Boy when you get behind it snowballs.  :)  - Goal met I got them all done.  

The month ended up being really productive.  We were on vacation until the 8th.  Then came home and did the painting and home repairs.  And on top of the things listed above, I made 6 presents for people. Most of them are Birthday presents so I can't show them right now, but some of them I can be shown later in the month.  :) 


1.  I'm going to keep going with this one * Blog More * 
2.  New - Mystery Monday - complete it. That's always a gamble since I don't know what it is.  
3.  Woodsy Quilt - Make a new animal block.  I'm torn between a rabbit and a fox.  I'll let you know.
4.  Wool Project - finish Bethlehem wall hanging. (Pictured above) 
5.  Quilting -  First, finish the Sea Turtles, then start quilting another top.  I haven't decided which one for sure but I'm leaning towards "Beehive Baby".  I've had this top done for way too long.  I took inventory of already completed tops - I need to knock out some serious quilting to get these done.  :) 

6. Embroidery - Vintage Kitchen Block # 8  - I am still doing all of my blocks in a salmon color, but this is the block.  

#7.  Pieced - UFO  Chocolate Stars. - It's a BOM quilt that I started a few many years ago.  ha ha.  I want to make progress on it.   I'd really like to finish the top - so we'll see.  
I have 10 of the 12 blocks done and then there are 40 friendship stars around the border.  

Here's a close up so you can see the colors a little better.  The original pattern was done in browns which is probably why it was called Chocolate Stars, but I think I'll rename mine to Strawberries n Mint, what do you think?   LOL
Here's a close up of the 10th block so you can see the colors better. 

#8.  Charity/Boutique - If we don't have small projects that need to be done for the boutique I will work on getting a top done for one of the guilds.  I have material and projects for quilts from both.  
Here are some blocks that were donated - I'm going to put a common sashing on each of them and then a border.  

#9.  Boutique - in addition to the guild making money in the boutique, we can make our own stuff and sell in the boutique.  I have a few things I would like to make to sell for myself.  So I will say the goal is to plan out and start on some of these items. 

#10.  All People Quilts - Random UFO Buster # ________  I'll know on Monday which number is picked and will update you on the UFO and what the starting status is.  Since I don't know which project will be picked, to meet my goal, I will say - Make Progress. 

#11.  Challenge Quilt - Also for the quilt show in February 2016 they are having a challenge quilt.  So I want to start on that.  Again I have some Ideas so I need to finalize the plan and start it. 

#12.  SNR guild workshop - I'm teaching a class in October at the SNR guild workshop.  I have created a pattern and have put in an order for the supplies.  I need to make up the sample to show at the September meeting to get sign ups.  I need to write out the instructions and draw out the pattern pieces to be cut.  I will be doing this in wool felt.  I prefer felted wool but am trying to keep the costs down for those who want to participate. Anyhow, I need to get that pretty close to done this month. 

#13 Row by Row pillow.  There is the nation wide Row by Row experience going on.  I have not traveled enough to collect a lot of the patterns but I am going to use the pattern from our local quilt shop to create one of the bench pillows.  On the 3rd Saturday of the month we are doing bench pillows from Kimber Belle.   But we're also improvising.  A few of us are using the Row by Row as our August Pillow.  So I want to finish my pillow form, and make the Fabrics Unlimited Row by Row for it.  

Well I've made a pretty long list - but what I haven't shared is that I have two tricks up my sleeve. My hubby's brother is in town and so I've had a little extra time in the sewing room and will until the 23rd of August AND I am going to  a retreat.  Not only do I get to go there for 3 days but this time I'm staying overnight.  So I can get up as early as I want and stay as late as I want and sew as much as I want.  :)  So between these two things - I'm hoping that I will get real close to meeting and completing all my goals this month. 

Wish me luck.  :)

Have a blessed day! 

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