Monday, October 12, 2015

Days of my Life

Yep it's true more days have flown by.  How does it do that?   Let's see, I blogged last Wednesday nigt so I'll start with Thursday.  We got up and did our walk.  Hubby and I are enjoying the fact that it has cooled just a little and we are able to do our morning walks again on the day's I don't leave the house.  So on Thursday we did our walk, I came home and made breakfast and a chef salad for him as I was having lunch with the girls and playing cards for the afternoon.  I won, we wager 50 cents each and with four of us playing I won $1.50.  :)   
Friday I went to the sewing cottage.  Not a lot of people there but it was fun.  I made 2 more out fits for the babies and sold 2 more of the bags.  I also got a call from the Senior center that I was definitely in and also was inside for the craft fair.   Yay!!!   But now the real pressure is on because I have two weeks to get anything and everything I really want to sell done.  Yikes!!! 
Saturday - we went for our walk after waking up.  I didn't sleep real well too much on my mind - planning the craft fair.   So after the walk I dug into finishing stuff.  Ta Da.... I have the last of the Doll Bags completed with these two.  This will give me 10 to sell. 

 I do have one to make that was ordered on Friday.  She bought one I have - this one - 
and then ordered one in a different color, orange.  

After I had finished all the little clothes and the two bags, it was time for dinner.  So after dinner I tried to put a little wool felt ornament together and this is what I came up with.  I like it but it might be a little small.  
I'm working on a some larger ones.  

Yesterday - Sunday -  We did our walk, and then I did some house cleaning chores. 

I wanted to work on the orange bag for the one I had sold, but couldn't choose which one I wanted to use - so I moved on.  I did a sample purse to check if what I wanted to do was going to work with my 7" zippers.  It did.  

I have the straps tied in a knot at the top.  I wanted to put a little pocket on the front but needed to do that before getting it all assembled and wasn't going to take apart to do so.   
So I spent the rest of the afternoon coordinating fabrics to the rest of my zippers - and cutting everything out.  That and cleaning up.  I had so much fabric out and all over from all the projects I've been doing it was getting on my nerves.  So I put everything away that was stacked all over my cutting and sewing tables, dusted the tables, and swept the floor, 

By the time I got that all done it was after dinner time so we hopped in the car and got a low carb burger from Carl's Jr. and a side salad.  
When we got home I cut out another ornament to work on but didn't finish it.  Hubby put on a movie and I got into it and decided to just relax for the rest of the evening.  

Today after our walk,  I need to go pay for my Craft Fair Table and possibly pick up a few crafty items to complete some other things I'm selling.  Also in the next couple of days, I need to pick up supplies for the CRQ guild meeting and either bake some dessert or buy some.  Since Hubby and I are doing a low carb thing right now I'm thinking buying some would be better so we are not being temped by the smells. 
Hope you have a Blessed Day!  

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