Thursday, March 24, 2016

From Fish to Scrap Bags

After having a long weekend and not much sleep I can say I've been really groggy for these last few days.  But that doesn't mean I've let grass grow under my feet.  Monday we drove over the the park to take a walk with Hubby and BIL, however we saw that they had just stocked fish in the river. So we drove home real quick and grabbed fishing gear and headed back.  Hubby is the only one that has a licence so Frank and I just sat in the sunshine and watched.  I did assist with tools and opening the cooler - and Frank helped him clean.  Limit is 10 but Honey stopped at 8.  We kept 3 for Frank to BBQ that night and then gave 5 to our neighbor Bev who loves trout.  Most of them where 14-16" only one was about 10".

Tuesday I went to the quilt shop for Sit N Sew and did a variety of things.  First off  I sandwiched a small panel I had to use for my project for tonight's "Hand Quilting" Workshop.  

Picture Below!

Then I picked out some fabric that I'll need for the April Class for Stitch N Rippits.  We will be doing this quilt.  

Then after that I traced and cut out wool pieces to go on the kit background that I started at the retreat.  I haven't fused them to the background yet but here they are. 

That pretty much wrapped up my time there.  Then I came home - we went out to dinner and I did a little organizing before was time to go to my hand quilting class.  Here's how much I got done. 
Yesterday - I needed to make a whole bunch of phone calls for the guild and do some paperwork for us and so the guys went golfing and I did my stuff.  
Then when I got done, I made another golf towel - 

Then I made a scrap bag pincushion.  This is a present for someone.  Hmm wonder who - I don't think she reads my blog so I'll post a picture but not say who it's for.  

It has the little pocket with the strap that holds the scissors.  :) 

That wrapped up yesterday.  Today I have a workshop to make a cut and fold wreath.  I'll let you know now that goes. 
Have a Blessed Day!

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