Sunday, July 24, 2016

We're Home...

We went home to our old home and kids for a visit - and now we are home to our current home.
Our youngest daughter Taya (on the left) labeled this picture  "Reunited and it feels so good."

Well Hello - It's been a while.  I intended to do a couple of posts while I was gone, even if it was just a picture or two, obviously that didn't happen.  We took our computers on the trip - but except for once, or twice - we didn't play on them.  We used our phones to check emails briefly and to post some pictures on facebook - but that was it.  And remember all that stuff I prepped for hand work in the car.  That didn't happen either.  WHaaaat.....  I stitched a tiny bit on this Turtle, but as you can see I didn't get very far on it either.
So what went on during this trip?   Observation, Conversation, Prensence - Being in the moment and lots of enjoyment.  We got to not only visit with our children and grandchildren but caught up with some of our friends too.  We didn't get to see all -but thankful for whom we did see.  And unfortunately as many pictures as I did take - I didn't get them all including not very many of our son and daughter in law.  And that's where we stayed the longest.
So first night was Reno - missed seeing a friend there.  But we got up the next morning and had a nice but cheap steak and egg breakfast.

From there it was up to Klamath Falls to see my Sis and spend the night.  :(   No Pictures there.
The next day we made it up to Portland and stopped to see an old friend of my husbands.  Levi and my husband worked together for 36 years.  (they started when they were 5... ha ha)  Anyway, we stopped and he and his wife put out all kinds of goodies for us to munch on and we visited for over 3 hours.  Nice to see them again.  Levi is on the right and another friend they both worked with is on the left - Hubby is in the center.
Next stop was our Granddaughters house - we spent the night there.  Got to see one of her childhood friends.  She is like an extended grandchild and went to Disneyland with us when we took our Granddaughter and Grandson about 7 years ago.   Yep missed that picture too, however here is a photo of her from FB.  (Krista) 

But I did get a wonderful picture of my great grandson whom is one year old, and fairly shy, sitting on my lap.  His grandpa my son in law was so jealous that he warmed up to us so fast.  LOL.They see him several times a week and it has taken them a long time to get Benji to come to him. :)  
Amazing was a orange creamsicle shake the night before can do. Shhhh don't give my secret away.  :)

The next few days were filled with family dinners, lunches, lots of talking and hugging.  

 Friday night at the Pizza Parlor Yep Jorden (right) has just now passed up her Mama. 
Family dinners away from home are usually 2 places - Pietro's Pizza and El Tapito, did them both.

I can't remember what happened but Scott our son was looking like ... Whaaat.  

Saturday at Scott and Bri's - They threw a party for us - whole family plus her partens and a couple of their friends that we know and are friends with. 

Here are some random shots.  

Sunday we went to church at our old church.  Again didn't see everyone but so nice to hug on some of our old friends.  
Afterwards we all went to lunch at El Tapito.  We've had a lot of family dinners there too so fun to see some of the waiters that were still there.  

 Stacy and her Daddy

 Dad and Stacy and Taya

The whole family except our Son Scott and grandson in law Filip.

We took several tries on  this one and either Carter was being silly or we blinked or who knows.  :)
After this we visited a couple more friends - in both cases we didn't get a photo. 

Monday we had breakfast with some friends before heading out of town.  
Faye and I worked together for 11 years.  
(We were down the road a little ways and got a text from our Daughter in law that we had missed taking a picture with all of them.  Dang....)

After our breakfast - we started south and made a quick last stop at our youngest daughters house and said good bye to her and the kids.  She's waving bye and Zack is putting  on his helmet to go for a bike ride.  One of  Taya's Roommates behind her.  

Then we continued on to the southern Oregon Coast to see my Dad and Step Mom.  
The visit with my Dad was so nice and precious.  His health could be better, he's had some strokes and it's taken a toll on him - so we want to spend as much time with him as possible.  This was after going out to dinner. 

The Oregon Coast is not your lay on the beach type of ocean - but it is beautiful none the less. 

Yes it was bright.  

After a couple days there it was time to start heading back home.  We stopped again in Klamath Falls at my Sisters house for a night and then towards Reno and home.   It was a wonderful Vacation  -  if that's what you still call it when you are retired.  It was so nice seeing family and friends.  And yes hard to say goodbye.  

We spent our last night on the road in Beatty NV.  It's a little wide spot in the road but is a fun place for my husband and I.  We always stay at the Stagecoach Inn.   

I did stop at several quilt shops along the way and collected some Row by Row patterns.  I will post some pictures of those in a different post. 
Have a Blessed Day!

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