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June Finishes - July Goals

Progress report time - but much  more fun than when we were in school.  

June Goals

1.  Scavenger Block(s)  At the June SNR guild meeting, our last meeting for the summer, I will be handing out the remainder of the scavenger block clues. The goal is for everyone to get the blocks done and a quilt made by December's Christmas Party which is the Second Tuesday in December.  That should be plenty for June - Then I can use July and August while we are dark to do some of the others.

Goal for June is to get at least one block done and Bonus Points if I can get more done.     Complete
Junes items are:    Any Star Block - Snowball and Musical notes.
July's items are:     Flip Flops - Thimble and Polka Dots
August items are:  Something Plaid - Spool of Thread and Hankercheif


2.  Bear Quilt - I haven't had that one on the list for a month or two and I need to get back on it.  I want to work on getting the bears on the background with the Aspen tree's, branches and leaves in and around them.  This will involve the tracing cutting and fusing of all the tree parts - So the goal will be to have the bears placed and fused along with the some of the tree's and leaves.   Goal put on hold!

Since there are two of them I need to figure out how far apart I want them and then will fill in with the aspen trees and the branches and leaves. 

UPDATE on this Goal:  (I posted about this a few days ago) 
I'm concerned it may not work.  I picked a forest green to go behind the bears and the aspens and the leaves.  But I hoping that not too much of the green shows, because she didn't want a green quilt.   Since the background and bears will cover the whole top of the bed however - It may be too much green even if the rest of the quilt is another color.  So the new plan (not really a goal) is to lay it out an take pictures.  She may be able to decide from the photo if it's okay to proceed and if not i will need to wait until October when she can be here in person.  

Here is the photo lay out.  

It is a lot of green - however I feel most of it will be covered up with the trees and leaves especially if I frame it as in the patterns. 

3.  Continue with quilting.  This needs to be an all quilting summer.  I want start quilting  the train quilt for my grandson.  Goal is to have it at least half done.    Quilting Done - Goal Complete!  

 I still need to hand stitch the binding - but pleased I got it completely done especially since we are going to go see them this month.  (July) 

4.  More quilting.  I have 3 charity quilts for SNR that need to be quilted. I thought I was going to be able to hand them off - but the couple that does the quilting have 90 quilts backed up for charity so I think I need to do these myself.   Goal:  Have at least one of them pinned and quilted. I have 3 months while the guild is dark to quilt 3 quilts so I need to do at least one a month along with my own stuff. 
I have two Pinned and one  quilted - Goal Complete 

Again the hand stitching of binding needs to be done but it's quilted.  Yay!

5.  Buttermilk Basin BOM - The next letter.  They normally release them on the 3rd Friday of the month.  If that's when it's released my goal is to have it prepped and ready to stitch.  It should be the letter  "T".   
 Complete - I got the T block done and the S block prepped. 
The eyes are buttons so I haven't sewn them on yet.  

6.  APQ   UFO Buster # 10  - Christmas Quilt.   This is a pattern by Cheri Saffiote Payne. I originally started this with a group of friends when I still lived in Oregon and we would get together one Saturday a month and work on it together.  At the time I was still trying to finish up my "Sweet Land of Liberty" quilt that the rest of the group had already finished and did not get very much done on this one.  It is small though so hopefully I can make some good progress this month.   
Beginning Status:      
 I am doing this turned under with a primitive whip stitch with black quilting thread. Since this is how I started this - I will continue it that way. 
This is where I left off.  And it's been so long since I've worked on this I wasn't even sure what it was.  LOL  But it is Santa and I posted the pattern below it.   So it looks like I have about 1/4 to 1/3 of the top blocks done

Goal:  Make Progress
I did make progress - So Goal Met
Here's what I got done this month:

And another block prepped for when I pick this up again.  

7.  Blog 7-10 times.  Goal met.

Bonus Points
There is always something that comes up that I either need to do, or I want to do. Or my sweet husband thinks I'm talented enough to do.  (chairs)   Since I don't really know what these things are ahead of time I am going to award bonus points to the extra's - whatever they may be.   :) 

Wow - did I call this in or what?  This month 2 Block of the Weeks came up and of course they were ones that I loved.  So here is what I have done that was not planned.  

1.  Bee-utiful BOW  (2 blocks per week - released on Friday's) 
Blocks1 - 5.

Block 1 - Bee Curious

Block 2 - Bee Productive

Block 3 - Bee Lovely

Block 4 - Bee Humble 

Block 5 - Bee Courteous

2.  Farmhouse Threads Mystery -  One block per week on Fridays.
Blocks 1 and 2 
Block 1 - Completed

Block 2 - WIP 
I have the two smaller pumpkins and this will be done.   

3.  Gifts - I didn't list them this month as a goal, however I was able to work on them.  I made this wall hanging for a friend.  It just needs to have the binding hand sewn.  

3B.   I got this surprise done for a friends Birthday.  

3C.   I made a pillow case to go with the train quilt for Caleb.  

3D.   Here is another Armchair pincushion that is going to be a gift for someone.  
It's not completely done and I couldn't show a picture if it was so here is a sneaky peek. :)

4.  SNR - had their workshop and made a Crazy Table Runner.  Here's what I got done on that.  
This is the small one made with 5" Squares.

Here is the larger one made with 10" Blocks. 

So I'd say it was a very productive month.   

July Goals

I am going to be gone for about 12 days - we are going to Oregon to see the family and friends.  So I am going to try to keep the list short.  Of Course the Operative word there is "Try".  

1.  Make another Scavenger Hunt Block.  July's Clues were:  Flip Flops, Thimble and Polka Dots. I have all kinds of Polka Dot fabric and a couple different pieces of flip flop fabric so I'll have to see what I can come up with.  

2.  Buttermilk Basin BOM -   Finish the S Block (pictured above) and Prep the N Block when it comes out. 

3.  Bee-Utiful BOW.  At 2 blocks a week that means I will be getting blocks 6-15 there are 5 Friday's this month.  Since I will be gone for two of those Fridays, I fear I'll be getting behind.  So I will say that out of 10 possible blocks I need to have 6 of the 10 blocks done and the rest prepped.  (Yikes) 
*** UPDATE***  I was wrong about the release of the blocks on the Bee-Utiful BOW - they are released 2 per every 8 days.   So this will work so that there are only 8 blocks this month.   Updated Goal - all Blocks Prepped and 6 completed.

4.  Farmhouse Threads  Mystery BOW. 5 Blocks (#3-7) so I my goal is to have 4 done and 2 prepped.  This includes finishing block #2 that I have prepped, that is pictured above.   
Today they released block 3 - Here's what it looks like.   Guess what I'll be playing with today.  

5.  UFO Buster # 4   It ends up being the Christmas Quilt again.    :)   

Beginning Status:   Well since it's the same as last month's UFO - The ending status pictured above will be my Beginning Status.  Since This is the 2nd time on this one for the year and the last time this year, I'd love to get it done, but considering it's a short month for me I'm not convinced this will happen.  
 As always the goal is to make progress.   

6.  Binding.  I've done good on my quilting goals - now I need to get all of the hand sewing of the binding done.  With all these BOW and BOM's I now have lots and lots of hand work.  Train Quilt, Bee Hive Wall Hanging, and Charity Quilt binding needs to be finished.  

7.  Blog Minimum of 6 times. 

Bonus Points

 I think I have my hands full with all of this but hey if I feel I have extra time on my hands (ya right)  here we go. 

Bonus #1.   Quilt one of my flimsies - Bee Hive Baby 
Bonus #2.   Quilt another charity quilt.
Bonus #3.   Continue with Gift making.  

I think this is ambitious enough for the month.  I'll keep you posted on how I do.  Have a Blessed Day!   Lynn 

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