Thursday, October 11, 2018

Number 9 + Home Work

The month feels like it is getting away from me in one way but behind the scenes I really have been getting a lot done.  Just not all is picture worthy.  
I did get another UFO finished.  This was a class that I orchestrated in 2016 while project coordinator for one of the guilds.  I had a lady come in and teach this class. When I was done for the day - I thought I wanted to make it bigger, but now that I have a round glass coffee table I like it just this size and hey - It's done and is UFO #9.  If I would get the binding done on the quit as you go and Java runner and pod cats I'd have 12 UFO's done for the year.  Hmm soon.

I also finished the top on this baby quilt that I started about 8 years ago and got it pinned ready to quilt.  

So whats not picture worthy? I've been doing a lot of deep cleaning around the house.  All the little things that sneak up on you that don't get included in the daily and weekly cleaning.  The vacuuming of baseboards and the furnace vents. Cleaning the blinds.  Basically it's spring cleaning in the fall.  :) 
We took down the lattice on the patio and replaced it with shade mesh. 
 Looking out!
Looking in! 

Then we painted the master bathroom.  


Now we are getting quotes on changing out some ceiling fans and putting in new sinks. Then on our way back from our morning walk we ran into a landscaper and got a quote to get the pine tree trimmed. Did I mention our house is a fixer upper? 
That's what our "Home Work" is consisting of.  I'm sure I'll update you when that's done too. 
Have a Blessed day!  Lynn    

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