Sunday, April 19, 2015

Liberty and Justice - ALYOF #4

Yay!!  I have completed #4 of my A Lovely Year of Finishes.  Yay again.  I really hope that I can keep this up all year, I now have #4 of 4 finishes. 
This month I chose a charity quilt that I am doing for one of my guilds.  And though I know I didn't have to put all the quilting into it that I did, it was a great way for me to practice my free motion quilting. I tried something a little different, I quilted words, as I stated in my last post, it just seemed like it was asking for it.  
So here's how it came out.  I tried to take a couple of close ups to show the words and stars, and if you look close, there is something else I put into the quilting.

Can you see what it is?  I quilted Liberty Bells into it.   See if you can find them and if you do let me know. 
I will be linking this up to ALYOF 2015.   
Have a Blessed Day!

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