Friday, April 24, 2015


NLIP = Not Like I Planned.  

I learned this term a few years ago while doing an online Bible Study and it just stuck with me.  If you have read a few of my posts over the years you have probably read or figured out - I'm a planner.  Well I love to make the plan - and sometimes it works and a lot of the time - it doesn't work, which at that point - it's a NLIP.  And at that point I can be frustrated, or I can try to force it, or I can like a GPS - recalculate (which is more planning which I like) and form a new plan.  * :) * 
And so I have gone sideways and am just going with it.  New plan - there's no plan for the rest of the month.  LOL

I did want to make a new spring summer table runner and I was able to finish that up yesterday. 

I made a couple of little throw pillows using the fabric that is on the end, so putting it on the ends ties the two of them together.   The pillows are one of my side ways distractions this month which I will explain more later.  
One of our biggest distractions, is our oldest daughter, son in law and grandson arrived yesterday evening for a surprise visit. We haven't seen them in 8 months, since we moved here.  And it was her Birthday so wonderful for her and us.  So the next few days will be spent with them, and not sewing.  :)  
Have  a Blessed day,  

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