Thursday, April 2, 2015

Goodbye March, Hello April

When I still lived in the Pacific Northwest - March, April and May were hopeful months that the rain would settle down, flowers and gardens would take over the focus of some quilters time and the beauty of the area would flourish.  Now that I am in the desert of Arizona,  it's hot season gearing towards A/C Season.  There will come a time in the next couple months that we will be stuck in the house.  Shucks, guess my sewing time is coming.  :)  

Okay how did I do with my goals for March, that's what we all want to know.  

1.  Jacquelynne Steves -   Sweet Simplicity BOM - Done  Yahoo!

2.  Jenny of Elefantz - Vintage Kitchen block 3 - Done Yahoo x 2!

3.  SNR  Guilt BOM  February and March Birdhouse blocks - no progress at all.  

4.  March Mystery Monday - It was a tote bag - Done  + extra credit made a 2nd bag. 

5. St. Patrick's Day Table runner - Done! 

6.  SNR Guild Workshop Frog Pincushion.  I missed the class due to some issues that came up - I did pay for the pattern and supplies so I will be picking that up and hope to add to Aprils stuff to do. 

7.  Woodsy Blocks.... No Progress

8. Embroider Santa Block .........  No Progress. 
Then I had a UFO goal through Project quilting - they pick a random number and that's which UFO or WIP that you work on all month.  I had hoped to do more but I did make progress of 2 blocks of applique on it.  
Extra that I accomplished in March - 
I took the class and started the Gray Heron. 
I did make a set of pillow cases and the extra tote bag, for my Mother in law for her Birthday. 
I did spend one of the workshop days for the SNR guild putting together quilt tops with borders, backing, batting, and binding for members to take home and quilt. 

We had some issues that came up this month that did take away from our regular routines and I lost a little more than a week of my sewing time.  My Dad had another stroke and was in the hospital for a little over a week, and another family member moved so we spent several days packing and moving stuff  calling and making changes to utilities and all that fun stuff moving involves.  So considering that I still got about 1/2 of my stuff done - I feel pretty good.  :)   
Dad is home now and doing pretty good.  He has a little memory loss and some loss of dexterity with his right hand and leg but otherwise is doing good.  

So I'm going to try not to over do my list for April - ha ha  - we'll see how that goes.  
1.  Project quilting - Random # UFO - WIP  to be announced the number will be picked on Monday. 

2. Vintage Kitchen Block #4 

3. SNR - Charity Quilt.  Quilt the kit I made up and brought home to completion. 

4.  Mystery Monday - Don't know what it is but complete it!  

5.  CRQ - charity Quilt top.  Make one,  if time allows, make a back and quilt it myself, instead of just the top. 

6. SNR guild workshop  the frog pincushion that I didn't get from last month.  Make it.  

7.  SNR guild workshop - this month we are making a travel bag.  I'll say start it.  

Extras that I want to do and need to be done.  
* Work more on the Gray Heron
* Work on the Woodsy quilt
* Make a spring or summer table runner to change out for decoration.  

Not a lot of pictures this time - but I'm hoping that things are settling down and I will be able to post more than I have been and that I'll be able to show you more as I go - I guess that's a goal too. :)
Thanks for stopping by -  Blessings - 

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