Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Mon - Tue - Wednesday

Well I wasn't able to show you what we did Monday for "Mystery Monday" because I had left it at the shop and hadn't taken a picture.  See we we have Open Sew on Tuesday Mornings, so it's just easier to leave our machines and supplies at the shop over night, hence not having the project.  
We got two little fabric bundle kits for the class and we were able to complete one of them in class and I finished up the other yesterday morning in open sew.  

It's a rotary cutter holder.  However I think I'll make more to hold sunglasses.  I keep scratching mine by putting them in my purse with out a case.  This little pouch won't take a lot of space and when I told my husband of my idea he said he wanted one too.  

Then after I finished the second one yesterday morning, I started on my charity quilt project for the CRQ guild.  I started with this pile of fabric.  

Then I trimmed the flag panel, and put some of the soldier fabric around it.  Then I took the strips and made strip sets.  I want to do a rail pattern around the center.  I laid part of it out to see what it looked like. 
So if all goes well, I will start sewing the rails around the sides. 

Have Blessed day! 

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