Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dog Tired

Well I don't think even dog tired explains how tired I am right now.  We,  me a 4 other friends,  got up and were in the sewing room by 4am each morning and would sew until 9:30 one night and 8:30 the next.  But happy I am.
I wanted to blog each day, but trying to blog from your smart phone is not an easy task - throw in being so tired - well you all just had to wait.  :)

I got lots done, however it will be hard to see the progress unless you have done a complicated applique before.  There's a zillion pieces and it's just very time consuming.  I have roughly figured the amount of time that we were in the sewing room, less meals and chatting with other sewers - I roughly spent 18-22 hours working on my bear applique.

Day one we got there at 9 am  - Sewed for awhile and then I needed to go down and check in for my room.  picked the wrong time ---

but I was already there so decided to wait.  I had some guy so close to the back of me in line, he was almost touching me - I hate that so much.  I like a 6-10 inch bubble.  It was so bad, I almost turned around and asked him to stop - but I didn't want to make a scene.  :)  rrrrrr.   Oh well I got my room and then back to the sewing room.

That's it for now - so stay tuned - I'll give you little bits more as I go.

Blessings - Lynn

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