Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Time Warp

Yes I was abducted and time has flown by.  Well at least that's what it feels like.  And now we know why I have to keep putting "Blog More" on my goals list.  I really do think of it daily, then think oh I don't have time right now, or I don't have enough info to share.  But then too much time passes and I feel like I have too much to share.  And so the wheel goes around.

So in my last post, I listed my goals for the month, which were limited because of my goal to focus ton two things.  The infamous "Bears" and getting things ready for a local craft fair.  Baazar's and Craft Fairs are something my Mom did and I said I would never do.  Yup I'm giving it a try.   But before I get into all that,, I'll try to catch you up on what I've been up to.

My hubby and I are trying to get back into our walking.  We like to walk 3 miles a day, on the days I don't go somewhere for sewing.  So 3-4 days a week.  But we also like to swim at the lake too so we have been doing a little of both.  The 2nd to last time we went there was a school of blue gil babies swimming around us nibbling on our fingers.  Fun.

 Then last time we went it was just a beautiful day we got in a little cove by our selves - it was great.

On the Saturday of the holiday weekend, I went with a couple of my sewing friends to a neighboring town that is about an hour and half away and we went to a quilt shop and had lunch out and made a girls trip day out of it.   That was fun.  I bought some really cute fabric that has sheep on it I'm going to make a box pouch for my Sister out of it.  We raised sheep when we were growing up and so cartoon sheep just seem to be a fun thing between us.

Here was a little Christmas Tree they had - Barbara got the pattern for it.

Also,  I was working very hard to get my wool felt project done for the first SNR guild meeting.  I designed a little wool felt wall hanging that I will be teaching at the October workshop, so I needed to get it ready so I could present it for sign-ups.

I will be working with the local quilt shop to make kits for this, so I still need to finish up the instructions.

I have finished the 9th and final stitchery block for the Vintage Kitchen from Jenny of Elefantz.  So now I can work on putting the little quilt together.   I show the picture of that later.

The Bears - I finally have a pattern that I feel I can use to make the bears the way I want to.  It only has one bear but I am going to do one in reverse next to it so there are two.   I have a retreat at the end of the month and I am taking it to work on.  I'm really hoping to get it all traced and fused on to the background by the end of October, so if I could get it traced and fused on the various materials at the retreat I'll be very happy.  :)

Now the craft fair - I have probably a dozen things I want to sell, but only have had about 6 weeks to prepare so I've been a little scrambled.  Work on this no this - no this.  Finally I had to sit myself down and say "Finish all of this one thing, so you'll at least have one thing to sell.".  Nice pep talk huh?  So right now I working on a thing my Mom used to make called "Dolls in a Bag".  It's a homemade miniature tote bag, with a mini doll, extra clothing, a blanket a quilt an a pillow with pillow case.  So I have about 10 bags made  18 or so pillows  10 ish pillow cases,  a dozen blankets and  fleece blankets.  So right now I focusing on finishing the extra clothing.  Once I made myself sit down and do it, it wasn't so bad.  :)    So when I get a complete set made I'll share pictures.

Oh and in the evening after finishing my Vintage Kitchen Stitchery, I started stitching on my wool Bethlehem and have finished the top of it.

So that's what I've been up to and where I've been, while I've been so quiet and mia.

Hope you have a wonderful Blessed day.

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