Thursday, September 3, 2015

September Goals

Well August was kinda a bust in some ways - I did not get all the things done that I wanted to and as I stated in my other poster here- the retreat was not as productive as I had anticipated. I took about 5 projects to the retreat knowing that I wouldn't get them all done,  but thought I would get maybe 2 1/2 done. Nope that didn't happen . If you want to read about it you can click the link above.  But it is September and since it's already the 3rd and I haven't blogged, wrapped up August or listed September goals I am starting out of the gate behind.  I have had a lot going on and I do want to share some of that but I'll save it for another post.  So with no further ado - August wrap up.

1. Blog more - Well I tied with July so I guess that's ok - E for Effort
2. Mystery Monday - Complete it.   A+  Done and using alot.  I've always wanted to make one of these and let it intimidate me so Now I'm happy I did it.  :)

3. Woodsy Quilt - Do a new Block and or Redo Bears - Well No Progress but E for Effort.  I found a pattern that will work perfect for the center Bear Block and I am going to alter it so that there are two bears instead of one.  So I did some work on it all - I just didn't do any work on an actual block.
4. Wool project "Bethlehem" - Finish .... No Progress at all.
5.   Finish quilting the Sea Turtles and then start on Bee Hive Baby.  1/2 done.  I finished the turtles and then took the Bee Hive Baby to the retreat, however as you can read in my other posts, I didn't finish anything at the retreat.  :)  so only 1/2 done.
Here are the Sea Turtles -

6. Embroidery - Vintage Kitchen - Done.  I was able to finish this on our little trip we took at the first of the month.  Yay!

7.  Piecing Project - Chocolate Stars - Finish top - Success finally.

8.  Charity -   Nothing new done.
9. Boutique -  Dolls in a Bag - A+ -   And probably a big reason why some other stuff didn't get done.  :). Also I went helped out for a day at our local quilt shop.  They had a bunch of stuff dropped off and donated to them so they had a give away day.  At the end of the day I volunteered to drop the remaining stuff off at the local senior center and found out that they are having a craft fair at the end of October.  So now instead of gearing this stuff up for the February quilt show boutique - I am going to enter the craft fair - see what I can sell - and then replenish for the boutique.  Here's a peek at some stuff I'm working on.

I have more on this later but I've been making these little pillows and blankets and they will go into the little bags that are above.  :) 

10.  APQ - UFO Buster #2.  It was my wool crazy and ark crazy projects - No Progress.
11.  New projects - Start my challenge quilt for the quilt show.   Goal Met -
It's not sewn together I want to finish the hand stitching on the center wool applique first.   But I definitely got a good start on it. 
12.  New Project - Start and get most of the SNR Guild project that I'll be teaching in October done so I can show it at the September business meeting.  - Goal Met!   Pictures on this later!  
I have the pattern drawn, 2/3 of the directions written and 1/2 of the project stitched. 
13.  Complete the rest of the Row by Row that I was going to use for the bench pillow.   No Progress. 
Okay so here's the Tally for the month.   5 Goals met,   1 - 1/2 met 1/2 not,  2 E for Effort and 4 not met.   So 7 1/2 to 4 1/2  - the scale is slightly leaning towards the met side  -- ha ha  :)  

Okay now for September

1. Keep on with Blogging more. 
2. Embroidery - The last block for Vintage Kitchen.  Then I can work on assembling it. 

3.  Finish the SNR Workshop project.  - I will post pictures of this in a later post.  It is a small wall hanging that is done in wool felt. 
4.  The Bears.  Using the pattern pictured above I am going to do one the way it's pictured and one reversed so that there are two bears.  I would like to have this drawn out on a vinyl over lay and *extra credit * if I can get it traced out on the fusible. 
5.  Work on projects to sell at the craft fair.  

It seems like a short list - but knowing how much time each of these things are going to take along with the fact that both of the guilds are starting back up this month and there will be extra time spent on that too, I think it's enough.  
I have a lot of things I normally like to incorporate into my monthly sewing - but if I get all this stuff done and want to do something else I probably need to do more on the bear block.   My sweet Sister has been waiting so so long (maybe close to 3 years) for this quilt - I really want to give it more attention. 

I will keep you posted as I work on things this month and see how good I can be at staying focused. With both guilds starting up I know there will be new projects and as much as I say I don't want to start new things - I get sucked in.  :)  

Have a Blessed day! 

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