Thursday, September 24, 2015


It would be really bad if the only goal I don't meet this month, especially since I only had about 5 goals, was that I didn't blog enough.  I'm not sure what happens - that's a lie I do know, I forget to take pictures and then I think I can't blog right now cause I don't have a picture and then another day and another day and another day goes by.   So I may try to post something every day for the last few days of the month to keep up with my "Blog More"  goal.  Next month I may have to put a "Blog More Often" goal in there.  LOL.

Okay so what have I been up to.  Guild Meetings - Both guilds have started back up for the season and so at one I presented my finished wool felt project and collected sign-up for the class I'll be teaching in October.
I've also spent quite a bit of time writing the pattern, and instructions and making freezer paper templates for the class.

For the other guild I am in charge of refreshments, so I had a leadership meeting to go to and then my monthly coordination of the potluck lunch we always have.  

Here's a picture of the last Vintage Kitchen Stitchery that I told you I would show later.  It's not the best picture but it's a picture.  

And now the most time consuming efforts of the month - my "Dolls in a Bag" that I'm doing for the craft fair.  I've been doing blankets, quilts, pillows, pillow cases, bags and little outfits.  I have already sold one to a lady and will be delivering this weekend at the retreat.  Here are the two finished bags that she can choose from. 

Each bag contains:  Bag, Blanket, Quilt, Pillow w/ Pillow case., Doll, Nightie w/ Bonnet, and Jumpsuit w/ Bonnet.   Fun to make but the outfits are time consuming.  

Okay and now - the Retreat.  It's this weekend and my main focus is/ will be the bears.  I want to get them traced on fusible and ironed onto the background.  And considering that I'm doing two - it will probably take all weekend and then some.  I am taking the doll stuff and a fall wall hanging to work on - but I don't want to get too side tracked with it and not get the bears done.   And since I'm going to try to blog each day - you'll know how well I do.  :)  

Other than sewing I have been walking with my husband and going to the lake and swimming, going to lunch and playing cards with friends, and visiting with my crafty neighbor.  

Okay that's it for now - Have a Blessed day! 


  1. You have been busy! Your stitchery is darling. I LOVE your wool felt project. It is soooo cute! Thanks for sharing!