Monday, September 28, 2015

Eating and Sewing

I'm not ready to do the Paul Harvey "And now the rest of the story", but I'll give you more of it. Some of the younger readers won't get that reference but you can google it.
I am not sure why we as sewers think we need to eat so much - but when you go to these retreats that is all you do is "Eat and Sew - Eat and Sew".   There are snacks everywhere, cookies, pretzels, candy, Chocolate.   Then we get meals, and they do not skimp on the meals.  I was so over stuffed Friday night that I really was not feeling too well on Saturday morning.  I will say however that there were 4 or 5 of us that weren't feeling well so I don't know if we all over ate of there was something else going on, but it passed so I'll go with the overeating thing.  :)

Friday we were on on our own for breakfast.  So I made hubby and I a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich.  Then lunch was provided by the retreat.  We had a deli buffet table.

All kinds of sliced meats, bread, and fruit and ahmmm  - Cheesecake,   Oh ya it was really good.  There was also coffee, Iced Tea and Ice Water.   Yum.

That was served at 11;30 or noon and then we were back to our sewing tables.   I say that because in reality I never got my sewing machine out not even once.  I did not take one stitch, by hand or machine all weekend.  How can that be a sewing retreat?   Well it's all part of getting part of what will be a quilt done.
I need and needed to trace all of the pieces of my bear applique onto the fusible,

 I normally use soft fuse, however it is on back order at the local quilt store so I bought some steam a seam lite.  This is the product that I used to always use, but after you get used to soft fuse it feels so heavy.  So for this weekend I used up scraps of the soft fuse that I had and was able to get most of what I did except a couple of larger pieces out of my scraps.

Then it was time for dinner.  Did I mention we ate a lot.  :)  We were on our own for dinner, so we went to the cafe in the casino.  One of our group, my friend and table partner Vicki had just had a skin graph in her mouth a week earlier and was still on soft foods, so we wanted to go somewhere she could get a baked potato or mashed.  We ended up going to the Cafe in the casino. I decided that I wanted the Chicken Penne Primivera and then 3 others did too.  Vicki had her potato, Aggie had a fish sandwich and Linda had something else too.
I don't know if you can tell but it was huge.  So I'm eating along,  I have had about 6 bites or more and I'm asking everyone - do you have chicken in yours?  I can't find the chicken.  No they couldn't find the chicken.  So we ask the waiter - sure enough they had forgotten the chicken.  So it took forever, but they brought each of us a small plate of grilled chicken which looked like a full chicken breast half - wow.  All of it was so yummy but it was a lot of food- no I didn't finish it but still ate too much.  Then 3 people ordered Ice cream cake.  It was huge (sorry no picture) so then they wanted the rest of us to help eat that.  Chocolate Graham crust, cookie n cream ice cream with caramel ribbons through.  I only had 3 bites I was stuffed.

So then we went back up and sewed some more.  People slowly started heading out and up to bed or out to do a little gambling in the casino.  Vicki and I stayed for a while, Barbara's birthday was on Saturday and Linda went to the store to get her some balloons and stuff so we stayed in the sewing room until she got back.  We headed up to bed around 9:30.

I worked at winding down - because and here's the crazy fun part of this retreat - I knew we were getting up at 4 am to go sew some more.  Yup it's crazy.
At 4:03 the next morning I get a text -  "R U up"  I respond - "I am now - See ya soon"  :)  It took me a little longer than I wanted to get ready, but after showering and dressing, I got there at 4:45.

Ready to start another day.  :)

Saturday will have more food   - and I wish I had more pictures of it, but I'll share that in the next post.


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