Saturday, November 21, 2015

Gifts and a Play

Well continuing on with my Sister's visit:

Saturday the 14th we stayed at home and did some sewing - we cut out a bunch of material to make ____ ______ for her to give for gifts.  Then I cut one out to give as a gift.  I may or may not be able to show you pictures - we'll have to figure out if they read my blog or not.  Hmmm.   So I'll show pictures later if it's okay.

Then after we were done with that - we started making pillow cases, This served two purposes, one so she knew how to make a pillow case and two because I wanted to show her how to make pillow case dresses for her twin granddaughters.   We will be finishing at least one of them  before she leaves so I will post a picture of it then.

Sunday the 15th we went to Lake Havasu City to see a play.  "The Secret Garden".  It was very similar to the movie, which I really like, however they made it into a musical.  They did a very good job and we enjoyed it a lot.

Aren't we cute waiting for the play to start? 

I had the best of both worlds sewing and plays and sharing it with my Sister.  It made for a great weekend.

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