Sunday, November 1, 2015

November Goals

Good Morning my fellow crafty people.  How are you this first day of November.  Did October go by in a flash or what.

Well how did I do on my October Goals?  So so.

1.  Blog more often -  Nope a fail.

2. Complete Bags for Craft Fair - Complete Goal Met!   Yay!

3.  Continue with Bears -  No progress!

4.  Mystery Monday  -  Complete Goal Met!   It's a Pop Up scrap container.

 5.  Complete Top of SNR Pumpkins - Complete Goal Met!  This was originally a table runner - but I wanted a wall hanging.  So I added the silhouettes of the bat, crow and cat.  I didn't get it quilted but I have a year to get it done for next Halloween.  See I'm just very ahead.   :)

Not Listed Extra Projects that I completed:

Charity Hearts for Premature Babies.  I didn't get a picture but I made nine of them out of flannel.  Moms put them next to their skin and then put in the bed with the baby so the baby gets the scent of their Mom.

Set of Place-mats for the Craft Fair -  I had fun FM Quilting these.  More detail than they needed but it was fun.

Little Sling Purses for the Craft Fair -  The red one doesn't have a pocket but the rest do.

Lined Gift Bags for the Craft Fair -

So October was full of sewing - just not all of what I planned.  


Not sure what I want to list here.  I will be working at the local quilt shop for a week so  I don't think a lot of sewing will be happening. It's only four to five hours a day, but by the time I get meals done ahead of time for lunches and then planning for dinners and also we'll be gone the weekend I finish up because our Son is getting married in Vegas.  So I will close the shop on Friday and we will be on our way.  So not sure how much sewing will happen in the evenings when I get home.  :)  Then we will come home on Sunday afternoon, may be helping at shop again on Monday and then my Sister will be here on Wednesday for 2 weeks.  Yay!  We are going to be so busy going here and there, and not sure much sewing will happen. Then I'll have one week of the month left.  So I'm saying all that to remind myself that Novembers list needs to be small.  :) 

1.  Blog more, Blog more often, Blog at least 8 times.   I  list that and then I laugh and laugh,  :) 

2.  Mystery Monday - My Sister will be here while that is happening.  I'm going to see if she will do it with me.  If she will - I will say that we will complete the project.  

3.  My Sister wants to make some Box Pouches/Travel Bags for presents.  I think we will be making seven of them.  So my goal will be to finish 6-7 of them. 

4.  The CRQ guild is making Christmas Stockings for the fire department to give out for charity.  So Sis and I will make some of those.  Not sure how many.  

5.  The Bears - Possibly in the month but if not in the week I have at the end of month.  Work on the Bears and make progress. 

6. Finish the 4 place mats I am doing for SNR guild charity project - "Meals on Wheels" . Each month we have a charity project.  One Item that we each can do for a charity.  Not everyone participates but I try to do a few of whatever each month. Anyway,  I just have the hand stitching to do on the binding and could possibly do that while I'm at the shop this week. 

7. Make the project sample of a calendar holder that will be the workshop project for January.  I need to work these up ahead of time because the need to be presented at the meetings the month before they are to be done.  

In all honesty I don't think I will have time for anything else.  There is another craft fair the first weekend in December and if I decide to go I may make up a couple more doll bags to replace the ones I gave away and the couple I sold to friends.  The bags and blankets go pretty quick - it's the little clothes that take time. 

Okay - It's in print - so the challenge is on.  
We're going to go take our walk pretty soon and then I think I'll come home and start on the calendar holder.  I have today and tomorrow before my busy month starts and I want to take advantage of it.  

Hope you have a blessed month,

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