Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bag Lady

I think I've shared before that my Mom used to make Tote Bags and paint animals on them and that once I started making tote bags, my Sister said I was the new Bag Lady. :)   So when I saw that Val had "Bags" as today's archive link I knew I'd be able to find something to add to the party.  Here is my Mondo Bag - I love it because it is so big - I dislike it for the same reason.  Do you know how heavy this bag can get when it's full?  I even put a couple of pockets in.

I made some little purses for my Great Nieces to go with their little dresses I made.  

That spurred me to make some more for boutique to sell. 

Here are some of the Lined gift bags I made to sell.  

Here is a Bobbi bag that I made for my friend in Mississippi for her Birthday. Then I made other goodies to go inside of it.  I've made a few more of these but can't find the posts about them.

And this last year has been a year of Dolls in a Bag that I've been getting ready for bazaars and boutiques.  Here is several but may not be all of them.

Well it may not be all the bags I've made and doesn't even include bags I've bought or been given, but gives you and Idea of some. 
Now go back and check out some of the other posts about bags at Val's Studio.  
Have a Blessed day!


  1. You certainly are a Lady Bag. You've made quite a few and they're all beautiful. I like how you pair colors and motifs. I particularly like your big Mondo Bag, with all the tone variations and the little squares.