Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Flight of the Butterflies

Do you ever try to find fun titles for your posts?  I do.  Not that I always succeed, but I try.

Well Val over at "Val's Quilting Studio"  is hosting the popular Tuesday's Archives.  This weeks theme is Butterflies - so of course I am gathering up all my Butterfly related posts for your viewing pleasure.

This was a quilt made for some friends at our church having their first baby.  Original Post here.

This was made for a quilt swap with the Quilting Gallery. It went to Austria.

This was another swap with the Quilting Gallery.  These went to Australia.

 This was swap too and I can't remember where it went to.  Original Post Here.
This is for my very sweet friend in Missippi - Betty for her Birthday in 2014.  She loves Butterflies.  

 This was one of the things I made for Betty for her Birthday in 2015.  I made a Tote bag for her and then filled it with other hand made goodies.  The sewing mat with butterflies not the star quilt behind.
And Here is the wall hanging I made her in 2013.  

I've always called this my Butterfly Quilt, because the background fabric has butterflies in it. 

Thanks for stopping by - Now head back over to Val's and check out some other Butterflies.
Have a Blessed Day - Lynn

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