Sunday, February 7, 2016

Dolls Be Done

Well I am finally done with the Dolls.  The bags, the blankets, the quilts, the pillows, the pillow cases and the clothes.     YAY!   Until I get more orders,  ha ha ha

Today I finished the last of the clothing for the last tiny doll.

That is the last one  that will be sold in the quilt show Boutique.
The next one is one that was special ordered.  She has already got 2 others from me and this the 3rd one.  

Then the other thing I was able to finish today is my January's Scavenger block that is due Tuesday the 9th. The 3 items I needed to include was "Baseball - My Middle Initial - a Quarter"   (25 cent piece). 

That's about all I've gotten done lately in the sewing room.  I am finishing the binding on my Vintage Kitchen wall hanging and I have been working on the first block of  "Let it Snow"  from  Buttermilk Basin.  I'll show pictures when I finish. I did some organizing of paperwork this morning and got ready for the meeting Tuesday.  Then after sewing I visited my neighbor friend Bev for a couple hours and then came home.  That's about it.  
Have a Blessed Day!  

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