Monday, February 1, 2016

February UFO Buster

Okay Random generator says..... #5.   That means that this month's UFO to work on will be "My Favorite Things" 

Here is my before status.  

I have these 4 blocks that are done.

I have these 6 blocks fused and ready to be stitched.  

That will give me 10 of the 12 blocks.  I need two more blocks and then start on the borders.  As you can see I've substituted a couple of blocks, and may do the same on the borders. 
I'll keep you in the loop on how much I'm getting done on it.  It's not as big as last months UFO so I may be able to get this one done this year, especially since I'm giving myself two months to work on each UFO instead of one.  

Have a Blessed Day - Lynn 

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